Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June story index

song of the day: Money, it's pure evil-Bigelf
A morning spanking, M/F,domestic, rl
June story index
song of the day, beach baby....
my thoughts on dd, HOH relationships, and more.
If you could make something a spanking offense, wh...
question of the day, for spankers and spankees of ...
My Husband cheats (at games) M/F, rl domestic
Birth order, and spanking?
...and because it's June
... and because we sometimes wear thin things when...
Because it's summer and it's hot out....
Okay, it was Not a lie! M/F, rl
drawing of the day....miss Vulcan there So needs a...
Looking for blog help, please....
Site of the day-
Dear Sandy B
Hawaii spankings, F/f, M/F, rl, domestic
An evening surprise F/F, domestic
Tease, F/F domestic play,sexual
Prissy Princess Mode, x/F, domestic discipline
My cousins and skirt lengths, F/f, rl
Catholic schoolgirl spankings, rl
shirt of the day- Jane knows Connie....
Yay, Burn Notice is on tonight!
some of the blogs I'm following....
Kate plus 8's spanking, and public opinion.....
okay then...
One of my all time fave drawings....
I woke up this morning M/F domestic, rl
Finally got my stuff transferred!
Vicky part 4, F/F
Had to spank my niece the other night, F/f, rl
My favorite spanking author, Rue
Vicky part 3, F/F
Vicky part 2, F/F
Vicky part one, F/F
Rue in the corner, M/F domestic
I need to learn to shut my mouth, F/F domestic dis...
A Tigger in trouble, M/F domestic play
Sleep pants F/F play
hey everyone....
The Grad student F/F,F/F
She got the Visa bill today F/F, domestic discipl...
My new panties, pretty, but awful! M/F, domestic
I hate the corner, F/f, rl memory
Catherine's valentine day, part 5 FF, sexual
Catherine's valentine day, part 4, FF, sexual
Catherine's valentines day, part 3, FF, sexual
Catherine's valentines day part 2, F/F, sexual
Catherine Alexandra's valentines day, F/F,sexuall
Angie and Elle conclusion, F/F, sexual
Angie and Elle part 4, F/F,sexual
Angie and Elle part 3, F/F, sexual
Angie and Elle part 2, F/F, sexual
Angie and Elle part 1, F/F, sexual
But Mommmmmm! F/f, part 1
Called at work, conclusion, M/F domestic, sexual
Called at work part 6, M/F, domestic
Called at work, part 5, M/F, domestic
Called at work part 4, M/F domestic
Bob, please no! MF/F, role reversal
Called at work part 3, M/F, domestic
Catherine's machine upgrade, machine/F
Sue decided that her wife Jen, and I, F/FF, rl
Called at work part 2, M/F, domestic
Called at work, M/F, domestic
Dear Tim...
One of my favorite poses F/F
What I want, (very sexual)
Actors and Actresses
I'm tired F/F
Sometimes F/f
some of our implements....
Mommy and me, part 1, F/F
answering comments for 'about my family' blog...
Young lady, F/F, domestic
About my spanking family,domestic, rl
The Swimsuit, F/F
Jennifer Ann and sly Samantha Johnson! F/ff
Just a nice guy, part 2, M/F
For sly and Jen and whoever wants to eavesdrop, F/...
Maids and Mirrors, F/FF
School days, part 2, F/ff
Hawaiian Shirt F/F domestic
Roadside Stand, F/F, domestic
School Days, F/ff
A sorority story, spanked for grades, F/F,rl
Put Lee on a plane today, non fiction
for those with whiny teens...
Slow dance memory, no spanking....
Just a nice guy, M/F, part 1,
His new belt, M/F, rl play
He's going on a business trip M/F, domestic play, ...
a typical spanking, M/F domestic play
Daughters part 2, F/ff, domestic
My thoughts on BDSM vs DD, and collaring
If I have to stop this car! F/ff, domestic
Weekend punishment report, M/F,F/F, domestic, rl
Vanilla sex tips for women
But Honeeeyyyyy! F/F domestic
On punishment suppositories and anal punishment,rl...
sly get in here! F/f, domestic
My recent punishment, M/F, domestic discipline rl
I'm in trouble F/F, domestic
I smile as I watch people look, F/F domestic
Because (adult) sly asked about enemas....
How many times?! F/f domestic
Midnight Rider , F/F, very sexual
Angie and Catherine Alexandra, F/F dd play
Rue and the perfectly natural urge MMMMMF/F
Daughters! F/ff , domestic
Backgammon, M/F rl domestic play
Problems at work, MF, rl, domestic discipline
Riley trains her puppy, F/F, sister in law
A walk in the park, machine/F
At the beach, F/F domestic
Computers in the future, machine/F
But Janice, FF, bedtime, domestic
Why little girls get spanked....F/F domestic
My new fave bumpersticker
Playtime, F/F, sexual
A talk with Julie F/F, domestic
Homework problems F/f, domestic
Adult sly has been rather sassy, F/F, domestic
Hair problems, F/f, domestic
The flight home with the girls F/f
They're after me! domestic
Halloween panties, M/F, domestic, rl
I came into the front room, part 2, F/ff, domestic...
I came into the front room, part 1,F/ff, family
Honey please! part 2, domestic, very sexual
Honey please! M/F, domestic discipline
You'd been sassy the night before, F/F, domestic
sly spanked for lying, F/f, a family story
Some adult playtime F/F
Morgan's thank you dinner, a family story
Jennifers owed spanking part 2, F/f, a family stor...
Jennifer's owed spanking, part 1, F/f,a family sto...
The problem with technology, part 2, F/f,a family ...
The trouble with technology, part 1,F/f, a family ...
First night home, a family story
Coming home to the girls, a family story
Why I don't make sly do a lot of lines...
The babysitter, a family story
sly's soap stick encounter, part 2 F/f
For Moms with daughters in High School....
I want you in tight jammies F/F
The trouble with plain white cotton panties F/sly
The party is busted, sly....F/f
Moms, daughters, and swimsuits
Wiping away the tears?
Spanking the crack, and more...
Julie and sly F/ff domestic
sly dear, F/f
How far down do the panties come?
The most spankings I saw at one time FF/fb
Hello Julie and sly, F/ff, domestic
sly and Julie...F/ff domestic
The office parts 4 and 5 machine/F
The office, parts 2 and 3
Office spanking part 1, machine/F
miss Megan again, in jammies and spanked, F/f, rl
the trouble with being short M/F, romantic
Elle's in charge now, FF domestic discipline
That's not right! MF domestic play rl
Elle and Angie at dinnertime, FF domestic play
Double standards, MF, rl, domestic discipline
Moody girl
Grandmother next door, F/f, rl
A spanking tail F/F
I saw Ms. Jones today, F/f, F/F, school, domestic
Stepdad part 3, M/f domestic
Stepdad part 2, M/f domestic
Slippered by my Stepdad, part 1, M/f domestic
The four of us get it MF/ffff rl
You say you don't like FF, but...
Sergeant Bess and I F/F domestic,sexual
Riley's old sweats, M/F domestic
Have you told her today?
A Room mates spanking, a Lover's touch, F/F, domes...
It's worse when...thoughts that go through my mind...
I jumped when she called my name, FF/f, school dis...
A burr in her britches, F/ff, F/fff, rl
Real life play, MF/FF Very sexual
When did parents stop being parents?
I was spanked on Sunday, M/F domestic discipline r...
You were told what time curfew is F/F fantasy
The spoon, F/ff rl
Ya know? Sorority spanking, F/f rl
A Megan update, rl
Switching clothes, F/f rl
A little bit about me....rl
Last night...F/FF rl
Sorority spanking, first Frat party, F/F rl
My maintenance spanking experience, MF rl
Weight watchers machine/F
Sorority initiation F/F rl
House rules M/f, M/F, domestic discipline, rl
To my loving Husband, MF rl domestic
Listen and behave, MF domestic discipline, rl
Camping, rl MF domestic play
Traffic stop machine/F , sexual
Infomercial machine/F
Spanked the neighbor girl, F/f rl
Valentine's day spanking MF rl
starting my new blog

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