Thursday, June 18, 2009

some of the blogs I'm following....

Okay, I was told the links I had up originally really weren't active. Oops, my bad. I should have it all fixed now.

These are the blogs here that I'm currently following, hope you might find something you like as well. Please leave them a comment if you stop by, we all love comments!


Too funny, and her post about her opinions of parental curfews is a Riot.

I do hope she continues to post.

hey, because I like spanking pics...

A fun little blog, with a bit of everything, from someone who is into Domestic Discipline (DD)

because my Husband and I both like pretty women in panties...

Carly has the Most amazing photos on her site, just breathtaking. And she has been So sweet to me since I've got here, thank you. She claims to only be a relatively newly active spanker, but oh gosh is she making up for lost time!

Love the domestic feel the pics he chooses has, they make me go, oh, I've been there...

Another great DD blog. But So not happy with her right now! My Husband Really liked their idea of the bead jar (see her post The Jar Policy for explanation) and we might be implementing it, sulk.

A spankee with a sense of humor...

A blog about her and Loving DD

Something from the guys point of view.

One of the first to welcome me here, thanks! A little bit of everything, with all sorts of yummy pics

Okay, if you are into spanking, chances are you have been here already, with good reason. Great site, easy to navigate, and as she describes it: One woman's celebration of life, love, and spankings. She even has a section on her sidebar labeled Tutorials! For anyone new to spanking, a Great place to start!

Companion blog to Dabbling in Discipline. Her and those dang beads!

Okay, reading about her play makes me want to hold my bottom and go ow!

Okay, Stunning young woman, posting scenes of her own spankings! How can that NOT be good, and she's funny, too! (though I still think she needs another spanking for stretching her panties out in her Last spanking)

Okay, I Want to be a lot of those girls in those drawings, and pics, sigh! The type of thing I fantasize about.

Just what it says, and an Amazing collection.

A fun little blog, AND she posts vids of her getting spanked! yay! And another wife that has to do lines, too, yay! Not being mean, but always nice to know you aren't alone, you know?

A young woman, blogging about her experiences with spanking. I wonder when I read it, what it would have been like for me at her age, with access to the net. And, she has pics as well.

His spanking pic of the day.

About her traditional marriage


  1. Hi Again~

    Thanks so much for the mention here. And thanks for introducing me to some blogs I didn't know. Unfortunately, your links don't work.


  2. OTK Girl:

    Your Yahoo! Mail address in Email at your Blog Profile is defective, and you don't list a gmail address, so I am posting this in Comments instead of emailing you...

    I happened to find your blog as I was checking StatCounter results on my blog, "Adult Spanking Scene" and backtracked to a search source that also listed your blog in search results.

    Good blog you have.

    A couple of other people have been putting together listings of over 200 adult spanking blogs...
    "My Bottom Smarts" blog at where Bonnie has created an A-Z list down on the right size of her blog under the heading of Kindred Spirits.
    And the Wiki page
    listing spanking blogs A-Z.

    I'll soon be updating a page at my blog for listing other spanking blogs.

    When you have time, please read this posting at my blog, about organizing people with our common interests

    --James aka The Spanking Sage