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Riley's old sweats, M/F domestic

Another repost, found dozens of my old stories at an old site, so will dole them out here...
And this is about a girl who I chatted with at that site.
Disclaimer, poor Riley had nothing to do with this, and had no knowlege of this, it's all my fault, just woke up, and the damned thing wanted to be written, and it wanted Rye as the Heroine! And my apologies to Rye, as I know I'm not going to get all the details right about your home life, but you are still the heroine of the story, so there. And no, NOT based on rl (that I know of)!


He sighed as he pulled into the driveway, pulling in along side Riley's car. It had been a long day at work, and he was looking forward to taking his shoes off, stretching out on the couch, and watching the game. And, although he would never admit it to her, he was looking forward to Riley's chatter about her day and friends and work and family, she did enough talking for the two of them, but she looked so damn cute.

He wasn't quite as thrilled with his bride when he went through the door. The place was still a mess from where she had started a frenzied cleaning session this weekend, taking everything out, then stopping part way through, never quite seeming to get around to putting Anything back, although she promised she would today.

He went into the kitchen to get a beer, and then followed the sound of the tv to the living room, where Rilely was already sprawled out on the couch, watching some 'women good, men bad' movie of the day on Lifetime. He passed the piles of laundry on the way there, the same piles that he had put in the washer, and then the drier, and that she had promsied to put away. And he noticed all her catalogs and craft projects all over the floor. And she was in her old sweats, again.

He sighed.

He had talked to some of his friends, and it seemed as if his sweet little wife was following a pattern familiar to others. During the dating and honeymoon phase, skimpy undies, lingere, pretty nighty, or cute and sexy jammies, or possibly just one of his shirts that didn't Quite cover all of that pretty little ass of hers. As she very well knew.

And then gradually, well, it wasn't that she was wearing ugly stuff, just not that, well, sexy or hot.

And she seemed to Live in her old sweats nowadays. As soon as she got home from work, she would strip off her work clothes, and the old sweats from her college days would go on. Not just for chores or gardening or things like that, but all the damn time. Faded, soft, thin and worn in places, Rye loved them cause they were comfy.

He was tired of them, and a few other things as well. Among them, the way they were becoming just another old married couple. He wanted his sexy little wife back. Now.

"Hi hon...." she said, without glancing from the tv. "... you wouldn't believe the day I had, and....." away she went, still watching the tv, not looking at him, but continuing on with her not so nice gossip, and her complaints about work and how no one appreciated her, and... And he had had enough.

While it hadn't happened frequently, there had been more than a few occasions since they had been married over the years that his pretty little bride had found herself bottoms up over his lap, while he then depantied her, and set about changing her attitude for her but quick! And it worked, too. After a spanking, Rye was as sweet and loving as could be again, the same sweet young woman that he had married.

Of course, there were more than a few good girl spankings too, which, even though she protested, she enjoyed every bit as much as he did, if not more. But it wasn't a good girl spanking she was getting today. Not at all.

"Riley, hon, I've had a bit of a bad day myself. And to top it all off, I come home to the house like this, and nothing is done about it yet! I do my share of the chores around here, and I expect you to do the same...."

"Geez, don't have a kitten, will you!? Just because I didn't feel like doing the damn chores first thing when I got home, doesn't mean that Eeeeppp!"

The last squeak occured as he took her by the wrist, and pulled her off the couch, and started walking down the hall to the front door, with his now somewhat subdued (but pouty) wife in hand. And he retraced his steps, stopping at Each undone task or chore that was her responsibility, and telling her when SHE had said it was going to be finished by. Her face was bright red with embarrassment by the time he had reached their bedroom. The arm he wasn't holding was behind her back, hand reflexively protecting her now threatened bottom. He hadn't said one word about spanking her, but she was a smart girl.

"Honey," she started, aware that the only thing that could save her was to be contrite and repentent, and she was Most sincerely contrite and repentent at this moment!

"Honey, I'm Sooo sorry, I'm sorry for my attitude, for not doing my chores, well for everything, so, I'll get dinner going, and while it's cooking I'll do my chores, and.....Honeeeyyyyyy noooooo!"

The last squeal was as her loving husband took her and pulled her across his lap as he sat on their bed, her head and legs hanging down, in a most undignified and childish manner. And while she normally found his hand on her fanny to be protective/possesive/loving/comforting, now it was just a threat to her ability to sit!

"Enough, little one. My turn to talk. Your turn to listen. I've let you get buy with too much lately, I should have stepped in before this, before it all got out of hand. I'm sorry, and I apologize that I didn't. But you know why you are getting spanked, don't you Rye?"

And she did indeed know, and she told him so, listing the same things that he had just went over with her on their quick little tour of the house. She was very glad that she hadn't pouted so much that she hadn't payed attention. His hand was rubbing across both cheeks now, comforting and nerve wracking at the same time.

"That's right sweety, but there is something else as well. Riley, hon, I love you, But I'm sick and Tired of coming home to find you in your sweats all the time! I love you, I love the way you look, the way you feel in my arms, and I Love to look at you, young lady! So, unless you are doing chores, working outside, gardening, exercising, or feeling sick, no more old sweats! I don't care if you run around in your panties and a tshirt, yoga pants, shorts, dresses, whatever, but no more old sweats!"

And with that, he undid the drawstring, and slid them down to her knees, her bottom now on display, only barely covered and concealed by the semi sheer white nylon bikinis she had on. His hand rubbed a moment, he sighed, and then it cracked down Hard on that lovely fanny he adored. Riley stiffened, her head came up, and a long plaintive "Owwwwwww!"followed from her unhappy lips. Many many more, owsss, ohs, awwws and owieees followed, along with noooooos and please's and dears and honeys and other endearments and entreaties for mercy...

She lay over his lap, quietly crying, not exactly sure when she had lost her panties, which were now tangled in a white ropy mess with her sweats, around her ankles, the result of much kicking, squirming, and fussing on her part. Oh please let it be done, she prayed to herself, and she begged the same of him but out loud as well.

He sighed. And helped her to her feet. He didn't want to have to repeat this anytime soon, so he wanted to make sure he did a good job now.

"P-puhleaseeee honeyyyyyyyyy, I'm so soreeeeee! I'm sorry, I'll do better, I'll..."

"Rye, sweety, I want you to go get your brush, and bring it to me. Now."

The last word added as she looked as if she was about to protest. Fresh tears, but she turned, stopping only to bend over, taking off her sweat pants and panties, then proceeding to her dresser. He felt himself becoming aroused, at the sight of her bare, full red bottom bent over, and of her soft feminine charms which she so innocently revealed. Later, he told himself firmly. Later. He watched her bottom sway and wobble and jiggle in a most decidedly feminine way then she was back, offering him the brush.

He sat again, and placed her over his lap, guiding and directing her, not making her have to actively particpate anymore than was needed.

"Rye, my love, this is just a reminder of what the brush feels like, if we have to have this talk again, little one."

And with that, ten firm brush spanks, two spanks each to the plumpest part of each full cheek, two each to the base of each poor cheek, and the last two, well, those were delivered to the central crease bridging those now quite swollen cheeks.

And then the brush was down, Riley was sobbing and repeating all the things she would never ever do again, and he put his hands under her waist, and gently lifted, raising her sore bottom to his lips. And as he kissed her poor little bottom, and her tears slowed, he gently turned her over, but only onto her side, and slid onto the bed with her. Later, much much much later, as she wandered around the house, doing her chores in only her shorty jammie top, the one which DIDN'T touch her bottom, he made them dinner, and got out some wine, and then they were back to the bedroom for the rest of the night.


a couple of weeks later...

He pulled into the drive, her car was already there, and he was whistling and smiling. He had been enjoying having his 'original' wife back again, and the way she had been dressing up again as well. He went inside, everything was as it should be, but...

Riley was standing there, waiting for him, head down, but peeking up at him through her lashes in that way that she did that he found adorable. And she was in her old sweats. He felt a quick flash of temper. So, she was going to test him, was she.....

"Young lady, what did I say was going to happen if you wore those sweats just to wear them?", he asked sternly.

Still with that head down, looking through her lashes gaze, Riley replied with a soft, sexy, pouty little voice.... "You said you were going to spank me, dear."

And when she bit her lip, waiting to see what he would say, head still down, she saw that smart man that he was, he figured it out. And the smile reached his eyes as well as his mouth, even if he did sound scary stern as he growled out, "That's right young lady! I'm going to spank you good and proper!"

And she squealed in scared and happy delight as he chased her around the house and finally caught her in the bedroom....


Angie, and my apologies to Riley.

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