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Coming home to the girls, a family story

Entry for September 30, 2007 Coming home to the girls...

Of course, the first thing I hear, is sly's "Moommmmieessss hommmeeeee!!!!" sorta like the doppler affect you get with a train as it rapidly approaches.

I knew of course, what would happen, so bags were already on the ground as my little one launched herself into the air and into my arms, legs tight around my waist.

"Well, hey babygirl! "

Kiss and bottom pats while she kept up nonstop chattering...

Julie was waiting at the door, big smile, kisses for her while try to keep from rapping sly's head on the doorframe, since she now seemed permamently attached.

And, Jennifer. Hard at work, in the kitchen, cleaning of all things, doing her best impression of a dutiful daughter. I also noticed that her hand would creep to her bottom now and then. Someone was still feeling the results of a good lesson, apparently.

I lightly pinched sly's lips together, giving her 'duck lip's, but she stopped talking.

"Baby? Can you listen for a bit?"

A head nod yes.

"I'm going to set you down,"

that got a pout...

"do you think you are big enough to bring my bags in, Without dragging them or dropping them, or scratching up the house?"

Indignant now.

"Mommmyyyy! hmmph! I'm not a little girl, ya know!"

And off she went.

Give Julie dear a bigger hug, kiss, and walk with her into the kitchen.

"Hello are you sweety?"

I stand behind her and give her a quick hug.
I can see her blush, even from behind.
Someone's feeling guilty...

"Believe it or not, young lady, I missed you too.."

a sniffle..

"But, someone wasn't a very good girl, while I was gone, now were you, dear?"

A head shake no..

"We'll talk about that later. Miss Morgan tells me you have been taking care of the house, the cooking,the chores."

A head nod yes. No need to add that the 'everything' was as a part of her punishment.

Kiss on the head."It looks like a very nice job, thank you Jen."

My going from Jennifer to Jen, she knew it was all going to be okay, and turned, sniffling, into my arms.

"I, I'm sorry Mom really! And how do you put up with those two all the time!?"

"Practice, sweety, starting with you. Come on, I brought you all something."

"sly Samantha Johnson, stay Out of my bags unless I tell you to open them thank you very much..."

"Yes Mommy! But, I was only going to help you unpack!"

On the living room floor apparently...

"Really. Well, here. Found something for you, pudding."

And gave her a Charlie's Angel's lunchbox, used, but original.

Big squeal.

"Something inside for you too, babygirl."

"Julie, what Is that boyband you like so much, let me think..."

And I give her a signed poster, and their latest cd...
More squeals, some OMGs, and the sound of rapid fire teen texting as she shared her good fortune with her friends.

Going to my other bag, I also notice the trail of destruction from where sly had drug them in. Not nearly as bad as I thought it might be, she had been extra careful, apparently.

"And Jen, last, but certainly not least, honey, thought you might like this...."and I hand over a very nice, little black dress. Her first. Helps to know her size, at times like this and certainly been shopping enough with her lately.

"And we can always get it tailored to fit, sweety..."

"Now, One of you needs to call Miss Morgan, and ask her if she would prefer a thank you dinner out at a resturant, or here at our place. And ask her what she likes..."

Momma Angie
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::Wraps self around you tight:: Mommie's HOME! I missed you so much! ::kiss kiss kiss::wraps hold tighter::I love my Charlie's Angels lunch box. Thank You! Can I take my lunch to school tomorrow? Can we Stay home from school tomorrow? How was your trip Mommie? Did you miss me? I think Julie's got a new crush...Oh, and Momma! Guess What! Jennifer was SOOOOOOO BADDD! MsMorgan spanked her and grounded her and made her write FIVE HUNDRED sentences! Then took her to Nikki's daddy and he took a strap to her. Her bottom looked like sizzlelean!,sly
Sunday September 30, 2007 - 10:25pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
I was not Sooo bad...well, perhaps a little! What on earth is sizzlelean....sounds like a cross between a spanking and vaseline..hah hah!!!I'll post properly to have you home Mommy...kiss for you too lil Sammy..hugs, Jenny
Monday October 1, 2007 - 08:03pm (NZDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Hi Mom Angie !!!Welcome home from me too... I'm so glad you are back too !! Overall the girls were a joy to be around, and I hope you were satisfied with my job as a sitter. Obviously, Jen and I had a bit of a bumpy start, but once we got past that, she has been doing a wonderful job taking care of the kitchen and cleaning chores (course, she didn't exactly volunteer for that job... heehee ) and has been both cooperative and helpful.I'm so glad things can get back to normal in the house, and I hope your trip was a good one.Love and hugs to all....Morgan
Monday October 1, 2007 - 12:17pm (PDT) Remove Comment

hi sly, laughing..yes you can take your lunch everyday if you want.No, you can't stay home tomorrow, love.My trip was fine, yes I missed you! and your sisters too. Really? And how do you know that, little girl? Snooping again? And, what have I told you baby, about telling what happened to your sisters? do you like it when they tell me about Your spankings?Now, hush for a sec.Jen Hon, Miss Morgan already talked to me, young lady. I know Exactly how good you were.And, sizzlean is a type of bacon, precooked. so, to sly, your bottom looks coooked and welted, we'll see later when we talk,missy...Morgan dear, thank you so much, a wonderful job, though I doubt if 'joy' is entirely accurate. Thank you again, and feel free to stop over any,Angie

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