Monday, June 15, 2009

Vicky part 2, F/F

Our eyes were meeting in the mirror as I stood behind her, looking over her shoulder. Wide, pretty eyes.

And one shy hand going back to rub the sting away from the solitary spank I'd given her.
"Really? You really think I look alright?"

And, this is something else a lot of guys get wrong. This wasn't the same as what she was doing before, where she was down on herself. And in the tone she said it, it wasn't fishing for a compliment either. This was simply a young woman looking for some reassurance.

"Vicky, honey, you look great, sweety, and yes, really, okay? "

With a hand on her shoulder, I gently turned her so she was half turned towards the mirrors, in front and back. I kept my left hand on her left shoulder, and with my right hand, I lightly touched her tummy, not to low, and not to high.

"Vicky, you have such a slender toned little tummy, and your breasts look great, and this teddy really shows them off, and your bottom is nice and round and firm, and that tummy and waist really sets everything off, sweety, okay? Trust me, whoever gets to see this is going to be thrilled."

And as I made my assessment, I had moved my hand, softly moving it up towards her breasts, but not quite there, then softly moving it down here side, over her waist, to her hips. I saw her bite her lip in the mirror as I did so.

I went on, as I stepped back.

"I've never really cared much for teddy's myself, well, unless I just have it on in the bedroom, and then off again fairly quickly. Otherwise, wearing it all day or out or to work, I swear they always seem to ride up, and you can never adjust them. It sort of reminds me of when I was a girl, and my Mom Insisted we wear those awful bodysuits,and it felt like I had a wedgie all day long. And I would fuss at her and end up with a spanking, even in junior high...."

The little sharing and mentioning the word spanking, was most deliberate.

"...and now, with all that riding up, and rubbing, it can get frustating in more than one way."

Vicky, naughty little thing that she is, blushed nicely, and added her own little comment.

"Oh, I know what you mean about how they ride up, but, well, I don't think that's such a bad thing, you know?"

I laughed, and said I did.

I noticed her dress hanging on the hook on the wall, and looked at her bottom again, as she preened this way and that. I looked also on the little bench, where her purse was. Nope, not there either.

"Vicky, unless I'm mistaken, you don't have any panties on young lady...." , and I wasn't mistaken, it was most obvious that she didn't have even a gstring on under the teddy she was wearing.

"...and, I do believe that the sign outside the door, and right there, states that when you try on bottoms, you are supposed to have panties on, you naughty girl."

Still looking her in the eye, but in the mirror, and her biting her lip and blushing again. And, one thigh softly slowly scissoring against it's pretty twin.

"In fact, Vicky, I don't see your panties on the bench or hook, for that matter. Were you a naughty girl, and did you go without your panties today, Vicky, dear?"

Pretty face oh so flushed now, and I could see, nipples stiff as well, her answer was not that convincing.

"Um, I guess I forgot?"

I laughed gently, with her, not at her.

"You forgot? Really?"

And that as I caught her eye as she turned a bit, and the look I gave her was the same I'd given naughty teens before, when I knew they were fibbing to me.

She was looking more at the floor now, then at me, a confirmation in itself.

"You didn't forget, did you Vicky? You went without panties on purpose, didn't you, sweety?"

A shy nod.

"My, such a naughty girl you are, Vicky dear. Going out without panties, that little bit of temper earlier, and my goodness, that potty mouth!"

More squirming, now.

"And then trying on lingere without panties, shame on you. Now, since you didn't have panties on, and wanted to try lingere on, what should have you done, young lady?"

And even though her face, neck and upper chest were flushed at my words, her thighs still softly scissored, and her nipples were still most erect.

A soft shrug, a non verbal 'I don't know' for her.

I took a step closer, and swatted her bottom softly again.

"You should have bought an inexpensive little gstring, and put that on first, shouldn't have you, Vicky?"

Looking in her eyes as I said so. And swatted her pretty little fanny again, and oh her bottom was warm, soft, delicious to the touch.

I kept my hand on her bottom cheek, resting softly there, as I waited for her answer.

It finally came out, her answer. A shy little "Yes Angie, I should have."

"Yes, you should have, young lady. Goodness, you Were quite the naughty girl today, weren't you? Lucky you aren't my girl, or I'd have to spank you."

And that last was said with a smile at lips and eyes, so she would have to wonder if I was teasing, or not.

But, from the way she squirmed, and fidgeted, and one hand went back again to her bottom, in little girl reflex, a part of her thought I was serious, whether she wanted to admit it to herself, or not.


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My Sw…
What a naughty girl this Vicky is ;-) I am sure that Angie will find a way to correct her behaviour... and she will thank her accordingly
Saturday February 21, 2009 - 01:57pm (GMT) Remove Comment

Alyx R
Ah, such a teasing drawn out process you're making this! *shaking head* Still, it's a lovely story, and a very skillful way that Angie is leading naughty Vicky toward her just desserts -- gentle, insistent, keeping her guessing.

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