Thursday, June 11, 2009

House rules M/f, M/F, domestic discipline, rl

I was still rather newly married, for only about 2 months, and my life had really changed. I was 25, but he was only the third guy I had ever slept with.

And, he came with a ready made family, a girl who was just 13, the boy, who was not quite 12, and the baby, she was 10.

I got along with the kids quite well, it wasn't like some of the horror stories I had heard about from my friends, about how THEY had treated their stepmoms. Maybe because their mom had died a few years ago, so it wasn't like I was competition.

They did try the old trick of getting me to let them do something their dad had said they couldn't, but I knew all about that, with three sisters.

Now, I loved him, loved the kids, but it was so DIFFERENT being married! I mean, yeah, I had had my lover Kathy in college, and another girl after her, but really, since I had graduated and been in the military, I had been pretty much on my own.

No roommate or housemate, no lovers, and NO discipline spankings! Having grown up in with sisters, and being spanked all through growing up, and all through college, it was all kinda cool, to go where I wanted, to do what I wanted, when and how I wanted, and I didn't have to answer to anybody! Not that I was some kind of party girl, but I really enjoyed my life.

Well, one day, I had to go to work on Sat., and help plan an upcoming field exercise. We got finished, and then I ended up going out to a bar with my coworkers, and I ended up getting home several hours later than I had planned on. I didn't think it was any big deal, I didn't even drink, just had soft drinks, and hung out and ate. And I declined offers to dance and everything, I was a good girl.

So, I was in good spirits when I walked in the door, and I called out a happy I'm home, and when he came in the room I ran and jumped up on him, and wrapped my legs around his waist, and gave him a big smooch. (thats the advantage of having a big guy, you can do stuff like that without him dropping you or falling over backwards...)

"Hi yourself" he goes. "Nice to see you made it home." and he had THAT tone in his voice. You ladies know the one I mean.

"What? What did I do? What type of greeting is that? Where are the kids, by the way?"

"The kids are out, and Angie Lynne Thompson, you know exactly what you did if you think about it for a moment. We have talked about this before."

Now I tried to unwrap my legs and get down, but he just held me in place with his hands under my butt. The disadvantage of being married to a big guy. And my butt was tingling, and I KNEW all of a sudden EXACTLY what he was talking about. Oh crap!

See, even though in all the jokes, it's the husband who never calls when he is going to be late, or whatever, in our marriage, it was ME that was at fault for that one, a lot! I mean, I always made it home, I usually (well, sometimes) called, and I wasn't misbehaving when I was late, I was just, well, late. Unlike him, who ALWAYS called if there was any change in plans at all.

And it was something he expected of the kids and I as well. I thought back to just last week (amazing how fast you can replay memories, much faster than it takes to tell them) when my 13 yo stepdaughter had forgotten the time, and had stayed at the mall WELL past the time she was supposed to be home, and never called to let us know where she was or when she was going to be coming home. When she got home, she KNEW she was in trouble, as this was her third warning for this, and in our house, it was the three strikes you're spanked rule. So she immediatley tried to get me to help out, but it didn't do any good.

After her dad listened to her excuses, and it was readily apparent she didn't have a good reason for being late, just that she was late, she was rapidly sentenced to a spanking. He sat on the couch, pulled her over his lap, and then it was jeans down, and panties down, for a good bare bottom spanking, first by hand, and then with the hairbrush I was asked to bring him. She was a sorry little girl when he was through, and she promised to ALWAYS call if there was any change in her plans after that, and she sure meant it at the time. She was allowed to go to her room to cry it off, and later, I went in with some milk and cookies, and we had a talk.

What she didn't know was that her dad had given me quite the look as she went to her room, with that brush still in his hand, and said that house rules applied to everyone in the house!

Now, I was no stranger to being over his lap, mostly for fun and sexy spankings, but there had been real butt burners for messing up too! So I blushed, but I knew exactly what he meant. So far he hadn't spanked me for that particular misdeed, but he said later that was only because he had so many more serious character flaws to work on! Such a funny man.

So, now it was the day of reckoning. So, when in doubt of what to do when busted, I did what all brats do. I pleaded and whined and promised that I would NEVER, EVER do it again, EVER! He apparently, was unconvinced.


"Yes sir?"

"I have talked to you about this before, haven't I?"



"Yes sir, but..."

"How many times have I warned you about what would happen if you didn't start calling when you were going to be late or your plans had changed?"

"Twice sir, a couple of weeks ago, and then last week, before Kelly got her spanking, but...."

"But nothing, you had two chances, you even watched Kelly get spanked for the same thing, and now it's your turn."

He set me down, and told me to go to the bedroom. I stalled.

"But it isn't fair! I'm not a kid, I shouldn't get spanked!"

Which would have sounded more mature if I hadn't been whining so much at the time. His response was that it was WORSE since I wasn't a kid, as a supposedly responsible adult, I was supposed to know better. And I had actually gotten another warning about how serious he was about this the night Kelly got spanked. And then he gave me that look, and I knew better than to push it any farther, and I fled to the bedroom.

Once there, he had me stand in the corner, and pull my uniform pants down, and my panties as well, my blue cotton bikinis. So there I was with my bottoms down, my bare butt on display, and my uniform blouse still on. I felt stupid, and I started fidgeting, worrying about the spanking and how I looked. After a few minutes which took forever, he called me out of the corner, and had me undress all the way from the waist down, and then he called me over to him as he sat on the bed, and the hairbrush was by his side. Damn damn damn.

Just that fast, otk I went, nose at the floor, and toes just on it. The handspanking was fast and hard and all over, no real pattern, which I HATE! I was oohing and owing and ouching in no time flat, and before the hand spanking was done, I was getting pretty teary eyed, (okay, I was crying) and sniffling hard and pleading shamelessly.

My arguements didn't work though, nor my protests that I had learned my lesson or had enough and that he REALLY didn't need to spank me anymore! He raised up his right leg, and my fanny felt SO big all sore and throbbing and in the air like that, and it was time for the brush. Each one felt like a brand, and this time, it was maybe 5-10 spanks in one spot, and it felt like my rear was on fire, and then it was a new spot, and then the sit spots, and then, well, it just went on and on, till he finally did the lecture and question and answer part. I got it ALL right the first time, I KNEW in every fiber of my being I was always going to phone from then on! Every time, you bet!

Then it was done, and I was up and dancing till I was told to go to the corner again. After a few minutes, it was back to his lap, this time for some comforting, but not before he warned me about what would happen if I didn't straighten out. Then I got kissed and comforted big girl style. And I did do much better, although I did get spanked a time or two over the years for that offense, it was quite a long time till the next one!


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