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The Grad student F/F,F/F

another old one of mine, and this is all the parts. You'll notice where I switched styles part way through. Or maybe not.

sigh, when I cut and paste, the spacing got all messed up, and not going to go through and try to fix it now, so yes, I know it looks like I can't type or spell.
Elle shut the door, locked it like she always did here in the city,no sense in taking chances, and then kicked off her shoes, heading over to her computer, whose screen was blinking that she had mail.

Which was fine by me, she thought, nothing like a little cyber play to take a girl's mind off of a long day at school. While the way universities used grad students to do all the scut work, and as instructors, and to gather research for the 'researchers' who would happily use their efforts with no by line on the published papers wasn't exactly slavery, it sure as hell was indentured servitude.

Stripping off her work clothes, leaving a trail on the floor to be picked up sometime in the future, she padded over to the computer in her pink satin bikini panties and blue cotton bra; laundry had been a little behind, and she didn't have anything clean that matched. Ohwell.

"Let's see who wrote...." and then all the happy thoughts left as Elle saw THE message all in caps, saying READ ME FIRST, in red, and from the head of her thesis committee....

"Shit shit shit, this can't be good." she muttered to herself,ignoring the obvious 'lets play' messages from her cyber friends, and clicking on the one that worried her. Dr. Johnson wasn't known for socializing with her students, wasn't the type to just drop a line to chat. She was cordial enough, but Elle had gotten on her wrong side a couple of times already, and had had the riot act read to her the last time.

When the letter opened, she knew she was right. It wasn't good.

"There is a matter that we need to discuss. Call me as soon asyou get in. DO NOT worry how late it is. Just do it. If I don't hear from you this evening, consider yourself TERMINATED from the program as of tomorrow." And the numbers followed.

She felt sick to her stomach; Dropped from the program, but, why? She had NO doubt that Dr. Johnson wasn't fooling around, definetly NOT her idea of a joke, and if she was kicked out of this program, she had little chance of getting accepted into another.

With trembling fingers, she dialed the first number, the work one,where she could usually be found, but nothing except the voice mail.A quick message, to tell Dr. Johnson that she had gotten her message and that she WAS trying to call, and was hanging right up to try the other number, and so she did.

The home number was picked up by Dr. Johnson's housekeeper, who, when informed who was calling, told her that the Dr. had told her to be expecting her call. Asking her to please wait, while she got the Dr.,she none the less managed to convey in her tone the same type of "oh little girl I feel sorry for you" attitude that her favorite aunt would get when her mom would take her upstairs for a spanking.

"Dr. Johnson here."

"Uh, yes ma'am" damn, she sounded like she was 14, get your act together girl! "I got your message, and I called right away, but I don't understand..."

"I'll explain it to you in person then. I'm just finishing dinner,and then I'll be going to my office at the school. I expect you there in one hour. I don't care what type of plans you have, what else you were planning on doing. If you have ANY common sense at all, which,at this juncture I strongly doubt, I would suggest you do as I tell you. Goodby."

And with that the phone went dead. Elle just stood there, in her undies, looking at the phone the sick feeling worse now. Oh my god,oh my god, what the hell is going on. And then suddenly, there was a thought, one that made her legs rubbery, and turned her face pale.But surely she couldn't know about that, could she?

Even though the university wasn't that far away, at this time of night, it would mean a taxi, and there went some precious funds, and then another ten minutes to cross the campus and make her way to theoffice. Say, 30 minutes. Which gave her just enough time to clean up.

Stripping her underwear off as she ran for the bathroom, she soon was showered and shampooed, her hair pretty much dried, as she rumaged through her closet for something to wear. Finally she found her good, 'scholarly' suit, a nice conservative grey, the hem of the skirt to only a little above the knee, and a nice white blouse to go with it. The same thing she had worn for her initial interview withDr. Johnson when she had first been accepted into the program. Put on some clean undies, a Healthy does of antipersperant, she had been sweating something fierce since the call, and then finish getting dressed. And then a dash out the door, and thank you god, a taxi was there and waiting.

15 minutes later, then the fast walk across campus and she entered the research building, stopping at the front door, puzzled when the door wouldn't open to her security code.

A quick buzz to the front desk, and a voice told her that someone would be with her shortly, and moments later she saw a large shadow approaching, which gradually morphed into a just as big head of campus security, Ms. Heather Jansen. A six foot nordic powerlifter,Elle had seen her working out in the gym, squatting impossible weights, methodically curling huge stacks of plates. She had to be atleast 190 lbs if she was an ounce, and there was almost no fat on her, other than her rather impressive breasts, which rode over a heavy layer of muscle.

It was fairly common knowlege around campus that Heather owed her current position to Dr. Johnson, that the Dr. had hired her away from the military, when she took over as chief researcher and rainmaker for the university. She had told the dean that she had no intention of having ANY security problems with any project she was associated with, and that if ANY measures that Heather wanted implemented weren't acted upon, and her procedures followed by EVERYONE then the good Dr. was going to walk, and take all the government money with her.

In actuality, most of the academic types never really noticed the changes in security, their biggest problem being that each thought they were the embodiment of the absent minded professor, and simply forgot what they should be doing.

The other story that circulated about Heather around campus was the condition of the man she had caught who had been in the process ofattacking some poor coed in a parking lot; apparently the policeweren't sure if he had been run over by a Mack truck before they got there or not.

Heather was in her business attire as well, but not the standard blue or brown off the rack security uniform. Instead, she had on a tailored suit jacket, with slacks to match, raw silk by the look of it, heather gray, her own little inside joke, with a rose colored blouse on underneath.

The door opened, and the suprisingly soprano voice called to her.

"Ms. Smith, your access here has been terminated by direction of Dr.Johnson. If you wish to go and see her, she asked me to escort you to her office and wait with you until she gets there. Or, I was told to tell you that if you wish, you can simply turn around and not bother to come back."

Elle looked at the impassive face of the Amazon, and mumbled out that she would follow, and stepped through. They stopped by the security desk, where her friend Susan sat, making a little extra money by working security while going to school. Tonight though, no friendly hello, no off color joke, instead she looked rather subdued, and she was squirming in her seat. That tickled at a memory in the back ofh er mind, but right now she had other things to worry about, and so she followed Heather's large back to the elevators and up to Dr.Johnson's office.

They had only been outside the door a few minutes when Elle heard thec lick of heels on the tile in the hallway, and the lean form of Dr.Johnson appeared. A quick glance at her watch showed that there was five minutes left to her deadline, the Dr. was on time as always.

"Heather, Ms. Smith, thank you for coming. If you will step inside p lease."

Once inside the office, Elle tried to speak, but was cut off at once.

"Ms. Smith, be quiet! Before you say anything which makes me more angry than I already am with you, I will tell you right now, DO NOTsay another word until I tell you too. Nod if you understand me."

Elle nodded frantically, her heart pounding hard in her chest.

"Good, you CAN listen when you want to...."

And Elle cringed at the words, TO close to what her mother had often said to her growing up.....
and somehow in her state she missed a couple of words, but caught up with "... ee if you can continue to follow instructions, and read this file."

Elle took the file that was handed to her, and was startled to see that when she opened it, it was all about HER!

Near the front, in Dr. Johnson's neat short script, were some personal observations and comments.

'... intelligent, at times brilliant ideas, solid academic background....ability to be a real asset to the team....'

But her momentary flush of pride died away just as quickly when she read the next lines.

' ..inconsistent work ethic. Does not always apply herself to the best of her abilities, relies on rationalizations and excuses when confronted rather than admitting when she is at fault.......often immature....'

"Ms. Smith, Elle, I showed you that so that you would understand just exactly why I am taking the time to bother even talking to you right now. If I didn't think you had such excellent potential, I would let you go right now. Nod if you understand me so far. Apparently I have to take things in baby steps for you."

A quick and frantic nod, even as a crimson blush went up from her collar to her ears at the rebuke.

As Dr. Johnson scolded me, and scolding was exactly the term that fit, I felt more and more like a teen again, and I started acting that way once more. I noticed, without being able to stop it, that I was scuffing the floor with the toe of one foot, and I was able to notice that because I was staring at the floor now, unable to really look Dr. Johnson in the eye.

"Ms. Smith, look at me when I'm talking to you please. You are an adult, please try to start acting like one. And adults look other adults in the eyes when they are having a conversation."

Huh. Some conversation. A conversation is a two way street, this was a lecture. I mean, she had even TOLD me I wasn't supposed to talk unless she had asked me a question.

"-s. Smith, I just asked you if you understood?"

Whoops. Apparently we WERE back in conversation mode.

"uh, yes ma'am, I understand."

"Good. Now, as to why I called you down here tonight. Do YOU have any idea, Ms. Smith?"

Actually, I had several but I wasn't all that eager to share. THATwas a lesson that I had learned the hard way growing up, never admit to any crimes your parents didn't tell YOU about! No need to get your butt into any more trouble than it was already in. It seemed like the same idea applied here.

"Uh, no, I mean, well, not really, ma'am."

Heather snorted, and Dr. Johnson didn't look any happier with me.

"My, that was articulate. All right, lets go back to me talking, you listening. That seems to work much better. Now, it isn't any one thing. It's MANY different things. Where to start, where to start. "

"Oh, I know, how about how you fell behind on your paperwork, and then took research material out of the lab, out of the building, to yourapartment?"

Oh. My. God. She knew about THAT?!

"Oh, you DO remember that little incident? Good. You little idiot,you twit, do you have ANY idea how much trouble you could have gotten into? Well do you? I expect the people that work with and for me tobe able to follow instructions, and that DOESN'T mean just when performing the actual research, but ALL the instructions! "

"Do you happen to remember WHO is funding this little project you are working on?"

"Uh, the government, ma'am?"
"Very good. And do you happen to remember the BACKGROUNDinvestigation that all researchers, including grad students, went through?"


"And do you happen to remember Heather's lectures on the proper handling and safekeeping of documents and information, and the paper you signed saying you did?"

"Uh, yes ma'am, I guess so...."

"I guess so. Good god, girl! Do you realize you were THIS close to getting sent to jail!?"

Actually, I hadn't realized that at all!

"J-jail!? But whyyyyyyyy?"

"Because you came THIS close to taking classified material out with you, along with the unclassified material. NOT that you were allowed to take that either, mind you, but it makes the difference between whether I handle this, or I turn your ditzy little butt over to the tender mercies of the FBI and the military's Criminal InvestigationDepartment!"

I knew she hadn't asked a question, but I still had to say something!

"But ma'am! I would have NEVER EVER taken any classified material out, really really I wouldn't have!"

Dr. Johnson just rolled her eyes, and Heather shook her head. Just like my aunt would do when I was a teenager getting chewed out by mom, and never knowing when to shut up....

"Heather, would you be so kind as to cue up the security tape,please? Thank you."

Heather did something, those strong hands moving quickly over a keyboard, and suddenly, the large flat plasma screen came to life, and there I was, in living color, and I could tell both by my outfit, as well as the time code on the screen that this was from the day before.

And there I was, checking out the report I had to get done, the deadline was tomorrow, well, this morning, but then it had been tomorrow, and I might have gotten a little behind when I took up some friends on their offer to go clubbing for a couple of nights, and soI figured I could just finish it at home. I saw myself getting the report out of the locked file cabinet, and setting it on top as I relocked it (I thought I was being security conscious, you know) and just after I started to step away, Dr. Johnson had Heather freeze the tape.

Heather did something else and suddenly, we zoomed in on the document that was now sitting on the file cabinet. The document with the red cover, the one that meant it was classified material. Oh my god.

"Yes, oh my god is right."

Oops, must have said that out loud.

"Apparently, when you grabbed the folder you wanted, you picked up the one behind it by mistake also. Just THINK what you would have done if it hadn't accidently gotten left behind! You would have taken it outside, and then your ass would have been grass. One of the other researchers noticed it this morning when she came into work, and she screwed up by not reporting it right away, she simply refiled it."

"It wasn't until lunch time, when she had a casual talk with Heather that the topic came up quite by accident. So Heather pulled the security tapes, and you've seen what we found. Lets continue, shall we? "

"And this part of the tape is where we get to see you talk to your good friend Susan, who is SUPPOSED to check ALL outgoing bags,satchels, briefcases and the like to make sure NOTHING leaves that isn't supposed to. "

"But instead, it SOUNDS as if you are asking her NOT to bother, that you won't get her in trouble, and that you swear this is the las t time."

"And now we have you coming in this morning, also on Susan's shift,and again she doesn't check to see what you are bringing in. "

"So, after Heather showed me what was going on, I had her cue up all the security film from when you were working. Actually, film is rather outdated as a term, since everything is digital nowadays.Makes a search like this far easier. She simply entered in your name,and whenever you had signed in or used your code, we could track you.And then simply download and view those parts. Interesting viewing. "

"Let's see, in addition to last night's violation, we found two more incidents of you bringing work outside the building without authorization, 3 incidents of you smoking in areas where smoking isn't allowed! Don't you realize you could have contaminated the experiments?! And this one I particularily like, where you snuck some young man into one of the labs to fool around....."

Oh dear lord, I had forgotten about that! He had been a short, very short term boyfriend, but in those heady early days of the romance,we had been like bunnies, and had delighted in doing it in all sorts of forbidden places. Susan had helped sneak him in.....

"...which again, not only risked contaminating what we were working on, but violated countless security procedures. "

"Now. The question remains, what am I to do with you?"

I took that as a non rhetorical question, whether she meant it thatway or not. I had visions of my career flushing down the toliet, andI felt faint.

"P-please, ma'am, Dr. Johnson, I am SOOO sorry! You HAVE to believe me! I'll never do anything like this again, I SWEAR I won't, I PROMISE I won't YOU HAVE to believe me, you have to!"

Heather chuckled, which didn't endear her to me any more than she already was. It wasn't a mean chuckle, more like, she was amused,like you would be with a toddler, say...

"But Elle, I already DID trust you, I trusted you with a lot, and you broke that trust. SEVEN different incidents! Not exactly like it was a one time deal, was it girl? No. Which still leaves the question as to what to do with YOU! I must admit, my first thought was to simply fire you for cause, and then to inform the military, the university,and all other universities as to WHY I had terminated you. But Heather suggested an alternative. "

I KNEW Heather reminded me of my favorite aunt!

"Thank you, thank you, I swear I'll do better if you give me another chance, I swear I will!"

"First, you might want to hear what I have in mind. Since nothing classified was removed, that means, as I said earlier, that this remains, or can remain, an internal discipline problem. Next, since no research was lost, and no experiments compromised, you don't have that to answer for. But you do have to pay. And you do need to learn a lesson. And I need to know that I can trust you again, and trust that you HAVE learned that lesson. Heather was the one who pointed out, that for all your education, and that despite your age, that you behaved as if you were 15, and breaking your parents rules. And she had an idea as to what sort of punishment might be appropriate."

oh no no no no no.......

"So, since you act like an ill behaved, irresponsible teenager, that is how you should be punished. And I do mean punished, until you can't sit down. That is your choice, an old fashioned spanking fromme, or the door."

"But ma'aaaaaam, you can't spank me, I'm 26, it isn't right, I'm too old, you can't spank me, please I'll do anything else, just not that,and besides! If I tell the administration, you'll get fired!"
At this, both Dr. Johnson and Heather laughed, instead of looking worried.

"Elle, Elle, Elle, you are so CUTE some times. Really you are.Blackmail isn't going to work my dear. Lets see, I have, oh, SEVEN incidents, on tape, of what YOU have done, and lets see, oh, you have NONE of what I propose! Now, to help you to decide, perhaps you might want to view this!"

Heather did something, and there she was on screen, with my girlfriend Susan. My eyes got big and my mouth dropped open. BecauseSusan was bent over the back of a chair, ALL the way over the back of it so when her kicking legs came off the ground she was still on it,and her cute little pink panties with the picture of the lollipop on the front, with the words 'lick me' were waving from one ankle like a surrender flag as Heather methodicaly took a strap to her ass!

Her butt was BRIGHT red, and I mean BRIGHT, and she was howling, and I could see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, and the strap was kinda weird looking, like it split into two tails or something at the bottom.

But whatever it was, it was certainly painful, , and Susan's bottom was covered with dark, angry colored welts.I suddenly remembered her as we went in, squirming in her chair, and know I remembered why it had tickled at my mind, I KNEW how a spanked girl sat in her chair, I just didn't want to remember!

"Heather has already had a little 'talk' with Susan, the first of several they will be having over her misdeeds. You can see what choice your friend made. Now, what do you choose?"

Sniffling, I knew what I was going to do, but that didn't make it any easier.

"But, but, but I don't want a spanking!" I wailed out, tears already flowing.

"Well of course you don't you silly girl, THAT is the whole point now, isn't it? If you didn't fear it, and dread it, it wouldn't have much of an effect, would it now? But, since you do dread it so much,it will not only help you pay for past offenses, it will give you something to help you to remember to keep your nose clean and on your business in the future. "

"Now. Here is what we are going to do. You will get ONE spanking, not spank, but spanking, for each infracton of the rules to date. That means SEVEN separtate spankings, and before you protest, I suggest you consider the alternatives! You will recieve your first tonight,and then pay off each of the others at one week intervals. Do you understand me so far?"

I nodded dumbly in assent.

"Very good. In addition, I will be paying more attention to ALL of your duties, to your classes, both those you are taking,as well as those you are teaching. Any problems will also be dealt with in the same manner."

Again, I shook my head in agreement.

"Very well, lets get started then. Please take off your jacket, and your skirt, and bend over the desk, as far as you can."

I think I squeaked, I'm not exactly sure, but one look from Dr.Johnson, and I just did as I was told. This might be hell for a little while but apparently I wasn't canned. And right now, keeping my position, the one at school, not the one I currently occupied over her desk, was all I cared about.

My reveries were interrupted however, by snickers and giggles coming from Heather and Dr. Johnson. Well, THAT was rude! I mean, here Iwas, about to get BEAT, and they were laughing at me! Just because my panties were on display, that didn't mean, Oh My God!

My panties!

"Well those are pretty cute, but aren't you a few days off?" And Heather snickered at Dr. Johnson's words. It was bad enough that I was about to get spanked, but to be be humiliated as well!

See, like I said before, I was kinda behind in my laundry, and after I showered, the only clean panties I could find in my undie drawer were the ones my mom had sent me on my birthday as a joke.

You knowthe kind, the ones with the days of the week on them, and silly little designs. Well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and so I went with my red Tuesday's girl bikinis, and it said so on the fron tand on the rear....

I KNOW I squealed again when I felt warm fingers slide into mywaistband, and then slide them down to my knees. A hand went to my back and pressed down, which in turn, caused my bottom to arch up.Way to far up.

Then I sensed her moving back, I felt something cool and smooth get layed across my bottom, and I tensed and squeaked again.

"This, my dear Elle, is a tawse. It's a strap that is split at the bottom. You got to see it in use earlier on your friend. Now it's your turn...."

And then it was gone, and then it was back!


This time, I did more than squeak!

"EEEEEEIIIIIIIEEEEE! Oh god that hurt!"

"Unless you want Heather to hold you down, I suggest you get back in position, now!"

Huh? I was out of position? I then noticed that I was kinda dancing in place, holding my bare welted bottom, (well, it DID have one welt on it!) and that my panties had fallen to my ankles.

Well, to one ankle, they had fallen off the other.

I pouted, it didn't work, and I layed back down.

Lets just say, that the next 30 minutes or so showed that just because Dr. Johnson was doing the spanking ( although HOW getting a whipping with a strap is called a spanking I don't know!) didn't make it any less of an ordeal than if Heather had been doing it. Not that she spanked (whipped, strapped, whatever!) me for 30 minutes straight, but it took that long with me getting out of position,having to lay back down, etc.

By the time she was done, my ENTIRE backside felt like lava, and I mean my ENTIRE backside, from the top where my cheeks parted, to the plump middle, to the bottom of my cheeks, to about a third of the way down my thighs, to my inner cheeks ( and let me tell you, those strap tips snaking in there give a whole new meaning to hurt!). Entire backside!

It took a while before I realized it was over, as I lay there on her desk, collapsed, no fight or struggle left, sobbing and leaving we tpuddles of tears there. I felt myself being lifted up, and then I dont' know quite how it happened, but I was suddenly in her arms,crying, sobbing, telling her how sorry I was that I had let her down,and that I hadn't meant it, and that I was sorry, so very very sorry....

She shushed me, and cuddled me, and petted my head, and told me that she knew that I was a good girl, which was why she was taking the time to straighten me out. I let her put my panties back on, yelping a bit as they were pulled over my swollen rump. Then it was skirt back on, and then I stood there, figeting, while she reviewed how things were going to be from then on.
She dropped me off, telling me that she expected me to be on time tomorrow, for everything, and then she was gone.

And I went upstairs to a rather restless night.


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