Monday, June 15, 2009

I hate the corner, F/f, rl memory

another repost...
I hate the corner F/f memory
I hate the corner.

I feel stupid having to stand there, and mad, but mad at me.

I can hear my sisters and cousins outside playing, the window is open, and my crying has slowed to the point it's more feeling sorry for myself crying now.

And with the slight decrease in the temp of my rear, and the lessening tears, I realize that if I can hear THEM outside so easily, they must have been able to quite easily have heard ME only a short time before, as mom took her brush to me again, and that thought, that they were all out there snickering at me, laughing and making fun of me, started up the tears all over again.

I hate the corner. Too much time to think.

Standing there with my hands by my sides. No rubbing or else, and I had learned my lesson about the 'or else' long before this; mom wasn't joking.

I hate the corner. At least this time my panties had been replaced, probably cause some of my male cousins were around, and it wouldn't have been proper for them to see my bare butt.

Although who knows, the thought crosses my mind, WHO was at the window peaking earlier as I lay bare fanny up squalling over mom's lap.

I hate the corner, way too much time to think. And right now I think that time is going backwards.

I must have been standing here for hours. I can hear the old fashioned clock on the wall, going tick tick tick, but can't actually see it, not without turning, and who knows if mom, or one of my aunts is looking. My aunts may, or may not, let me off, mom wouldn't.

I hate the corner. I sulk and pout. This is so embarrasssing, and I'm to old to be spanked like this anymore, like I'm a baby. I had kinda said the same thing while over mom's lap, right before the brush started in, and Mom simply said that judging by my behavior, apparently I wasn't too old at all....

I hate the corner...



Um, since the tone is possibly darker than I had intended, a few editors notes.
1. the above spanking and corner time were well earned and deserved, lets leave it at that...
2. Although corner time always felt like forever, normally, between 5-15 minutes, and purpose was to allow the miscreant time to reflect, without any distractions, why she had just been punished.
3. After the whole punishment was over, their were hugs and pats and such, and you started over, the offense wasn't held over you...
4. Um, well, by the end of the corner time, I was thinking about why I had been sent there, and not just why it was so unfair...

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