Monday, July 20, 2009

some thoughts on punishment clothing

Someone asked me recently, what I meant when I had made comment to the use of punishment clothing, so I thought I'd just do a post about it.

Well, to start off with, this is something that can be used for both play 'punishment' as well as for real punishments.

At it's most basic, punishment clothing is exactly that, something used to punish.

It gets a bit more complicated after that.

Although like with self spanking, it can be self assigned, it is more common that it is assigned by another person. And that is the first thing that makes this a punishment or discipline, the simple fact that you are being treated like a child, not allowed to choose what you wear, but have to wear what you are told to.

I know women, who even though they often wear dresses or skirts on their own, suddenly find it restrictive, when they are Told that that is all they are allowed to wear, at home and work, until told otherwise.

But there are almost endless variations to this punishment/discipline.

Sometimes, it's now what you are told to wear, it's what you are Not allowed to wear. Perhaps you might find you are no longer allowed to wear panties or knickers for a while. And while a certain minority of women might like going commando, most of us find this quite embarrassing, even though no one else is going to know.

Or perhaps while at home, you are not allowed to have a skirt or pants on, having to run around in just your top and undies, assuming you are allowed undies.

Or if you were possibly procastinating with chores, you might find that an apron, with our without undies on under it, is your clothing for the night.

All of this, is rather a personal thing. What is punishing for one woman, will not be for another.

As an example. I've Always hated those boring, plain white cotton briefs. I mean, hello, how hard is it to put a nice little ribbing or pointelle pattern in it, or some pretty elastic, something. So for me to have to wear those awful things, is a punishment.

For others, for some unknown reason, that is their daily wear by choice, so it wouldn't be a punishment for them. Being made to wear a thong, however, would be.

Another factor that can be used with punishment clothing is making it uncomfortable. This could be done by modifying some regular clothing, such as putting oh, sandpaper or rice in your bra cups, or the seat or other areas of your panties. It could be that the clothing itself is made from some uncomfortable material. Its really amazing how many panties are out there made out of stiff, scratchy, uncomfortable lace. Or it might be that pair of undies you discovered that had that Awful seam that always seems to dig in and chafe (I have a story somewhere in my blog, real life, about how a pair of panties he got me turned out to be punishment panties...). Or it might be something custom made, such as panties made out of burlap.

Clothing can also be made uncomfortable because of the sizing. Having to wear panties that are a size smaller then you usually wear, so they are constantly riding up, as well as that elastic biting in, is a constant reminder to mind your manners.

And some things are just more uncomfortable even without mucking about with their sizes. Such as old fashioned girdles and pantygirdles. They really hold the heat in. Especially after a spanking. Same holds true with pantyhose, especially those awfull support/control ones (tights to you Europeans).

Another common use of punishment clothing is to dress the naughty one younger. This is common, and not just for play, but actual punishment. Being told if you are going to act like a __ year old, that you will be treated like one. This could be as mild as simply having to wear panties appropriate to such an age (and if you go into stores these days, there are a LOT of panties out there, in both the women's deparments, as well as the girls - a lot of Big little girls out there adn the larger sizes will fit a lot of women), like Hannah Montana, Sesame Street, Disney Princesses, etc.

This is something often done for those who have to wear 'normal' work attire, but under, they have their little girl vest or training bra, and little girl briefs.

At home, they may find that they are being put into younger girl outer clothing as well.

Some will also use formal school girl uniforms. A simple search for 'school uniforms' will lead to countless vanilla vendors. She can be put in a high school uniform, of skirt and nice top, or the younger girls jumper and blouse.

Oh, and regarding younger clothing as a punishment, those women who are in fact young, and young looking, and often small in stature, often use their clothes and makeup in real life to let others know that they aren't a child. Take away that makeup, the jewlery, and dress her young, those that don't know her Will assume she is the age she is dressed. And then when you take her shopping or out to eat in an area where people don't know you, they will treat her that age as well.

For bedtime, and possibly an early bedtime if she was especially naughty, she might find herself in dropseat jammies, something that is actually quite practical in the winter in colder climes. You can actually oftentimes find these in ordinary deptarment stores in colder places. Or, this is a great site -

And you might want to dress her as a Very young girl, if that is how she has been acting. Maybe even a toddler, with diapers, or pullups. If she is slim, try out the Goodnites for girls pullup panties....

So, there you have some of my thoughts, I'm sure many of you will have your own, please share.



  1. A girls clothing is very important to me as the spanker. telling a girl what she must wear and how she'll be treated once in session is a big part of the buzz. Like many I prefer plain underwear & the plain cotton briefs are ideal. I like to have them pulled up nice & tight for a while before the punishment begins. Again simple cotton dresses or pleated skirts are what I favour. This echoes the classic school uniform but it need not be a school outfit. Memories of being a little younger and how certain girlfriends felt in a thin cotton dress always brings a smile to my face, I never liked fighting through layers !! I do howwever have a weakness for jodphurs in fact I can't watch women showjumpers without thoughts of spanking distracting me !! Great punishment outfit I reckon, jodphurs !!

  2. Hey Angie!

    I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that, I'll start posting my responses on your blog.

    Oh yes, Ma'am, it was definitely a good girl pout. :P

    No problem, I love stories and that one was just wonderful and down my alley.

    I'll be sure to write a post on what I would be willing, and no willing, to try. Thanks for the idea. :) I'm so awful at coming up with topics.

    Now to read and respond to your post. :)


  3. Angie,

    First off, wow, thanks for such a long and in depth post. I never realized there was so much to that one, seemingly simple, topic. I can see how not being able to choose your own clothing you wear on a specific day would definitely be considered punishment. That would annoy me so much.

    Honestly, I'm usually a commando kinda girl so if I were told TO wear panties it would really get to me, especially thongs...I personally hate thongs. I can certainly see that working. The whole being told not to wear pants or panties wouldn't work for me being that I live with other people. lol. Not good. If I lived alone though, certainly so. I like the apron idea. heh. And I'm a sucker for plain white cotton panties, remind me of the schoolgirl wear, so that wouldn't work for me either. I'm a tough one to figure out, tehe. ICK, yeah uncomfortable clothing would be a nightmare for me. I can't imagine having to put sandpaper or rice in my bra or panties. OUCH! And, yes, panties that don't fit correctly are just plain awful. It'd be interesting to try the girdle or pantyhose thing after a spanking. Dressing younger, or dressing the age that I'm acting, would drive me nuts and put me in that "bad girl" mindset. Never done that, interesting idea. I have a thing for school uniforms, that might or might not work for me, lol. Girl, I WISH I looked young, so that I could do that...not dress up and look very young.

    The bedtime thing...yeah that would do more harm than good for me, it would literally piss me off. This is because I have insomnia and if I can't sleep I have to get up and walk around or do something to make me tired. I've always had an odd curiosity about and wanted to try dropseat jammies! I would do the diaper/pullups thing personally, but I can see how it would work on some people.

    Obviously I don't have any ideas being that I asked you because I didn't know what you meant. =P but Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post and giving me ideas and things to think about! <3


  4. Thank you for the comment, hun. I guess it's really because I haven't found that "one" for me. I've fallen for somebody but he's in Europe and I don't know for sure that he feels the same. :( I'm just scared.


  5. Love your concept. This is especially good for long distant discipline. It is important for a submissive to understand who is in charge. Shoes are great too. My sub would hate to wear high heels. I may try it.

    But this is awesome. How can a sub not think of you Domme when this type of punishment is in place.

  6. i think it would be Cruel and Unusual punishment for me to have to wear High Heals! OR a Dress! OR Anything all girly like that!