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Spanked the neighbor girl, F/f rl

Entry for February 19, 2007 Spanked the neighbor girl...
Had a guest with us the last few days, the daughter of a single mom who is a friend of mine. Met her here, but we have gotten pretty close. The mom is young herself, was a young teen when she got pregnant, and didn't have a lot of parenting to draw on when she was bringing up her girl.
Now, overall, Meagan, is a good girl, but she certainly has her moments, and it's been getting worse, because while her mom tried to keep her in line, she was also more worried about being her 'best friend' then being her parent.

So, I kept my nose pretty much out of it, till she started asking my opinion, how I was raised, how we brought up our girls.

She wasn't terribly surprised when she first learned I was spanked growing up, but was more so, when I said that not only did I think my parents did me a favor, by keeping my behavior under control, but that we had done the same with our kids.

She was Very surprised, after she made the comment, that "but I guess it's too late with Megan, after all, she is almost 12..." and I told her that girls a LOT older then little miss Megan got spanked, even in this day and age. Just that it wasn't really talked about anymore, by most. She hadn't been spanked herself, growing up, had instead, been simply ignored.

She said she had tried grounding, but that wasn't working, as she really didn't have anything to back the grounding up with. I told her, that unlike my parents, we had used groundings, loss of things such as the phone, etc, but that was because the kids today have So many toys to take away, that we didn't have.But, I also told her that those punishments worked, cause the girls knew if they say, broke grounding, they would not only restart it, they would get a Sound spanking besides.

Well, she said she could see how it would work, and simply didn't know what to do about Megans mouth, her attitude, how she was dressing (12, remember!), who she was running with, school, you name it.

I told her that if she thought it was bad now, wait till she hit the teen years.

Well, last week she had to be out of town for about 5 days, and needed Megan to stay with someone. And she asked if I would watch her, as she trusted me.Itold her that the only way I would, would be if Megan followed our house rules, and, was subject to the same discipline our girls got if they messed up, to include spanking.

She didn't even hesitate, and said I should do what I thought best. I told her that Megan should know what is going on upfront, was called over, was in her now normal pouty mood (her mom wouldn't spring for a couple of hundred dollars for some new clothes...) and told what was going on, that she would be staying with us and that her mom had given me the authority to spank her, if she acted up.

You could tell she didn't take it seriously, simply rolled her eyes, did that 'tshk' sound that teen girls make, and said "whatevas" (local version of whatever....), and I was thinking if one of my girls did that, especially in front of company, she would have gotten her spanking right then.
Well, thinks went well for the first couple of days, I took her to school, picked her up after, went to the beach, she liked being with my two nieces, the way things often are for a kid when she gets to stay away from home for a bit.

Until the Friday, when I caught her swearing again. Now, I'm talking swearing! F this, F that, stupid Fing C... of a teacher, etc. And, I had warned her already, twice about her language, and told her the next time, she would be spanked. She yeah yeahed me, but didn't push it.
Until her little blow up on the phone to her friend. I went over, told her to hang up, hung up for her when she didn't, took her hand, and before she really knew what was going on, I was now sitting on the couch where she had been, and she was over my lap, and then her shorts were down to her ankles (elastic waist shorts are So handy!)

Megan was of course in shock, and there was a combination of how I couldn't, she woudn't let me, she could do what she wanted, she didn't have to listen to me, how she was sorry, that she didn't know I was serious, that she would Never Ever say anything bad again, etc. All mixed up. A promise for good behavior, sandwhiched between promises that no matter what Idid, she wasn't going to change.

I started her spanking over her panties, Hard, with my hand, over the plumpest part of her little bottom, and let me tell you, THAT got her attention! I don't usually follow a set pattern, but may spank one spot for several spanks, before spanking the other cheek.

She wriggled like an eel, squealed, fussed, and there were No more threats or telling me I couldn't spank her, now it was All about how she was sorry and would be good.

I spanked her till I could see pink peeking out the lower edges of her panties, and then stopped, and she was pretty sniffly, a quiet crying. I stood her up, and I could see her thinking , that while sorta painful, it wasn't That bad...but I wasn't done, I led her over to the counter to my purse, retrieved my brush, and back to the couch we went, and back over she went, and this time panties went down as well to her knees.

It was a short hard brushing, same as I would have given my girls, and this time, no doubt she didn't think it was mostly embarrassing, and the promises to change had a Very sincere tone to them.

I pulled her panties back up, and then into the corner, no rubbing, for about 10 minutes, telling her I wanted her to Think about what had happened, and what she was going to do to change.
Time was up, and I let her out, and gave her a hug and a kiss on the head, and she broke down crying again, saying how sorry she was , all the usual.

So, we had a LONG talk then, about her and what was going on. And how a lot of this, as it turned out was her trying to get her mom's attention. I think many kids, girls especialy, even if they don't admit it, want parents to be parents, to set limits, to show they care by setting limits, and not to be their best friend.

After, I told her that while I didn't like having to do it, I would spank her again, if she misbehaved again. And, I told her that the next time I heard her swearing, she would, besides getting her little bottom spanked, get her mouth washed out with soap, like my girls had done to them. Big eyes, and assurances that she would Never swear again!

Talked to her mom, when she came home, and her mom was Amazed at the change in behavior, and attitude, that Megan showed.

She said that while she knew it was for the best, that she still didn't know if she could spank her. And then asked, if I would mind, at least for now, being the 'strict aunt', and if she could tell Megan that if she didn't mind her, and disobeyed, that she would be taking her to see me, for another lesson. I told her that was fine, if that was what she needed.

And that was that.



Wow sounds like you sorted her out .Wish there were more mums like you around. Many kids get away with murder now days. I think you should of washed her mouth out for her there and then. Great update thank you.
Monday February 19, 2007 - 03:49pm (GMT) Remove Comment

Susan M
Sounds like her Mom needs a trip over your lap as well. Maybe then she will see the benefit of it and begin performing her motherly duties herself.
Monday February 19, 2007 - 11:21am (EST) Remove Comment
Loved the account of your friend's daughter's spanking, more please you are a natural writer. Hope I never end up over your lap Barry
Monday February 19, 2007 - 09:38pm (MSK) Remove Comment

Dear Martin, she didn't get soaped that time,because she hadn't been warned about it yet, also, as bad as she thought her experience was, she now knows that there is something even worse waiting, so it has a preventative effect.Susan, and I So agree with you, and if it happens, I'll be sure and post.
Tuesday February 20, 2007 - 03:07am (HST) Remove Comment
jenna j
Offline IM
sounds like she got what she needed & i think that susan is right her mom could use with a trip over your knee as well
Saturday August 18, 2007 - 09:43pm (EDT) Remove Comment
Brett B
Well done, Angie. You managed to change Megan's attitude for the better with one real spanking. It got her full attention, made her understand about real consequences she won't want to face in the future, and that you care enough to set and maintain reasonable limits for her. She'd been needing a parent like that for a long time, and you were there to provide one. I hope the relationship continued, and that she is doing well.
Saturday May 3, 2008 - 04:18pm (MDT) Remove Comment

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