Friday, June 12, 2009

You were told what time curfew is F/F fantasy

"You were told what time curfew was, weren't you, young lady?"

And with her standing only inches from my face, the last thing I was going to do was lie, I was already in enough trouble.

"Y-yes ma'am, but you see, I TRIED to make it back on time, but we were having a good time on our date, and I AM 18, and..."

My rationaliztions were cut short.

"I don't care HOW old you are, missy! One of the reasons your mother has you staying at my place is that she felt that you were still QUITE immature, ESPECIALLY for a girl of 18!"

My face flushed, that certainly sounded like something momma would say. Had said, in fact in one of our last over the knee talks before I left for school. How I would just die if anyone knew I was still spanked at 18....

"And, little girl, she told me EXACTLY how she still dealt with you at home..."

Oh god NO!

"and she gave me permision to do the same with you! The other girls have all been with me before, and they know enough to behave themselves, at least this early in the term. But they get spanked just like you are going to get, and it's something you can expect whenever you disobey! And, little miss, I will be informing your mother of each and every time you are punished!"

The last was said with a wicked smile as I whimpered, as we both knew that I would be getting spanked by momma when she saw me again then...

My quiet suffering was interupted when I heard my housemother call down the other three girls, a sophmore,a junior and senior. They all smiled knowingly, but then bit their lips and one rubbed her bottom as our housemother scolded them, and reminded them that they had been over her lap more than once, and could be again. With that, she took me by the hand, and I was already quietly crying by now, and lead me over to the settee, and pulled me expertly across her ample lap as she sat down.

I of course, humiliated myself further by squealing as I was pulled down, and I noticed that the others had taken seats up so that they were closer to my feet, they were going to get QUITE the show, and I crimsoned again. Then my nice little skirt was whisked up my back, and my cute little thong panties ( a new purchase since leaving home-something momma would have never allowed!) were pulled down and down, till they were a frothy pink and white lacy rope at my ankles.

My spanker then reached over to the endtable, and I could feel her ample bosum against my back as she did so, and could feel that her nipple was swollen and hard, and then she straightened up. In fear, I craned my head around and saw that she had retrieved a wooden paddle, shaped like a ping pong paddle, but made of thicker wood, and without the rubber backing, then I hung my head and whimpered as it hissed towards my bare butt, and I could feel the cool air as it fanned me and then WHAP!!!!!

I squealed loudly, embarrassing myself terribly, what would the others think, fussing at one spank!? But it had hurt, it is always surprising how much it does, and it had startled me, and well, I was pretty upset and everything. She would spank first one side, then her sister, then across the divide, and then repeat over and over, and it was only a matter of moments before I was crying hard now, fussing and kicking and not thinking (till later) about the show I was putting on for my roomies.

THEN she started spanking in just one spot, over and over for about ten times, then would switch to a new spot, then to my thighs, then to my central crease right even with my (blush) anus and god those hurt, and then she stopped, while I hung and sobbed, and then she did the maternal question and answer and lecture thingy they all due, but I sure wasn't snotty about it then! No way, I was polite, and respectful and and answered as quickly as my tears and snuffling would allow. Satisified, I got the obligatory finishing up spanking, just with her hand but that was bad enough.

And then I was put in the corner, panties on the floor where I had kicked them, skirt up over my swollen butt, and I leaned in and cried. After forever, she took me out, led me upstairs, and the other girls seemed to all have something to do in the hall or their rooms so they could keep peeking out and watching the show. My new 'mom' stayed while I went pee (and girls that have never been spanked have no idea how painful it is to go potty on a fresh spanked bottom!), then undressed me and washed the makeup off me, and led me, NUDE! down to my room, and there waiting on my bed, where a new pair of jammies, that she had set out while waiting for me to get home.

It was a shorty babydoll top and bottom, but little girl style, not the adult kind, and through the thin bottoms I just KNEW that everyone could see my recent punishment. She tucked me in bed, and told me to stay there, and then, she put a BABY MONITOR by my bed!

She also told me that since I couldn't come in on time, my nightly curfew was moved up FOUR hours, subject to classes and such, which we would talk about, and that once my home work was done, I would be going to bed at NINE each night!

At that, (and yes, even though I had just gotten spanked, I still fussed) I protested,and she quickly rolled me onto my tummy and pulled my panties down and took a brush from her pocket and reheated my rump! NOW, she said, my bedtime was EIGHT oclock, and I just sobbed and said 'yes ma'am." With that she tucked me in, and I went to sleep, exhausted.


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