Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hair problems, F/f, domestic

(again, Jen is 16, Julie 14, sly 10)

I hadn't been home long, I'd had to work late, and was checking on Jen and Nikki in the kitchen to make sure they were paying as much attention to dinner as they were to each other, when I heard sounds of incipient mayhem coming from upstairs.

"You little Thief! I'm going to kill you!"

That would be daughter two, Julie. My quiet one.

Blending with Julie's yell was the baby's most hearfelt "Mommmmmyyyyyyy!"

Both yells dopplered down the upstairs hall, to the stairs, and then down the stairs; from the sound, sly was bypassing as many stairs on the way down as possible, but Julie was in hot pursuit. I moved to intercept. I'm not saying the girls are perfect around each other, but normaly, save most of their more sisterly physical fights for when I'm at least not in the house.

For Julie to be after blood, when she knew I was downstairs, meant that sly had really done something to tick her off, and that she was really mad.

I actually smelled sly before I saw her, those with young teens and preteen girls know what I mean; how they seem to think if a little scent is nice, a Lot is better, and that if you have lots of things that smell nice, why, using them all at once must make it Super nice!

It was lucky for sly that I had moved towards the stairs when I did, as Julie was only a step behind her by now, as sly went racing by in just her robe, which I grabbed and then used to swing her behind me, putting my body between her and Julie.

"Mommy, Julie put something in the shampoo, and now she's mad at me cause I was gonna tell you!"

"You rotten little liar! Mom, she stole all my new shampoos and conditioners and wasted most all of them! And it's not fair, she always gets by with everything, just cause she's the 'baby'!"

"Enough, both of you."

That as sly stuck her head between my arm and body, and I noticed her hair looked like a dandelion gone to seed. I heard dual snickers behind me, indicating that Jen and Nikki had noticed as well.

I kissed Julie on the forehead, told her that little miss sly didn't always get by with everything, and to let me handle it, that it would be all right.

"But Mommmmmmm! " sniffle sniffle... "I Just bought all that stuff, and it's gone, and it's not Fair if I have to pay for it again myself, and the brat doesn't have any money to buy it for me and ..."

Another kiss. "Sweety, trust me, okay."

She pouted, arms folded, lip out, glaring at sly.

Turning to sly, I took her chin in my fingers, and made her look right at me. Soooo much harder to lie like that. To lie well, at least.

"So, little girl, Julie just happened to have sabotaged her own hair stuff, hmmm? And why would she do that?"

sly was squirming now as there really wasn't a way for her to come out of this well.. But, she had commited to a story, and tried to stick to it.

"Well, um, you see, she put stuff in it, and then left it where she knew I'd use it, an, an..."

I held up a finger to shush Julie before she even started.

"I see. You mean she left her things on the upper rack of the shower caddy, where she always does, so you can't reach it, unless you use a stool. Is that what you mean, little girl?"

A meek "Yes Mommy" answered.

"Come along, young lady. Julie, if you would please come too, honey, so you can show me,and can hear what I tell little miss sly here."

The pout was pretty much gone from Julie now, she had a really good idea where this was all going, and was apparently looking forward to her little sisters comeuppance with a sibling's relish.

I had sly by the wrist, little girl style, as she seemed more and more reluctant to make the trip to the bathroom the closer we got.

Once there, I took a look at Julie's hair products, the same ones she had just bought the day before. And not just a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner; no, she had several shampoos, for a variety of conditions, and the same with the conditioners as well. All the bottles now looked like they were between a quarter to half empty.

I didn't say anything, just looked at them, now lined up on the sink, and at sly, and let her squirm.

Not so hardened miscreant that she is, she held up for perhaps twenty seconds,before she broke down.

"Mommy,I 'm sorrryyyy, really, I didn't mean to, it just hap- Owwww!" That as I smacked her little bottom!

"Young lady, we have talked more than once about things 'just happening, haven't we?!"

"Y-yes Mommy. I, I mean, Julies stuff always smells so good, that I wanted to use it, and then I was wondering what different ones would smell like, and, and I'm sorry, really!"

Sigh. "sly, you need to remember the rules, and little one, you need to use your brain and Think, so you won't always have to be sorry after. And, I'm not the one you need to say your sorry to, am I?"

"No Mommy. I'm sorry Julie, really."

"Now, since you don't have enough of an allowance to pay her back, you will be doing All of Julie's chores for the next two weeks, as well as your own."

Seeing the look on her face and the mouth opening, I asked her if she cared to make it three. Her mouth snapped shut, and she frantically shook her head no, which was pretty funny in a way, given the way her hair was.

"Julie, it' s not fair to you to lose all your stuff, and then have you pay to replace it, so I will buy you more tomorrow, okay?" A headnod and a kiss were my answer, and a glare at her sister.

"Next, little girl, we have a couple of other things to take care of. First, we have a rule about you taking things that belong to others without asking, don't we?"

A head nod yes.

"Was Julie's stuff left down, or was it up on her shelf where she always leaves it?"

"I-it was up, Mommy." That in a small little voice.

"And that means you had to get the stool to reach it, right?"

A sad nod yes, both hands covering her small bottom.

"Did you ask Julie if you could use her things?"

A head shake no...

"And then, when she saw what you had done, you ran to me, but then you lied to Mommy,didn't you, little girl?"

"I'm sorrrryyy really! "

"I think you are sorry you got caught. Come here, sly Samantha Johnson." I pulled my very unwilling daughter to the sink, lathered up a washcloth, pinched her nose shut, and then proceeded to thoroughly wash out her mouth. She was of course, crying, squealing, dancing in place, but I washed her mouth out well, as I scolded her for lying to me, and told her that this is what would happen every time she lied.

I let her rinse for a minute or so, and then sat down on the toliet, pulled her over my lap, flipped back her robe, and proceeded to spank her bare, still damp bottom, soundly. Very soundly. All while letting her know that this part of her punishment was for lying. Her little bottom danced over my lap, and under my hand, turning quickly from pale to bright pink to dark red, and to further express my displeasure with her lying, I picked up the plastic brush on the vanity, and finished her spanking with that.

After I was finished, sly was hanging limp over my lap,sobbing, no longer able to make herself understood.

I let her rest there a moment or so, or three, adn then it was up, and downstairs, into the corner.

I went to her room, and retrieved the small plastic paddle from her paddle drawer, I hadn't had to use it for some time.

I came back down, and sly turned and looked, saw me with the paddle, and began to beg, which I would have in her place as well.

"Mommy no! Please, don't spank me again! Please don't paddle me, please, the paddle hurts so much!"

"It's supposed to hurt,little girl. Maybe a good spanking will help you remember what you are supposed to do, and what you aren't supposed to do, babygirl. Ten is old enough to know better, you can't just get by with I'm sorries and I didn't mean to's all the time."

With that, I pulled her out of the corner, sat on the sofa, pulled her between my legs, something I reserve for the more serious spankings, pulled her robe back up, gathered up her right wrist and pinned it to her side, to prevent the inevitable reaching back.

Her bottom was still a sore looking red, but, I meant what I had said, she was old enough to know right from wrong, to know that lying got her a second spanking, to not always try to say sorry after the fact. Sometimes it seemed that a good spanking and sore fanny was the only way she remembered anything.

I brought the small paddle down sharply, it covered most of one small cheek, and I could see it flatten under the paddle, then I repeated it on the other quivering cheek, adn then I simply repeated it over and over and over, left, right, occasionaly in the middle bridging both cheeks andthen worked my way down to her sit spot, though sitting was going to be the last thing my little girl was going to want to do for the future. And, I spanked her upper thighs as well, all of what I could spank, given how I had her legs trapped by mine. And while her trapped legs prevented to much squirming, she was franticaly flutter kicking from the knees down.
Her bottom now dark red, swollen, and I let her cry it out over my lap, then back into the corner, robe up, to show what happens to naughty girls.

After her time was up, I heard Julie tell her that she was sorry she got spanked so bad,and that if she wanted to in the future, to ask her, and she would help her out with her shampoo. sly sniffled and said okay, and then sly was pretty much attached to me the rest of the night, till it was her bedtime, my bed of course, and the family was pretty much back to normal.

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Donna D
Dearest Mommie Angie...just love the following scold..."I think you are sorry you got caught...." So dreamy, I can just imagine you saying that. Love...your babygirl
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 07:40am (EST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
What a brilliant interrogation by the mom and a fine rendition of typical answers! But a double spanking and a mouth soaping? Hmmmmm glad this is fantasy
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 05:24am (PST) Remove Comment

Just want to say Thank you for a great story.Made even better when the girls are my friends here. More please. Your a great story teller.
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 04:19pm (GMT) Remove Comment
Oh, Mommie, I'm sorry! ::hides my face as I cling tightly to you:: I'll ask next time, Julie. Sorry I wasted all your shampoo. And Mommie, while you're at it, You might want to pick Jen up some more of that new holiday gingerbread body wash at Wal-Mart too. It really doesn't taste as good as it smells. Sorry, to all,sly
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 09:26am (PST) Remove Comment
Hello Angie. Poor Sly, she really is having a torrid time of it at the moment...let's hope for her sake not all of her spankings are pure fiction. (Not that yours is of course.) Thank you for coming to read my little offering, and for the kindness of your comments. Kirsten.
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 11:56am (PST) Remove Comment

my my girls will be girl glad they have you angie to help them learn how to be well behaved women. smiles
Thursday November 29, 2007 - 11:23pm (EST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
oh my! somebody got punnished good!! angie your stories rock!
Friday November 30, 2007 - 11:03am (CST) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Excellent story. (Sorry sly). keep them girls in line!
Friday November 30, 2007 - 02:59pm (CST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Sly you little've wasted my new bodywash!! Just wait till I get home today....I'm going to tan your little pink bottom myself! Oh...err...sorry Mummy...I need your permissiom don't I?Reminds me of a RL spanking I got once when I was splashing in the bathtub and Mummy warned me not to...I carried on and there was water everywhere. Mummy hauled me out of the bath, sat on the toilet and put me over her knee stark naked. Then she smacked my wet, white bottom until it was a dry, red bottom and I was bawling. "And while I've got you here, I may as well washout your bottom" she added as she got the enema bulb from the cupboard. After filling it with warm soapy I bent back over and she spread my stinging bottomcheeks and slid the nozzle into my bottomhole...I squealed!! The REALLY embarrassing thing though was that one of my stepsisters was present and she thoroughly enjoyed watching my spanking and humiliation!!Mommie...perhaps a similar punishment for Sly is called for....please!!!Love you all, Jenny XXXXX
Saturday December 1, 2007 - 11:10am (NZDT) Remove Comment
::throws hand to forehead:: OH!! It just keeps getting Worse! I didn't even see THIS post! Mommie! Protect me, PLEASEEEE!!!love,sly
Friday November 30, 2007 - 08:57pm (PST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Offline you now you spoilt little brat! I want those panties off NOWSweet Jen
Sunday December

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