Saturday, June 13, 2009

School days, part 2, F/ff

I heard the girls as they came in the door, and called out a 'hi!' as I did so. Both sly and her friend Lauren were looking rather glum, and looking more at the floor, than at me, although I did get a "Hi Mom" and a "Hi Mrs. Johnson" from them.

Something was going on, no need to prolong this.

"Alright, girls, what's up?"

And, in stammering, red faced out of synch stereo, I found out how mean and unfair Ms. Park was, and how they had been spanked at school, again. I sighed.

"Oh, really, sly? Ms. Park is unfair, picks on you, spanks you for no reason?"

That got kind of a head nod in agreement.

I looked at the pink paddling slips the girls had given me, telling me what had been done, and why, and how many swats each had been given. I would of course, sign them, and they would return them the next schoolday.

And it wasn't like it hadn't probably crossed their little minds to try and hide them, and possibly forge my signature, but, with the new automated voice system, and the new automated email, they knew I was going to be finding out very soon, regardless.

"I see, so, sly, Lauren, Ms. Park was mean, and unfair,when you were caught talking, Again,young ladies!, during her class, and about that dumb Big Brother show no less! sly Samantha Johnson, I am So disappointed in you!"

And I let my baby know how disappointed I was, with a good, hard, crack to the seat of her shorts while she yelped, jumped, and blushed!

Lauren had big eyes, but since she was going to be staying with us for a few days, she wasn't going to get off scot free either.

"And Lauren! Just what would Your mother say, young lady?"


She jumped and squeaked too, holding her bottom.

"sly, we've talked..."

as in I talked, and on occasion, spanked her bare little bottom till she couldn't sit...

"...before about you getting in trouble at school,and Especially getting in trouble over that show, haven't we, babygirl?"

That got me a whined "but Mommmmmm!", embarrassed at me calling her babygirl in front of her girlfriend.

I looked at her, and she hung her head, and I got a "Yes Ma'am."

"Well then, sly, I think that since you and Lauren can't seem to keep the show out of school, you don't need to watch it for a while. Say two weeks."

Two mouths dropped open, and such big eyes, oh my. That had hit them where they live.

"But, but Mommieeee, no, please?!"

Oh, now suddenly I'm Mommie again....

"Cause, like, it's on three times a week, and that would be six whole shows we would miss, and that's like everything!"

"I think, sly, that what you should be worrying about more than your show, is what you have coming right now, little girl, for acting up in school,and getting spanked. What happens when you get a spanking at school, sly?"

A choked out response, hard to say at the best of times, let alone when your friend is there.

"We, we always get it again at home, Ma'am...but, but Mommmm, Lauren's here!"

"So? That never stopped me before, has it? With Jen and Nikki and their friends? Or for that matter with you and Ellen when you two needed it,did it, sly. Answer me."

A very sniffly "n-no Ma'am."

I nodded.

"Now hush. Lauren, what happens at your home when you get spanked in school?"

Although I already knew, and she knew I did, making it hard for her to try to lie about it.

"Um, I get spanked, again, too..."

The look on sly's face was so cute, it was obvious that she didn't know that her little crush got spanked like she did at home.

"I know, and , you know your Mom said to treat you like one of my own. And, Lauren, that means getting what sly gets when she gets into trouble. I don't know how your Momma does it, hon, but I don't put these things off. When I spank you..."

...implying that this wasn't going to be the only time it happened...

"...I do it as soon as I can.So, girls, come over to me now."

sly was sniffling pretty good, more than usual, her friend was having an affect on her.

Starting with sly, I unfastened her shorts, and pulled them down to her ankles, and then her blue cotton hicut briefs. I moved over to Lauren, and unbuttoned, and unzipped her light tan slacks, and then skinned them down, and took her cream nylon bikini panties down as well, to her knees, like sly.

"Corner, girls, till I tell you to come out. sly, that one, Lauren, that one.Nose In the corner, no moving, No talking!"

They made the shamefaced walk, and stood there, and even though it had been earlier in the day, I could see the after affects of Ms. Park's paddle clearly on both bottoms, a nice dull sore looking pink, with the sit spots looking especially sore. Good job, Ms. Park.

I debated how I was going to spank them (not if...), and dismissed the idea of an over the lap spanking with either my brush, or my 'Mom's paddle', the plywood paddle from Cracker Barrel that one of the girls' had painted one time. And then had later joked that since it said Mom's paddle, that it was my bottom that should feel it. If they only knew...

But no, for this, a repeat offense, the larger paddle, similar to what the school used, was in order. I went and got it off the hook in the closet. It looked similar to many of the old tourist paddles that were sold when I was growing up, but so many are just flimsy little things now. This was made for spanking, plywood, and also had plenty of those awful little pencil sized holes in it, which made it especially wicked on a bare fanny. And like the one I got it with growing up, this had a message as well, ' Board of Education: For best results, apply Firmy and Frequently to her bottom!"

What better way to spank a lesson home, about behaving in school, then with a Board of Education?

I called the girls out of the corner.

"Lauren, you first. Over the back of the couch, bottom high, toes off the floor, please, now."

Her eyes were wet, she was sniffly,and moving in slow motion, but she did it.

I finished adjusting her hips and fanny just how I wanted her, told her she could expect this again in the future if she didn't straighten up, and then stepped back.


I remembered what it was like when I was her age, getting spanked by a friends mother, how embarrassing it was, to have my bottom bared, for her to see everything, to have my friend see and hear it all, and then the worry, cause you knew you were getting a spanking, but,all moms do it differently. And, Lauren now found out that I didn't spank like her mom at all.

I had laid on all three licks fast, as a set, the first in the middle or plumpest part of her bottom, the next, slightly below it, so that half the paddle width overlapped with the first stroke, and then third, above the first, but again overlapping, by half a width.

And then I paused, waiting for that heat and burn to build up, and I scolded her as I waited, and she was softly crying now, from a combination of everything, and squealing and promising to be good if I would only stop and her feet were doing a cute little flutter kick.


Another set, this time, all three one part lower then the first set had come.


And lower still, centered on her sit spot.

Loud crying, now, frantic promises, frantic squirming. I scolded, ignored her,and spanked.


Working my way back up her fanny.



Whether the girls believe it or not, I don't from what I've seen, paddle as hard as they do at school, where they are limited by having to paddle over her clothes, and in how many licks they can give out. I prefer longer lessons, and the added bit of shame that comes in having their panties taken down like a little girl. I think these longer lessons really give the naughty one time to think, and realize she isn't in control, and that she had better start behaving better.

"Alright, Lauren honey, all done now, and you can lay there if you want."

She didn't answer, but I knew she had heard, and she just hung there over the back of the couch, her cheeks clenching on their own, as if I was still spanking her, then flaring wide, as if they didn't want to come in contact with each other.

I noticed sly had noticed that as well.

"sly! Your turn, over the couch, a bit farther way from Lauren, there."

I moved her hips higher as well, and even though she should have been listening to the scolding Igave Lauren, I repeated it, for both girls sakes.

sly was already crying, not sniffling, crying, something she didn't usually do prespanking,and I knew it was because she was going second, and going last always sucks, and breaks down your bravery, and because she was getting a spanking from her Mommie in front of her new crush.


Exactly like I had done with Lauren,and such squealing!


That set, like before, lower and overlapping a bit, sly squirming franticaly, telling me she won't ever talk in class again, that she will be good, that she will listen..



and then I worked my way back up that cute little fanny that seemed to spend so much time bared and over my lap.



Scolding, pausing between sets, letting it all sink in. And then it was done.

"Okay, babygirl, all done, now, both of you, up, and back in the corner...."

I helped them up, it's hard to stand sometimes, after, and your bottom is So sore nad stiff and you don't want to move cause it will make your bottom hurt. sly's shorts and panties had fallen to her ankles, Laurens to below her knees.

I decided to be nice,and put them side by side, in the same corner.

It was cute how they held hands for comfort.

"Girls, I hope you learned something."

That was greeted by Very sincere ..." (it's amazing how sincere you get after your bottom has been flamed!) 'yes Ma'am!'s from them..

"And, I was thinking about your show. While you say you will be good, now, I Know how girls are. So, here is your choice. Either the two weeks grounding, or, since your show is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, you will be spanked, before school, the morning after each show. Maybe That will remind you not to talk about it in class. And you don't have to give me your answer right now, you can tell me before school tomorrow. "

Cute how they looked at each other with their wet eyes.

"And, ladies, you will Each write a nice handwritten, apology to Ms.Park for interrupting her class, understood?"

Head nods that they did.

"Good. Now, upstairs with the both of you. And, girls, if we have to have this talk again, you will be getting a taste of the switch, or strap,AFTER your paddling, is THAT clear?!"

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Gerta P
Very lovely story!
Friday August 29, 2008 - 06:25am (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Poor little Sly..she must have a sore botty! I think her spanking needs to be finished of with a good taste of the strap...a dozen right across her bare underbottom as she dangles over the couch with toes way off the ground! That would make her howl and pulling up panties afterwards would be very salutary!Love you both, Jenny XXXXXXXXXXXX
Sunday September 7, 2008 - 03:14pm (NZST) Remove Comment
Mommie! I LOVE this story. And I have Lots to say about it, and I told you some of it privately, but i know Lauren and i still owe you an answer here...and we are still discussing what we'd like to do, Ma'am.Love,slyps...winks at Jenny. I like how you think, sis! And so you know, after my trip over the couch tonight just like in the story, I certainly Don't want any panties pulled back up! So, it's bare bottom for me for the rest of the night...Mommie says so! Hugs!
Saturday September 6, 2008 - 11:08pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
OK took your spanking like a trooper so I guess its only right that you can spend the evening without any panties...but no cartwheels please! Momy hs told me off for being mean to you so I guess I'm going barebottomed over the couch for a good paddling followed by 12 of the very best acros my underbottom. I've got a pir of tight lycra full panties called "underpants for under pants" which Mommy says I have to wear after my strapping. OUCHEE...they are sooo tight and keep the heat for ages. Ooooh...I'm going to be feeling the after effects of the paddling and strapping for HOURS.Boohoo!Kisses, Jenny
Monday September 8, 2008 - 06:35pm (NZST) Remove Comment

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