Sunday, June 14, 2009

Called at work part 4, M/F domestic

A Second spanking?! After the party tonight?! I was in shock, nothing really making sense....apparently he could tell.

"Angie, sweetie, we have that party tonight with Ron and Sue and Tom and his new girlfriend? The one we said we would attend several weeks ago? The one where he is going to show off his new girlfriend, that party?"

"Yessss, b-but Jacckkkkk! I can't go!" I sobbed out, "My butt is still on fire! An- And what did you mean a second spanking!?" , horror in my tone...

"Exactly what it sounded like, young lady. The truck incident counts as one spanking. I'm being generous, and lumping ALL the bills together as another spanking offense, instead of giving you a spanking for Each of the household accounts you messed up."

I had been about to argue how unfair it all was, till he said that, and I decided that I was lucky.

"Y-yes dear, I understand...."

"Now, Angela, I know this is the first time we've done this, but I also remember..."

for all we joke about husbands and memories, apparently mine made up for all the others!

" of those domestic discipline articles you showed me, and I remember you even telling me what good idea it was. Do you remember, Angie?"

He was sitting there, holding my hand, softly, and I was looking down into his eyes, still dancing in place, sorta, and I really really thought back.. and then it hit me, what I had said. There had been an article about thanking your disciplinarian, for taking the time, and loving you enough to correct you.

I Knew that was what he meant. And I was happy that I did remember, that he didn't have to prompt me. I know that sounds silly, I knew it wouldn't make the slightest difference later with my second spanking (which, apparently, I had somehow mentally resigned myself to getting...) but it made me feel better...

"Yes Jack, I think I do. I want to thank you for caring for me, for loving me, for looking out for me, and for being strong enough to discipline me, not just play spank me, but discipline me, when I get out of line. So, thank you, sweetie, for spanking me tonight, so I will learn not to make the same mistakes again."

I could tell by the smile on his face that I was right, that was what he had meant. Although I still wasn't sure about this spanking as punishment thing, and thought that perhaps he could substitute some non corporal discipline,if it were ever needed again.

Not that it would be. Of course.

Well, we had several hours before the party... I was shocked when I looked at the clock.

Apparently only about 20 minutes in the corner the first time, and the entire spanking, hand and brush and lecture, perhaps 10 minutes.(trust me, that's long enough!) and then the post spanking essay/corner time, another 15. Not the hours I had thought. And now, nothing to think of but my upcoming get together, AND the spanking to follow...I realized that Jack hadn't released my hands yet.

"Sweetie, until you get ready for the party, you are restricted to what you had on earlier. That means the choice is yours, if you want to put panties and pants back on, or you can go bare, but no skirt or dress or robe to cover up."

I blushed, this added discipline hitting me hard. Well, no way in hell the slacks were going back on. Not a chance. And no way I was going to wander around in just my blouse and bra, bottomless, either.

So, wincing as I bent (amazing HOW swollen your bottom gets... and how you never notice how much you use it till after it's been spanked!) and then I Straightened fast as I heard a 'click!' that I know too well, his digital camera!

"Jack!" I squealed!"

Angela Lynn" he responded calmly. I've also decided that you are going to keep a punishment journal, whenever I need to spank you for something. Besides your electronic essay, you will print a copy out, and put it in a journal, with the date, and both of our signatures. Also, there will be a photo of the after affects and consequences of failing to do what you are supposed to do."

The look in his eye brooked no arguement, I remembered his earlier threat of "did I want to make it three..." and certainly did not, and I certainly believed he wasn't bluffing!

"yes dear...." seemed the safest response.

Again I bent, and slowly pulled my pink panties up. And stopped, and hissed, as my soft waist elastic felt like sandpaper as it pulled over full fanny cheeks.I hissed and danced and squeaked as I finally got them into place, and either someone had come in and shrunk my panties while I was getting spanked, or my poor little bottom had suddenly swollen to four times her normal size.

The thought was enough to bring back tears, again.

Jack was acting as if everything was normal, he really was, doing his share of the chores, and truth be told, a fair share of mine as well, kissing me on the cheek, and was quite careful not to give me any little love pats like he normally does, but would stroke my hair or face or rub my back.I lasted perhaps 15 minutes with the ordeal of the tight panties.

My first solution, as I had a problem that I've read that other women have too, is that when disciplined, it doesn't matter how much of you he has seen before, or how close up, or how often, punishment is different. And so, silly as it seems, I decided to try to preserve frontal modesty, and simply pull my panties down in back, which I did, with much hissing and squeaking.That lasted perhaps 5 minutes, as if they were high enough to preserve modesty, they were also high enough not to fall, which meant that the whole untidy ropey rear was rubbing against my swollen rear.

So, blushing, I abandoned my panties.I remained that way, for maybe 30 more minutes, when something else was bothering me more and more. With a good two hours remaining till the party, I couldn't take it any more, and I found my husband watching tv.

I knelt beside him on the couch (not out of submissiveness, but because I couldn't bear the thought of sitting....) and waited till he looked at me.When he saw my tears, he shut off the tv. (I told you he loved me...)

"Yes baby?"

"J-Jack, I'm so sorry, and I'm not trying to get out of my oth- other spanking, b- but please, dear, I'm asking a favor! The waiting is killing me! If I'm going to be spanked anyways, please, please do it before! I don't know if the waiting is supposed to be added punishment, but it is, or if you were being nice and trying to spare my bottom some before we went out, but honestly, Jack, as much as I'll try, there is no way I'll be able to think of anything other than the one I have coming tonight. I-I'd rather just get it over with, and be sorer, sir."

I was rather amazed that I got it all out....and rather coherently, at that.He looked at me for a moment, and said.....


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