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He's going on a business trip M/F, domestic play, rl

Entry for July 17, 2008 He's going on a business trip MF rl play
another repost from about five years ago...

And I have some things I need to do.

Although I'll miss him, I'm not lost or anything while he's gone; perhaps it was because we met, and were married when we were both in the Army.

Separations were frequent, a week, a month, a year during Desert Storm, so while I'll miss him, as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I'll give him Quite the homecoming when he gets back.

But for now, before, I have a few things to do, that I always do if I have the time.

Like all couples, we have our little rituals that we have developed over the years, and this is mine. He won't be going for two days yet, so I changed the sheets this morning. Enough time for them to smell like him, so I can snuggle into them, and his pillow when he's gone.

And tonight, before bed, I'm going to snag his shirt that he will wear this evening, after he's come home from work, showered and changed. It will become my sleepshirt while he's gone. He always laughs when I wear his shirts, I pretty much swim in them, and they tend to cover more than many of my nighties, but he also says I look sexy and cute as hell. But I don't care, I'll still have it to sleep in. I know a lot of guys don't understand this, but I also know I'm not the only woman that does this either...

And now for the part that will be of interest to the readers here. This morning, before we left for work, while I was at the sink, my back to him, AND while miss 17 was still flitting around the house in a dash to collect all her things from school, he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and pinned me in place with his hips. And whispered huskily into my ear....

"I want you to come home for lunch, so we can be sure to have the house to ourselves. And then, young lady..."

(Oooo! Don't you just love it when they call you young lady, when it's for a good girl spanking!)

".... I'm going to raise that skirt up, pull those pretty little panties down to your ankles, put you over my lap, and spank you good and long and hard, missy!"

I was melting against him, and sighed, and one hand had wandered up and found a breast, and gently cupped her, and I half turned, and kissed him hard. Then with a quick (well, not so quick) good bye kiss (during which, miss 17 came through on her way out the door, rolled her eyes - I didn't see, but when she spoke, it was in her eye rolling tone....went Ewwww and suggested that we get a room....) and then with a final kiss, and a sharp hard spank to my dress covered rump, he was gone as well.

And I had to wait till lunch. And I know lunch isn't going to be enough, but that it will merely whet my appetite for more tonight. It won't matter whether at lunch it's light, sexy, spanks, the kind that make a girl purr, or sharper, hard, tear and promise of good behavior producing spanks, I'll still want more.

But I already know that at lunch, it will be the latter type, that I will have blooming red hand prints all over my bottom, to take with me back to work. And so tonight, I will want to play more. And even a bit harder. That I will want to have the sting last for a while,perhaps to even have some marks as a reminder for several days after. But, the girl will be around tonight, so that rules out many options...

Except, the Loopy Johnny, and I give a little scared/excited shiver at the thought. IT may be silent, but the recipient certainly is not, I will have my face buried in pillow, to muffle my crying and begging. And then tomorrow, at lunch, something a bit different, something that will leave me with a rosy bottom, perhaps a little swollen, and with the deep deep long lasting ache that the brush or paddle produces....


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