Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Megan update, rl

Entry for March 02, 2007 A Megan update
Some have been wondering how things have been going with little miss Megan and her momma, after the spanking I gave to Megan.
Her mom says things have been greatly improved, in all ways. And, she has been firmer with her discipline of Megan as well. Hasn't spanked her,but, I told her about a couple of suggestions a friend on my blog told me about, and has started putting her in jammies early in the evening, if she starts acting out.
And, when Megan started to protest the first time her mom told her that she had enough of her backtalk and attitude, that she was grounded the rest of the day to the house, and was to get changed, well instead of backing down, she asked Megan if she needed to take her over to see her Aunt Angie! Megan said no, that they didn't need to do that she was sorry, and went and got changed, did her homework, did her chores, and no fussing!
Hope it keeps going so well.

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