Friday, June 12, 2009

Honey please! part 2, domestic, very sexual

I woke up, very early the next morning, spooned in his arms. My head on his left arm, my still tender when I moved to fast, or rolled on it bottom, pushed back into him, his right hand on that waist/hip area that I love to have touched.

I sighed, stretched, pressing back into him, regretted that instantly!

Not only had the stretching reawakened the soreness, so had pushing back into his hard belly!

Although...the moving made me Very aware of him. Or rather, parts of him.

Hard, pulsing, and between my cheeks. Feeling Very randy now....

Although nature also called, damit.

I pry myself loose, and go, hissing as I have to sit, my bottom not appreciating this; and no, squatting isn't an option. Take a hard spanking sometime, and You try it.

I go back to bed, seeking his warmth again. He pulls me close, again, and I rub my bottom against him, seeking to get his attention.

Which I do, very quickly.

His hard cock slides again between my cheeks nestling there, his right arm going to my hip, to my wet pussy. His left arm wraps under me cupping my breasts, thumbing my nipples just sooo yessss.

And it's like there is an electric wire from my nipples to my clit, and he is thumbing that as well now, small circles just over the hood, teasing me, making me wait.

I start moving against him, my bottom rocking, turning slightly more onto my tummy, but still on my side, my right leg sliding slightly forward, my cheeks spreading and thighs parting as I do, inviting him in that most basic way.

I shudder, gasp, as he uses his fingers to gather my cream, and use it to lube himself, his fingers bumping touching stroking...

And now he is slowly sliding up and down between my cheeks and even though I try to trap him, squeezing my rump, between his slickness and my only able to squeeze so tight with a spanked bottom, he continues to ride between my cheeks.

And from all his very nice, very knowing attention, I was soon going "Oh honey, please!" again.
Though unlike last night, for a very different reason.

"Please honey, pleassseee yesssss oh yesss like that...."

My bottom rocking faster, my right knee bent even more right now, opening more, most wanton indeed.

And then, as my hips moved slightly away from him,when he slid down, instead of sliding back up between my now sweat slickened cheeks, he slid Into me, into my wet, very happy pussy....
I clamped down on him, hard, and he still slid in..

turning me on my belly now, spreading my legs with his, his hands on my hips, pulling me up so my ass was pointing in the air, starting to take me faster, harder, his his belly spanking my ass now, a good kind of hurt, as I hiss and coo and my head is down in the sheets, and when he Spanks me, and again, and again, it's all I need, to go over the top....


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