Monday, June 15, 2009

Vicky part one, F/F

I had seen her around for a while, walking by, or around town. Cute isn't the right word. Sexy, that was what she was. Sexy, in that naughty but nice, girl next door way.

She looked to be in her mid 20s, her hair straight, shiny, sleek, brown. Always fashionably dressed, makeup done just so, everything, always just so.

And then today, I happened to be in Victoria's, looking at some cami and panty sets, when in she walked. She didn't really notice me, no reason that she should, we weren't even really nodding aquaintances. Not yet, at least.

Now, something that most men and especially boys, don't understand, is that when you want someone to become interested in you, you let them come to you first.

So I didn't go over to where she was, I browsed, waited, and soon enough, she was by me. I saw her mulling over two sets, the only difference was in color, one cream, one black.

I caught her eye, smiled, and casually said if it was for her, or a gift for a friend. She looked surprised, and and then smiled back, and said no, that it was for her, that she wanted to look nice. I then suggested that as fair as she was, that I'd go with the black, such a nice contrast with her complexion. And my what a delicious blush.

She thanked me, I told her she was welcome and that was that. She did indeed pay for the black set, and I watched her pretty little bottom as she walked away.

That was that, at least, though now, she did nod or wave or smile when she saw me around. Shopping is so bonding. And, next, we happened to find ourselves in a bistro, and shared names, and from then on, would occasionaly have coffee or a snack if we happened to me.

It was perhaps three weeks later, that we found our way in a store again.

This time, she was looking hurried, and watching the entrance to the store, as well , like she was waiting for someone who was late.

Finally, she flipped her hair back, and made her way back and started looking through panty and bra sets, cami sets, long camis, teddies, the works. In a Very frustrated way. She finally picked out a few things, and huffed her way back to the changing room.

I casually 'browsed' back towards those changing rooms. And it wasn't too long, before her head poked out the door, looking for someone. And when she didn't find who she was looking for, she used some rather unlady like language.

I 'tsked' at her as I caught her eye, and smiled, so she knew I was joking, even as I said "Vicky, Vicky, Vicky...such a little potty mouth."

And even though she knew I was joking, she knew I was also right, and she blushed prettily again.

"You look like you lost someone? Anything I can do to help?"

"Oh, Angie, hi! And yes, sorry, but my friend was supposed to be here to give me her opinion, you know? And she's either late or lost. And um, sorry about what you heard there..."

"No problem, really, I've heard much worse."

And the offender usually wasn't sitting well, after, I thought....

"I don't want to presume, but if you like, I could help?"

Shy smile, as she thanked me, and said that would be great.

She opened the door of the changing room, and I stepped in with her.

Yum. Ravishing. She was in a black semi sheer teddy. And since guys always get this wrong, a teddy is Not the same as a cami, or camisole. A teddy looks like a one piece outfit, that fastens between the legs, with handy hidden snaps or hooks.

That is what she had on now, a nice, semi sheer black teddy, nipples almost but not quite exposed, the back riding up nicely between her cheeks. And what lovely round cheeks they are, sigh.

She was looking over her shoulder, trying to see her bottom and hips.

"What do you think, Angie? Do I look okay? My bottom doesn't look to big? I think it looks to big. It is to big for this, isn't it, I knew it and..."

Sometimes we women get too down on ourselves, and also overthink things. She was doing that now.

I walked closer behind her as she kept up her chatter, and I gave her a good hard spank.

Ignoring her gasp and big eyes, I put my hand on her shoulder, and looked in her eyes, in the mirror.

"Young lady, that will be quite enough of that. Your bottom looks great, you look great, understand?"


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