Monday, June 15, 2009

Catherine's valentines day, part 3, FF, sexual

Part 3 (note, some of the language may sound harsh, but, if you have read others of the Angie and Catherine stories, THAT is what my little sweetie likes. To be called my pretty little bitch, or my sweet little slut, melts her as if I called her sugar or dear...)

Catherine's eyes were shiny, with that bedroom look that told me she was a very happy girl, but not entirely with me anymore, she was in her own little world.

I slid her slightly more to the center of the bed, and I snuggled closer to her as I did, still semi seated, semi reclining, the left side of my body snug against her right side. I tucked my left leg under my body, and curled slightly, towards her a bit more. My left arm, still hooked around her legs, still 'enforcing' the diaper position.... the name alone, enough to bring forth a blush from my girl.

I took that pretty brush, and stroked that soft, soft red muff, delighting in the sounds I could elicit from my pretty little captive. Flicking those Soft bristles down, over the top of her swollen hood...then Flicking them back Up against it, pulling it back, slightly, exposing that puffy, hard, needy little clit.Leaning forward and kissing that very needy little clit, feeling those legs straighten against my body, try to come down, but I won't let her cheat herself like that.

Kiss, nibble, and lick some more. A Lot more. Inarticulate pleadings coming from her other lips, now. My tongue, now soft, now hard, now soft again.

I was in charge of her pleasure, her body, not her. And it was what we both wanted.Her body fighting against her pleasure, against my will, now.

So I Tell her to relax her knees, to let them go loose, and when she does, I bend those knees backwards, till they are tight against that soft, pretty chest.

Pin her there, lean over, and kiss that wet little pussy, as my hand slides down one of the straps to that sexy little, crinkly nipple almost exposed now...She was so close, panting, gasping, needing...lost in her own little world.

So it was then, that I CRACKED the brush down hard, hitting low, hard, across the base of both cheeks at once, that sensitive thigh -fanny crease that is Always such an attention getter, right across that central divide between those soft cheeks, that shadowy divide that was slightly parted, due to both her position that I had enforced, and due to her own wanting and need and relaxing to my attentions.

Hushed, breathless squeal, at the unexpected spank, when she thought she was so close to release... Not so breathless squeals, as four more spanks, just as hard, and as close as I could make them to landing Right on the first spot.... I knew that besides the Hurt of each spank, the repeated spanks would cause a Burn that would grow. And grow.And grow. Blossoming, the sum becoming more than the parts.

Smiled at her, wickedly, at the Big wet eyes, seeing also how her little fanny Clenched so tightly now, that pretty little divide almost gone, as she clenched so tightly, almost a unibum look, I would tease her later.

Three more quick, hard spanks, again, all to the same area. The Exact same area. Frantic wriggling, wiggling, even more frantic pleas and squeals as she attempted to escape, but, besides the pretty view, and the amazing access to All those fun little places of hers, the legs up and back position I had her in now, knees so tight to chest, she really had very little leverage, little chance to escape, as I pinned her there with my body.

One soft, pale breast, the left, the same one that I had lowered the bra strap to, had come uncovered. She was gathering more air in, preparing to squeal or plead, I didn't really care which, and I leaned forward, hard, pinning her, kissing her, harder, stealing that breath away.

Could sense, without seeing, her bottom now not only relaxing, but more than that, Flaring wide, sore little fanny cheeks not wanting to be by one another right now.Opening, even if involuntarily, for me, offering herself, to me, giving herself, to me... and I raised up enought to properly see what I was doing, and spanked again.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Four hard, fast spanks, two to each soft, tender, Exposed inner cheek, before she had time to reclench. My little bitch would be feeling those when she walked, or sat...and I smiled wickedly at her...

Taking the bristles, and softly brushing between her legs, crys of distress, turning almost as fast to crys of need, of want, of desire...god she was wet...Using my body alone now, to hold her in place.

My left arm snaking between folded thighs, and her tummy, fingers tugging lightly, so lightly on her heart shaped curls. Thumbing her clit as I did so. Stretching out, capturing that exposed nipple with my teeth, holding it lightly, as I reversed that punishing, wicked brush.

Taking the smooth, round, cherry wood handle, sliding it through her wetness, feeling as much as hearing her gasp.Letting the end of the handle bump, just bump, against her clit, then back down again...sliding through and between her soft, dewy, parted, swollen lips. Lower yet, the tip now against that winking little pucker, rimming her there, as I kissed her breast, and thrummed her clit...

Feeling her shatter...tighten, relax, tighten again.

Releasing her legs, easing them down, since she had no control of her own body now, I had brought her here, it was My responsibility to care for her now.Keeping hands and brush in place, sliding my own sweat slick body up against hers, kissing hard, as I continued to threaten her little bottom hole, and continued to massage, gently, that so so sensitive clit...

Feeling that bare breast against my chest, nipple poking into me. Kissing her, all over, soft, gentle, come back to earth now princess kisses...

And finally she did, her eyes at long last refocusing on my face, my eyes. Big naughty smile.Propping myself up on one elbow, leaning over her, noses almost touching.

"Well, Hi there, you naughty little slut!"

Gentle kiss...

"Happy Valentines day, kitten...I Love you."

Gentle kiss again.

"Oh, and baby bitch? I have some plans for us today..."


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