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A walk in the park, machine/F

Entry for January 10, 2008 A walk in the park, A little bratty Annie story
This was for a girl back on the Spankinginternet site...
I have NO idea why, this story just popped into my head...

Annie was taking a much deserved break, and was walking through the park, by herself for once, just enjoying the sunshine and flowers. She smiled, the air smelled good, the sun was warm on her face, all was good. Except that when walked a little farther along the path, she saw a new sign posted off the sidewalk.

Annie being Annie, she had to stop to see what it said.

Please do not walk on the grass.

"Fine, whatever", is what she thought, but before she could walk on, she saw that a few yards away, in the grass, was a new fence, and on the other side of that, on the ground, was another sign. Try as she might, she wasn't able to see what it said, no matter how she craned her neck or stood on her pretty little tip toes.

That bothered her a little, and Annie started to keep walking, but found herself back in that same spot, looking first at the Stay off the Grass sign, then at the one on the ground. Annie being the little bratty Annie that she is, it was only moments before she said "screw it" (but in a most delicate and ladylike manner....) and walked off the sidewalk, onto the grass, over to the fence to see what the sign on the other side said.

When she got there, she Still couldn't read it! Whoever the idiot was that had put it there, had laid it on the downside of a slope, with the downgrade facing Away from the sidewalk! No wonder she hadn't been able to read it! Some people had no common sense at all, she thought.

HAVING to read the sign now, she saw that the only way she was going to be able to do so was by leaning over the middle rung of the fence, which was about level with her hips, perhaps a tad taller, and so, she did just that.

Bending her head, she tucked under the upper rail, and leaned WAY over the middle rail, resting her tummy on it, her hands going down to balance so she wouldn't land on her head, her pretty (and pretty short) sundress riding up in the process, exposing a good portion of her pink nylon string bikinis, and bottom cheeks as well. Just as she was able to read the sign, she had other things to worry about!

Annie felt the top rail of the fence suddenly slide downward, till it pinned her in place against the middle rail, and when she squealed and tried to raise her hands up, that only caused her to loose her balance, and her plump little fanny was now mostly pointing way up in the air, and she heard a noise, and saw that a mechanical arm had detached itself from the fence post, and over her shrieks and cries and protests, she got Quite the long paddling!

Poor bratty Annie cried and bawled and begged, but her soft sweet cheeks just kept getting spanked, over and over, first one then the other cheek, then both at once, high, then low, then across the fullest fattest part of each wildly wobbling and oh so sore cheek.

With all the (very ladylike) kicking and fussing she was doing, her very brief little string bikini had soon worked it's way Most indelicately upbetween those ripe rosy red cheeks, so that for all intents and purposes, little bratty Annie was getting a Very bare bottomed paddling!

And as she heard noise behind her, and managed once with her head tossing about to see, she had drawn quite a crowd on the previously deserted sidewalk.

As she finally lay there sobbing, she took in the words of the sign on the ground in front of her, that she had taken such pains to go and try to read.

It said, We TOLD you to stay off the grass!

The upper rail lifted, and after a while, Annie realized she was kneeling on the ground, bottom still to the crowd, little sundress still high off her flaming fanny as both hands sought to tenderly sooth her aching rump.

And she wondered two things then. 1. How fast she could get home, and if her husband would be there when she got there! and 2. How soon she could come back to this part of the park!


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