Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playtime, F/F, sexual

"Well, well, well, you've certainly been a naughty little thing, haven't you?"

Whimpers from the corner, then a squeal, as I crack your fanny, hard, when you don't answer me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that?"

And I smile, as you squirm, bare red fanny wriggling. Desperate murmering and squeaking now. In all fairness, not your fault it's hard to understand you, since you have my panties tucked neatly in your mouth...

I pinch the underhang of your left cheek, and you raise up on your toes; I don't have to worry about your hands, I took care of that earlier. Fastening your wrists to the restraint belt around your tummy...

I love how hot and soft your bottom is, I simply want to spank you some more, to kiss you, to play with you, and I can see my handprints on your pouting fanny.

I lead you by your bottom to the bed, and take my panties back from you, 'scolding' you for getting them all damp, telling you I should paddle you for that. Your whimper is more distinct now, but I also know if I were to check, your pussy would be so very, very wet, naughty girl.

I lay you down, helping you so you don't panic, I don't want you scared, simply because you can't catch yourself with your hands.

I put the pillow all the way under your head, then go, and pick up the spreader bar, letting you see it, and I fasten it to your ankle cuffs.

Then, staying where you can see me, I undress the rest of the way, peeling my dress, and then my bra off.

I climb on the bed, my knees straddling your head, facing your feet, and I wiggle a bit, making myself comfy.

I tell you I hope you have been working on your stretching, and I reach down, and take hold of the spreader bar, and I pick up the soft towel I have laid on the bed, and put it around the bar, then continue to lift your legs up and off the bed, bringing then back towards your head.

And, when the bar, and your legs, point almost straight up in the air, I duck slightly under the bar, then lean my back against it, using my body to pin it, and your legs, where I want them, as I slowly lower my bare pussy to your face, queening you, sighing, as your sexy soft moist tongue shows me what a skilled little lover you are.

And then I lean forward, looking at the selection of paddles, short straps, the Loopy Johnny, the brush and wooden spoon, vibes and plugs and clothespins I have set out...

I love it when you squeal.


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