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Why I don't make sly do a lot of lines...

Entry for September 28, 2007 Why I don't make sly do lots of lines

Hey all...
A continuation in our little family saga of my, Jen (16), Julie (14), and sly (10). Not going right back in where we left off, this is a more general story...about why miss sly doesn't get lots of lines to do as punishment...
Was trying to explain the other day, to a girlfriend, about why I don't give sly that many lines ever, as a punishment, even though I do written punishments with the other girls, either in addition to, or instead of spankings.

She asked, since Jen (of course..) whined that it wasn't fair that she got spanked AND had to write an essay as well, and how sly got to do everything she wanted. (that all stopped, when I asked miss 16 if she wanted to be treated like sly, that was easy enough to do. Of course, that meant no dating, the same bedtime as sly, restrictions on music, tv, movies, computers, no car...amazing how fast her attitude changed!)

So, I decided it was easier to show her why I don't give sly many lines to do ever.

I went and got the last set of lines I gave her to do. And smiled as I looked at it. She is my babygirl, I love her dearly, but, she has the attention span of a goldfish...

1. I will not bungee jump off things.

I explain to my gf that this was actually the second sheet; I got a call from my baby at her seat at the table, minutes after I had left her sitting there.

sniffle...."Mommmmyyyyy! I forgot what I was 'posed to write!"

sigh, walking back in there..."Young's at the top of the page, I wrote the first one down for you."

sniffle. "I know,I can't find it."

I look.

I can't find it either.

Okay, I KNOW she didn't move, her pantied little butt hasn't left that chair since I put it there right after I paddled her, but it's not there, on top of the table, below it, anywhere. And I know she didn't throw it away, not something she would do.

"I think the one of the cats ate it, Mommy." she offers helpfully...

I take another sheet of lined paper, and write it down again.
I will not bungee jump off things.
25 times.

She calls out to me by her third line...

"Mommmmyyyyy!" sniffle....
"Not just off'n the garage, but off all things?"
"Yes, all things. You may not bungee jump off anything."
"Yes Mommy."

2 lines later....


sigh. "sly?"

"Whatif I havea REAL bungee cord this time!? And not my chinese jumprope!"


"No, sly, you still can't."
" 'k Mommy. Thank you..."

Two more lines...


hands on hips, I go in...

"What's a bungee? Are you sure this is spelled right? This looks weird..."

So, that is why I don't have sly do lines....

Mommy Angie
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Friday September 28, 2007 - 04:12pm (PDT) Remove Comment
::blushes and giggles and Beams::Well...I love you Mommie! ::giggles::::kiss::sly
Friday September 28, 2007 - 11:26pm (PDT) Remove Comment

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Wonderful story Angie...I'm sure the girls were happy to see you back.... As I was too..Hugs,Morgan
Saturday September 29, 2007 - 10:27am (PDT) Remove Comment

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