Monday, June 15, 2009

Rue in the corner, M/F domestic

This is from many years ago, back on the site
Dearest Rue, one of my all time favorite authoresses, I hope you like and aren't offended...

"Rue, my dear, if I have to tell you again to get that pretty little nose of yours back INTO that corner, you aren't going to be sitting for a week!"

At that pronouncement from He who thought he might be obeyed, I gave a combination feminine gasp and indignant squeal!

How Dare he tell me to get back into the corner as if I were some disobedient girl who had just been spanked... er, well, other than the fact that I Had just been spanked, of course, and that I had carried on and fussed and kicked and squirmed in a rather girlish manner... still, the audacity to think that I would just willingly go stand there....

I heard the clink that meant he was taking off his belt,and that horrid dreadful butterflys in the tummy snick snick snick sound as he pulled it from the loops, and I gasped again, as I placed my nose with much lady like dignity in the corner, ignoring the fact that my cute little cut off shorts were puddled around my ankles, and that the soft brushed ribbed white cotton bikini panties, with the small pink elastic at waist and legs were in a tangle at my ankles, and my very very bare, very very pink, some might even say red (I might, he wouldn't, big bully) bottom was on display, still, I had my dignity.

So as not to let him think he could get away with bullying me like that, I stood up to him.

Facing the corner, of course. Shorts and panties still down. I may have been ready to assert my place, but I wasn't stupid.

."It's not like it's MY fault I turned around! I mean, I WAS trying to do this stupid corner time like you wanted, and all I can concentrate on is YOU moving around behind me, doing things, and I keep wondering what you are up to, and...."

Suddenly, he was there, those loving hands on me, one so nicely around my waist, with the fingers pointed slightly lower, and the other carressing and soothing the now most delightful after glow in my buns...

"Rue, my dear, I was just picking out the next several things I'm going to spank you with."

His mouth was at my ear now, and for some reason his soft warm breath blowing in as he spoke to me made my brain and other parts of my body go to jelly....

" the tawse, that for sure, the brush, been a while since you have had a GOOD old fashioned over the knee hairbrush spanking, my love. And I think I'll have you go out and cut some switches later, as well... "

The jelly affect had spread from my tummy and lower parts, as well as to my thighs and knees, and I was most thankful for the support he was providing at the moment....

"And of course, sugar, after each 'punishment' it's more corner time for you... "I groaned, inarticulate desire incarnate..."So I can admire and watch and love that sexy little red ass of yours...."

I groaned again.

I told you he was a bully.


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