Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sorority spanking, first Frat party, F/F rl

..... This occured several weeks after that initiation night. I did not live at the house, but in one of the dorms.

Now, this was a religous college, and very strict, even at that time. We used to joke that we had 24hr intervisitation with the guys in our rooms, but that meant for eight hours each on Fri., Sat. and Sun., and not that late at night either!

Also, to get into your rooms, you had to use the main entrance, and walk by the narc at the front desk. Part of the reason why they were there was to keep the guysout, but they also looked to make sure no one was blind drunk coming in either. If you were, they could stop you, and bam, you were gone from campus aftera rather quick kangaroo court.

So, my grades were doing well, I had buckled down to the academics right from the start, and for the most part, kept my nose clean. I didn't get spanked that much by my big sis, but it did happen from time totime, sometimes in front of others, but more frequently, alone in her room, and most of these were panties down affairs, with lots of 'checking' to see how I was doing. We had become lovers shortly after that first night, and I didn't mind this attention at all!

Well this one friday night, she had to serve as a TA for a late night class, so I took up the offer of a couple of other sisters and went with them to an off campus party, put on by the state college a few blocks away.

This was my first real big party like this (I know, I was quite the naive little country girl, but I really didn't drink and party at all back then), with all the frat boys looking to make a quick score with a drunk coed.

I was smart enough to realize what was going on, and had avoided going out with any of these romeos before this, and at the party, I stayed away from the beer and the hard stuff, and confined myself to the sangria punch.

Now at the time, I really didn't have any idea there was wine in it,I really did think it was just punch. And it went down soooo smooth. I had a couple of quick glasses, then would go out dancing again. And then a couple of more glasses, then some more dancing, well, you get the idea.

Next thing I know the room is spinning and one of the frat boys is kindly escorting me upstairs, where I would be able to lay down, and I thought thatwas so sweet... and then my sis's showed up.

They rescued me, after they had realized they hadn't seen me for a bit, and had went looking for me just in time. I think they were talking to me, but I really don't remember, just someone saying Angie was sooodrunk, whoever that was, and that they should take her back to her room.

Well the cold winter air and the walk back did a lot to wake me up, but not that much to make me sober, and so when we got to my dorm, one of the girls went in, and then went to the back exits (you could get out other ways, just supposedlycouldn't get in) and opened the door and then we were inside. Except they could not get me up the stairs.

Sooo, they decided the only course of action was to bring me to the house to sleep it off, because being found in my underage drunk condition would have been an automatic expulsion. So, to the house we went.

They got some of the other sis's to help me up the stairs, and then there she was, MY sis. It was kinda funny, but she looked, really, really pissed about something.

"Where have you three been?" she spat out. And the other two told her what had happened, but assured my sis that they had saved me. She was not impressed.

"So, let me get this straight (and some of this was repeated to me the next day by others when I seemed to have trouble remembering), you took an underage freshman to the most notorious frat house in town, and left her by herself, when you know she is not a party girl and has no experience and is right off the fucking farm, is that the gist of it? And then she gets drunk drinking 'punch', and is almost raped by some frat boy? You took her there, so your choice. You can either stay up with her all night, cleaning her upwhen she gets sick, and she will, or it's ten each with the paddle."

Whether out of sisterly kindess towards me, or fear of the paddle, I had two nursemaids (three counting my mother hen lover/big sis, who stayed up all night telling me it only felt like I was going to die, and holding my hair back as I prayed to the porclean idol, and then showering me off, and all of them taking care of me.

I woke up sometime Saturday afternoon, and had a bit of a hangover. She was there in the room with me, quietly doing her work. She came to me when I stirred, and then helped me to the john, and back into bed, where headache or not, she decided I was coherent enough to get a lecture. And boy, did I get a lecture.

She did most of the talking, and I did the I'm sorry parts, and sniffled. I really started sniffling when she said that night after I had had a chance to recover a bit more, I would really have somethingto feel sorry for, when she put me across her lap for a good talk with her hairbrush.

At the words, I just went cold. To me, there is something so maternalistic about a woman and a hairbrush. And mom had certainly introduced oneto my pantied and bare bottom often enough over the years that I had no doubts as to the damage it could do.

I was made to take a shower and clean up, then apologize to the two sisters who I had went out with the night before, and then was put to work around the house doing chores, and then my homework.

I had supper at the house (they had let my roomie know where I was so she wouldn't worry about me) and after doing the dishes, I was summoned upstairs to my lovers room. Once there, the first thing she said was "corner"and I went there quickly. All day, I had been most compliant and obedient, trying to show what a good girl I was, (interspersed with periods of selfpity and pouting) and this was no exception.

Once there, I got the lecture again, telling me how foolish I had been, how careless, and detailing what couldhave happened to me, either at the house, or if I had been caught drunk on our campus (I shuddered at the thought of having to tell daddy and mom that I had been expelled for drunkeness!) or if I had gotten seriously ill from alcohol poisoning. I whined out some very feeble excuses, which were quickly dismissed.

Then it came, the order I was dreading. "All right young lady, come over here now."

And when I got in front of her, she unfastened my jeans, and lowered my zipper, and then pulled them down. Which was no easytask, as I, like many of the girls then, wore them super tight (I had a couple of pairs that I needed help getting into and the zipper shut!) so this wholehumiliating process went on forever, and I even started to whine at her in my nervousness, which of course, was a really dumb thing to do, as it didn't appear to make her any more happy with me.

When she finally got them drug off my ass and hips and to my knees, my panties (my cute little blue string bikini's with the flowers) were pulled half off also but were partly sticking in my crack and that is almostworse than having them all the way off, and I had to stand there, hands at my sides, and answer some more lecture questions.

Apparently, I was much more sullen than I realized, as she hissed out a "We'll try this again after I haveyour attention, little girl" and then it all came back to me that there were much worse things to be worried about during a spanking than the shame.

Over I went, feet and arms hanging, and down came the undies too, despite my squeaks. Then WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! That hairbrush started coming down fast and furious,and she was so mad, she didn't say anything, just spanked and spanked and spanked, and I was a howling blubbering mess in no time, believe me.

Like subsequent tearful disciplinary spankings from her, there was no set pattern, no way to get into a rythmn, or predict where she was going to spank. Sometimes it was 2-10 times in one exact spot, then it would be peppering spanks all over the place, then alternating one cheek then it's sister spot, but she covered all of my jiggly little ass, and I just screamed and bawled and begged.

Apparently, my attitude must have improve a bit, for she started the lecture and question period again, just like my mom had done, just like my aunts had done.

"So young lady... "
"...have you learned a lesson yet?"
"Owwwww oh oh yes ma'am!"

And she would ask a question, and I would answer truthfully and sincerely, adding in promises to be good forever and ever. I have no idea how long it went on, forever I think. But finally it was done, and I was allowed to go back in the corner for some no rubbing bare red butt on display corner time, until I stopped crying and sniffing. That actually took awhile, so she got to see my sore ass for quite some time.

I was finally allowed out of the corner, and got a big hug and was told how much she cared for me and loved me, and I sobbed out the same. Then she undressed me and gave me one of her jerseys to sleep in, no panties,and we went to bed, and before I got my comforting, I was given one last warning that if I ever pulled a stunt like that again, she would make this evening look like a walk in the park. I hastily told her I would never do anything like that ever, and I didn't. The rest is private.

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