Thursday, July 30, 2009

The movie A Perfect Getaway....

If you've caught the ads for this, amazing scenery, it takes place on the Na Pali trail on Kauai, Hawaii.

Love that trail, and have hiked it all the way to the end, a few times. I wrote a story about it, called Camping, about some real life adventures there once. (just type camping in the little search box on the blog...)


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Song of the day- My heart belongs to Daddy

Anita O'Day

Sister problems part 2 f/f

I pouted, but I knew she wasn't joking either, so as soon as she got out the door, I finished drying off and got changed. The stupid vest and even dumber panties,then the blouse and jumper.

Dang. I looked in the mirror, turned my head, turned and looked again. Dang! I didn't really look any different in this then I had when I was 12! I could feel how hot my face was, and I felt sort of teary, too.

I wasn't sure how much time I had left, I had sorta lost track, so I got my fanny out and down and found Sly. It was a good thing I had, as even though she was yapping on the phone again (ha, so much for Sly not thinking she was girly), probably with Ellen, she actually had the kitchen timer out on the coffee table! Gosh! I had about 45 seconds left but I'm glad I hadn't dawdled any longer.

"....yeah, sorry, so stuck here for at least today, and probably going to have to be babysitting her for the rest of the week as well..."

I blushed again, I didn't think she really had to say babysitting, she was just showing off and being mean, now.

"..but yeah, they didn't say I couldn't have anyone over, just that she couldn't. So stop on by whenever you want,'k, and keep me company. Hang on a sec, a'right?"

She put the phone down, but didn't bother covering it up.

"Well you just made it, smart. You need to get started on your chores, Mommie left the list for you on kitchen table. "

And that was that, she didn't even say anything else, I was just ignored, dismissed.

"Slllyyy come on, can't I wait a bit and then get started? I've got plenty of time, and ..."

I sorta didn't finish as she just looked at me again.

"Yeah, sorry, hang on again, I have to take care of something real quick. No, no need to hang up this won't take long."

Sly was standing now, and I'm a lot smaller anyway, and in my old clothes, I felt Really small. And young.

"Angie? Come here please, now."

Crud. And she had That look to. I went, not fast but I went.

I got there, and couldn't look her in the eye. So I looked at the floor.

"S-Sly? I'm sorry, I won't backtalk anymore, I'll go do my chores an...."

She just put her finger to my lips then, and very softly tapped them. Pops she called them. I shut up and even my ears felt hot now.

"Angie? I know you are going to do your chores now. Because I told you to. I'm not going to put up with you backtalking, sassing, or arguing with me everytime I tell you to do something, okay? And this is the only warning I'm going to give you. If I have to repeat myself after this, if I have to tell you something twice, if you backtalk me, I'm not going to argue. I'm going to spank you until you are really, really sorry you didn't mind me right off the bat. Angie, do you understand me?"

Her finger was still on my lips, so with big eyes, I rapidly nodded yes that I did!

"Good. Turn."

I squeaked as she actually turned me as she said it, and then I squeaked again but didn't move as she pulled the back of my jumper up and then pinned it up in back so my panties were showing! I almost whined out 'Slyyyy!' again, but stopped myself before it left my lips.

She took my left wrist, and raised my arm up, and I gasped as she said "hold still", then squealed and danced as she swatted me four times, Hard right across my panties!

"Scoot" she said, so I scooted, cringing a bit at the next, "and don't you dare unpin your dress, I'll let it down when I'm ready. Good. Hey, Ellen? yeah,no, it's fine, Angie was just acting out, so had to swat her is all. Sure, come on over now, not a problem."


Music from The L Word-site of the day...

The L Word is an interesting series, following the lives of a group of upscale Lesbians in LA. Among other things, one of the things I've loved during the series is their use of pop and indy music as a soundtrack to what is going on. Many times, I've heard something on a show, and then gone dang, what was that? And the don't tell you what the songs were at the end of the show.

Well, discovered at the official L word site, they have a music section, which breaks down What the songs are, by season and episode and location In the episode!

so here are some songs I like as featured in the series.

blunt-wild strawberries


Bareback-EZ girl

Lonely lonely-Feist

I never knew your name- Joystick

It girl- Betty

Some kind of wonderful- Betty with Pam Grier

Do you take it?- The wet spots (Sly's song...)

Get on-Dirtmitts


Kiss the world - Catlow

Lay around-the jealous girlfriends

Alright-Kinnie Star

Sugar high-Jaymes Bullet

have fun,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ana Beatriz Barros, sigh....

Something about Brazillian women...the top pic is my wallpaper. The next one down, is one of my all time fave pics ever, what a sweet little smile.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sister problems f/f

(this is a variation of my family stories. here, Sly is almost 17, and I'm 14. And our parents are a Lesbian couple. If this isn't for you, you've been warned. And no, no sex.)

"Slyyyyyyy!" I whined out in my best whine, "C'monnnn, it's not fair!"

That was as I was fresh from shower in my towel, looking at what my loving sister had so thoughtfully laid out for me on my bed. I couldn't believe, she had actually Picked out my clothes, like I was 5 or something!

She was there of course, waiting for me, leaning against my wall, tshirt, and olive drab cargo shorts. Arms folded across her chest.

"And just what isn't fair, Angela Lynn?"

I flushed and cringed at that, a hand sorta going on it's own to my bottom. I only ever get called Angela Lynn when I'm in trouble or being scolded. And my hand, well, when she called me that, my bottom started throbbing from my little 'talk' last night with Mommie.

I don't think it's right that someone just saying your name should be able to make your bottom hurt like that. Like it's linked or something.

I pouted and flounced a bit. I've been working on my flounce.

"You know, well, This!" I pointed for dramatic effect to my bed. "You didn't have to pick my stuff out ya know! And even if you were supposed to, you didn't have to be pick out that outfit, gawd!"

"Not fair? Okay, Angela..."

Well at least she'd dropped the Lynn....I still pouted though.

"How's this for fair? I already had plans today, I was supposed to be going with my friends to the amusement park. And now I'm not. And why is that, Angela?"

Dang, still at Angela. She was ticked. She usually didn't stay mad at me that long. I mean, she was bossy and everything and pushy and picked on me, but she usually didn't stay mad at me.

"I'm sorry Sly, I didn't ask for you to have to stay home, ya know! I coulda just stayed home alone, I am 14!"

Even as I said that though, I turned so I wasn't looking at Sly, she wasn't smiling at All anymore, and what I'd just said sounded stupid even to me.

She surprised me like she sometimes does, sorta being right behind me, and then her fingers under my jaw, turning my head to make me look at her, like Mommie and Daddie do.

Quiet voice now.

"Angie? I asked you a question, and I Want an answer...."

She got that trick from Daddie....

Even if I couldn' t lower my head, I could still look at the floor, so I did. My face was hot as I answered her.

"Um, because, I sorta got into trouble, and they wanted you to stay with me?"

I yelped as she swatted me through the towel.

"You didn't 'sorta' get into trouble. Why did I have to stay home?"


Another swat, another yelp.

"Last chance. One...two....."


"Okay okay! I was in trouble cause I hadn't done my dumb chores and had went out anyways, and then when I got grounded, I snuck out when no one was here! Okay?"

My face was very hot now, and my bottom was hurting again, I was recalling last nights 'talk' in a lot of detail.


I gave her my best kitten eyes but they didn't work on her this time. I scooched away before she could swat me again.

"And, and you had to stay home cause Mommie and Daddie said I...." I paused, and decided I better say exactly what they had said, "...obviously couldn't be trusted to stay in when I was grounded, so they needed you to watch me. But I'm really really sorry Sly, honest, I am! And I'll listen to you an not give you any problems, but I can pick my own clothes out!"

"Angie? What did Mommie say before they left?"



"Um, Mommie said that you were in charge, an better mind you and do what you said or, well, you know."

"Or what, Angie?"

"Slyyyyyyy! " I stamped my foot a bit, but you weren't falling for that either. The boys sometimes did now.

"Or, Mommie said if I didn't mind you or listen to you or obey you...." (Mommie had been Quite specific in how she had worded that) "...that, that Daddie was going to take her belt to my bottom when they got back. 'K?"

"So, Angie, I think you better starting minding, and listening, and obeying, don't you? Or your going to go over My lap before they even get home. And, I think if I have to stay home to babysit my 14 year old sister, like I'd have to a little kid, you might as well dress the part, don't you?"

I mumbled out a "Yes Ma'am".

I looked back at the bed. Stupid outfit anyway. I mean, it's not fair that I wasn't really any bigger now than I was at 12. Well, okay, 11, but almost 12. And I don't know why Mommie thought she had to keep my old clothes around. But there was this dumb vest instead of a bra, not that I really needed one yet, Mommie let me wear one so I wouldn't get teased, but the little girl vest was there. And stupid old cotton panties, briefs! Disney princess ones! With shiny pink elastic at the waist and legs! And a jumper and with a white capsleeved blouse! The Only saving grace was that it wasn't my old grade school uniform jumper, but this was way childish.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other. You have five minutes to be dressed, and downstairs. If I were you, I wouldn't test me right now, Angie."

And then she was out the door.


Monday, July 20, 2009

some thoughts on punishment clothing

Someone asked me recently, what I meant when I had made comment to the use of punishment clothing, so I thought I'd just do a post about it.

Well, to start off with, this is something that can be used for both play 'punishment' as well as for real punishments.

At it's most basic, punishment clothing is exactly that, something used to punish.

It gets a bit more complicated after that.

Although like with self spanking, it can be self assigned, it is more common that it is assigned by another person. And that is the first thing that makes this a punishment or discipline, the simple fact that you are being treated like a child, not allowed to choose what you wear, but have to wear what you are told to.

I know women, who even though they often wear dresses or skirts on their own, suddenly find it restrictive, when they are Told that that is all they are allowed to wear, at home and work, until told otherwise.

But there are almost endless variations to this punishment/discipline.

Sometimes, it's now what you are told to wear, it's what you are Not allowed to wear. Perhaps you might find you are no longer allowed to wear panties or knickers for a while. And while a certain minority of women might like going commando, most of us find this quite embarrassing, even though no one else is going to know.

Or perhaps while at home, you are not allowed to have a skirt or pants on, having to run around in just your top and undies, assuming you are allowed undies.

Or if you were possibly procastinating with chores, you might find that an apron, with our without undies on under it, is your clothing for the night.

All of this, is rather a personal thing. What is punishing for one woman, will not be for another.

As an example. I've Always hated those boring, plain white cotton briefs. I mean, hello, how hard is it to put a nice little ribbing or pointelle pattern in it, or some pretty elastic, something. So for me to have to wear those awful things, is a punishment.

For others, for some unknown reason, that is their daily wear by choice, so it wouldn't be a punishment for them. Being made to wear a thong, however, would be.

Another factor that can be used with punishment clothing is making it uncomfortable. This could be done by modifying some regular clothing, such as putting oh, sandpaper or rice in your bra cups, or the seat or other areas of your panties. It could be that the clothing itself is made from some uncomfortable material. Its really amazing how many panties are out there made out of stiff, scratchy, uncomfortable lace. Or it might be that pair of undies you discovered that had that Awful seam that always seems to dig in and chafe (I have a story somewhere in my blog, real life, about how a pair of panties he got me turned out to be punishment panties...). Or it might be something custom made, such as panties made out of burlap.

Clothing can also be made uncomfortable because of the sizing. Having to wear panties that are a size smaller then you usually wear, so they are constantly riding up, as well as that elastic biting in, is a constant reminder to mind your manners.

And some things are just more uncomfortable even without mucking about with their sizes. Such as old fashioned girdles and pantygirdles. They really hold the heat in. Especially after a spanking. Same holds true with pantyhose, especially those awfull support/control ones (tights to you Europeans).

Another common use of punishment clothing is to dress the naughty one younger. This is common, and not just for play, but actual punishment. Being told if you are going to act like a __ year old, that you will be treated like one. This could be as mild as simply having to wear panties appropriate to such an age (and if you go into stores these days, there are a LOT of panties out there, in both the women's deparments, as well as the girls - a lot of Big little girls out there adn the larger sizes will fit a lot of women), like Hannah Montana, Sesame Street, Disney Princesses, etc.

This is something often done for those who have to wear 'normal' work attire, but under, they have their little girl vest or training bra, and little girl briefs.

At home, they may find that they are being put into younger girl outer clothing as well.

Some will also use formal school girl uniforms. A simple search for 'school uniforms' will lead to countless vanilla vendors. She can be put in a high school uniform, of skirt and nice top, or the younger girls jumper and blouse.

Oh, and regarding younger clothing as a punishment, those women who are in fact young, and young looking, and often small in stature, often use their clothes and makeup in real life to let others know that they aren't a child. Take away that makeup, the jewlery, and dress her young, those that don't know her Will assume she is the age she is dressed. And then when you take her shopping or out to eat in an area where people don't know you, they will treat her that age as well.

For bedtime, and possibly an early bedtime if she was especially naughty, she might find herself in dropseat jammies, something that is actually quite practical in the winter in colder climes. You can actually oftentimes find these in ordinary deptarment stores in colder places. Or, this is a great site -

And you might want to dress her as a Very young girl, if that is how she has been acting. Maybe even a toddler, with diapers, or pullups. If she is slim, try out the Goodnites for girls pullup panties....

So, there you have some of my thoughts, I'm sure many of you will have your own, please share.


Today's funny post ....

is from Eliane, and you need to go to her blog and read it yourself.

New To Spanking

Saturday, July 18, 2009

some FF from movies and tv....for Sly

part 1

part 2

part 5

The L Word kisses

The L Word fave kisses

Vocabulary lesson M/F domestic discipline rl

"Oh! Ow ow oh Honneyyyy pleaseee! I'm sorry so sorry Please Ahhh! O-oh no more please no more!"

The spanking had been bad enough, and then my copying the words he had given me, while seated on my paddled bottom had been horrid, squirming to try to find an unspanked spot to sit on had proved fruitless. And now trying to recite my lesson, while he encouraged me with the strap, as my bare fanny was high in the air, was almost unbearable.

"Quit stalling young lady, and lets hear it."

"Oh oh yes Sir, yes Sir! "

"P-pouting. Pouting means sticking my lip out, to express displeasure, Sir, or that I have a sullen or sulky expression on my face, Sir!"


"Ahhhh! oh honey please dear oh I'm sorry!"

"That was very good. Now, what did you learn 'sullen' meant, Angela Lynn?"

"Oh! Oh gosh! No, please, wait! I know it I know it, honest I do! Sullen. Sullen means I'm resentfully silent, Sir! And I'll do better, really I will, I will, plea...Ohhhh! ow ow ow oww owwwww!"

I thought it especially mean that he laid that one on, right on my thigh bottom crease, which he had already paid more then enough attention to.

"Hush. You'll have plenty of time to talk. Next, what did you learn 'sulk' means?"

"Oh yes dear sulk! Sulk. When I sulk, I am sulky I am remaining silent, and holding myself in an ill- Ahhhh! Ow oh oh sorrry sorryyy please I'll get it! I'll get it! W-when I sulk I am remaining silent, and holding myself in an aloof, sullen, ill tempered, or offended mood! And that's not allowed either Sir! I'm sorry, it won't happen again! I promise oh I promi.... Eeeeiiiii!!!!!"

Again on my sit spot!

"Good. And it better not little wife. Because I'm done putting up with your moods. So help me, from now on, any moody behavior from you, and you aren't going to sit, is that understood?"

"Oh yes dear it is, please honey I'll be so good I will and ..."

"What did you learn 'aloof' means, Angela Lynn?"

"Oh yes Honey Aloof! Aloof means I'm acting standoffish, distant, chilly, and unapproachable!!!"

"Hush and listen. Are you allowed to be sullen, Angela Lynn?"

"No Sir! No dear I'm not! I'....Owwwwieeee!!!"

That one was across the plumpest part of my poor plump rump.

"No, you aren't, and Why aren't you young lady?"

"B-because if I'm sullen, it means I'm both resentful and silent, Dear! An, and if I'm upset or resentful with you, I'm not to be silent but to tell you why, Dear!"

"Very good Angie..." pat pat pat.... "and, are you allowed to be sulky little one?"

"No Honey I'm not I'm not! Because if I'm sulking Sir that means I'm being silent again, and being aloof, and ill tempered, and sullen and acting offended! And I'm sorry honey oh please I am!"

"Well you certainly aren't silent now, are you? Are you going to remember this the next time you are upset?"

"Yes! Yes! I will I will! I... OWWWWWWW!!!!!"

"And are you allowed to be aloof, little one?"

"N-no, no Dear, I'm, I'm not, cause, cause if I'm aloof I'm trying to to be unapproachable and keep you at a distance, Dear. I'm soooo sorryyyyyyyy! Really I am I should have talked to you, I should have..."

"You should hush and listen, baby, is what you should do. Now, are you allowed to pout, Angie?"

"Oh no, no pouting, I won't pout because it means I'm being sulky or sullen!"

"Close sweety...."

"Oh honey, I'm not sassing but I'm sure that was right and..."

"Hush. Here is your pouting rule. I don't care if see a pout on your pretty little face, understood? Provided you aren't sulky, or sullen. Because what do those two things have in common, Angela Lynn?"

Another to my sit spots!

"Ahhhhh!!!!! Oh oh owwww!!!!! T-they mean I'm b-being silent, and bad tempered Dear!"

"Very good, sweety. What else does pouty mean?"

"Oh. Um, that I'm sticking my lip out to express displeasure?"

"Yes it does, sweety. THAT you won't get in trouble for, as long as you tell me Why you are pouting, clear?"

"Oh yes dear, very clear, crystal clear, perfectly clea... Ohhh!!!!" and that as soft lips kissed each blazing and tender bottom cheek.

"And, Angie baby, why else do naughty little wives sometimes pout? Hmmm"

Tears then, as I didn't know, and the thought of more spanks was unbearable.

I turn my head to look at him, confused, and not wanting to get this wrong. I can see the soft smile on his face, stern and cross no longer.

"W-we sometimes p-pout to get our Husband's attention?"

A soft nod...

"O-or to flirt or to play or fish for a compliment?"

"Well, I don't know about other naughty little wives, but I know mine does that. And that kind of pouting I would very much like if you did whenever you want, Angela Lynn. But, what kind of pouting aren't you allowed anymore?"

"The bad kind! The silent moody sullen sulky kind Dear!"

soft kiss, on my trembling tear moistened lips this time...

"I think you have it now. Do we need to go over your new words another time, to be sure, Angela?"

"Oh no please no I remember! I...." I saw his smile is what I saw.

So I pouted. But not in the bad way.


Mood for today: Making Whoopie

Making Whoopie-Julie London

I only have eyes for you-The Flamingos

In the still of the night-The Five Satins

Why Don't You Do Right-Jaclyn

Rock me-Great White

Rebel Yell- Billy Idol (she yelled More More More)

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin-Journey

Ring my bell -Anita Ward (and guys? if you can't find her bell, ask...)

Love to love you baby-Donna Summer (couldn't find the 16 min. version, oh well)

I feel love-Donna Summer (isnt she smoking hot? sigh)

Love and Passion - Cheryl Barnes (American Gigolo)

Call me-Blondie

Feel like Making love- Bad Company

Take my breath away-Berlin

Still loving you-Scorpions

and for you single girls....

Will you still love me tomorrow-The Shirelles


Friday, July 17, 2009

a song for my mood today, Angie by the Stones

and this one as well, Tuesday's gone

yep, that's my mood today

Have some stuff going on....

... with vanilla friends and family, so if not on much today or I don't see you in chat or don't comment on blog, please understand.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Site of the day, Pin up girl clothing

My Husband loves it when I wear retro style dresses and skirts, and this is a very nice little site that offers a Wide variety of stuff.

When you are browsing, make sure you click on all the little subareas, as sometimes there are all sorts of other places it will take you. There is some overlap at times between areas within their site, but it's still fun to browse. As an example, when you click on 'pinup couture' you will then have choices of evening dresses, daytime dresses, swimwear, and separates.

I like that they have a lot of separates, that works well for those of us who are small on top but not on the bottom.

This is what I'm wearing today...

today's undies..

And of Course if you are going retro, have to have a nice girdle, and stockings....

by for now,

product of the day, KY Intense

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joanna on self spanking....

We've had our eye on Polish pouter Joanna Krupa for some time. So when heard she was on the cover of the August issue of Maxim, we knew it would be hot.
But when we saw the cover spread, even we were surprised.
In it, Krupa , who currently stars on the ABC reality show "The Superstars," seems to wear little more than beads of water (or is it sweat?) and makes one provocative statement after another.
PHOTOS: Click for exclusive pics from Krupa's sweaty Maxim shoot.
On host of "The Superstars," Warren Sapp: “He was so arrogant and disrespectful. I think he’s frustrated because he used to be in the NFL and now it looks like he’s had too many hamburgers.”
On her favorite body part: “I like my butt. It’s perfectly proportional, it’s cute, and it’s still where it belongs. It’s been behaving so far, and if it doesn’t, I can spank it a little bit and put it back in place—just like I do with my men.”

How to make a spanking....

who knew we had our own drink? Found this online, I didn't make it up. Honest. And I mean it this time.

Spanking Recipe
46 % (of 108 votes)
1.0 Top-off Lemon Lime Soda1.0 oz. CranRasberry Cranberry juice1.0 oz. OVAL Vodka

Fill 9-10oz. glass with ice Pour in Vodka, then Lemon-Lime Soda near top, then splash on CranRasberry. Garnish with cherry. From Ron and Cindy to you.
We hope you found the above information on how to make a Spanking helpful.

Mommy's time out wine....

My sisters sent me a bottle of this, so I had to share....

and here is there website.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeling young, reparenting, and where my head is at lately

(drawing by Leander, at )
Not sure why I feel a bit embarrassed to write this one, but it wants out so here it is.

At various groups I belong to, both vanilla and not, and just listening to other women and family, the topic, as it often does when women gather, has been freqently turning to how they were brought up, and how they are raising their families. Even the young single women get in on this.

And, it's not just about I was spanked, or wasn't. It's all the little details, like, was grounding used? And if so, how. Because if you haven't asked around, not all groundings are equal, not by a Long shot.

As an example, for a variety of reasons, grounding in my family, both getting and then giving, was used fairly seldom. And when it was, it meant confined to the house, usually, with no tv, no music, etc.

A friend of mine uses what I call by comparision, a Strict grounding, as opposed to my more general grounding. Her naughty one if grounded, will be confined to their room, except for meals, chores, and bathroom time. My niece Leah just experienced a week of that, after her little party at the cabin and 2 hour past curfew incident.

Or there are other ways families do things. What rules do they have? Which are strictly enforced?

Do they warn? How many times?

Do they have a reward/demerit system? Is it posted?

If they spank, and use an implement, is it in plain sight at all times?

Are spankings given in private?

If the parents practice domestic discipline, do the kids know about it?

Do they homeschool?

If they homeschool, are they relaxed, kids learn at their own pace? Or, do the kids wear uniforms, at home, during school time to remind them this is school time? (and yes, I know quite a few families that do this....)

Have they chosen to send the kids to a school that spanks?

Are the parents two Mommies, instead of a single parent or a Mommy and Daddy? (or in one of my ongoing fantasies, is one of the women actually Daddie? It's a particular Lesbian dynamic I'm not going to get into now).

But you see what mean. Maybe. Families are Not equal, there are endless variations and differences.

Which brings us back to me. Ever since I've been a girl, I've wondered what it would be like, to live someplace else, in a different family, different place, different time. And, it's not like what some think,I had a very happy childhood, was very loved and cared for.

But even as a girl, I wondered, 'what if?' What would it be like, to be a daughter in a different family, different rules, different ways of doing things? What if my school spanked!? Would it be in front of everyone? Would I get it again at home? Would I have to wear a uniform?

Or what if I were a girl today, with all todays' tempations? With cell phones, computers and endless channel cable tv.....

So yes, even now, as old as I am, I often fantasize about what it would be like, to be a girl again. And not talking just role play, or me at my age 'acting' young. But somehow, whether with some sci-fi gadget, or some Harry Potter magic, but poof! There I am, young again. Sometimes with all my adult memories still there, sometimes not, all sorts of variations in my fantasies.

But to those around me, I Am that age.

What I haven't figured out, is when I think this, I'm almost always either 8, or 14. Sometimes 12. Occasionaly something else, but usually those three.

14, I can kind of see. See, um, even though I'm 3rd of 4 sisters, I was always the more passive and shy one. And, I was also a late bloomer. Very late.

Right now, I'm only 5'4", about 125lbs. I'm 34b (and um, most of that 34 is from working out and not breast)-28 (but flat!)-38. sigh. Like I have my Irish grandmothers chest, and my German grandmothers bottom, I don't match.

My sisters on the other hand, well. All three are in the 5'8" 5'9" range. My older two were literally homecoming/prom queens, cheerleaders, etc.

My younger sister was very much one of those cute tomboy jockettes the boys love.

Me, even at 13, no development yet. And my 11 year old sister was getting pretty close to my size if not my size.

By the time I was 14, she was bigger then I was. I really didn't start getting curves at all, till I was 15, and not Just 15 either.

So even by the time I was 12, my extended family treated me more like the baby of the family.

So that is why I know I think of 14 so often.

But been thinking a lot, when I read blogs, chat with people, etc, about how their family is, or was, what it would be like, to be in their family, what would it be like to if they did strict detention. What would there reward/demerit chart be like? Would Mommy or Daddy be the spanker? How would they spank? shiver....

so,that's what I've been thinking of lately.



On birth order, and Heads of House, etc, part two...

okay, back in June, did a little post, and going to reprint it here, with the various comments people put up at the time, and then add some more after that, both what I've found, and my personal experiences.


I was chatting the other day with a friend, and the converstation switched to basic personality types, how some, like my Husband or her, were ones who felt comfortable being the leader in relationships, natural Heads of House (HOH), if you will.

And how others, such as myself, feel more comfortable when we aren't in a HOH position.

From there, got to thinking of how she, and my Husband, and other HOHs that I know, are overwhelmingly first born.Whereas many who prefer not to be the HOH, and are in fact, the spankee in their relationships, are usually not the first born.So, obviously my sample size is small, so what has been your experience?

(and feel free to add in your own experiences, and observations, people....)

Beckey said...
You are so right Angie! I'm the middle girl of 3 and my older sister is still in a DD relationship she is a bit more of a boss. I tend to flip between roles and my younger sister really craves having to obey someone.With my husband he is the oldest and the only boy in his family and as he had a single mother he has developed a dominant personality as he had to run the house in a way from an early age.

SandyB said...
My family must be in the minority then. I'm the eldest of three, really laid back and most of the time just go with the flow. Brother is a year younger, quite assertive in his working life, but is a bit hen-pecked by his wife. Maybe just me, but I find it really unattractive in a guy, esp one who is 6"4and really BIG. Younger sister, by 10 years, is VERY in charge. She's not in a relationship, but she's the person who gets things done, always speaks her mind and bosses everyone around.

Mrs M said...
This is very interesting, I am the last born in my family - although there is a considerable age difference between us.However I consider myself a submissive, but in actuality struggle with not leading in ways (and have lead in social groups before).I love submitting, and enjoy being led when it comes to my sexual relationships but struggle outside of that.At work I am the boss, and I use leadership as a way to overcome my personal fears and shyness.Therefore I find it quite hard to submit sometimes, but DD is the best thing that ever happened to me and I love kneeling at my husbands feet (so to speak) ;-)Great post, thanks for the thoughts...(hugs)Mrs M

Mary said...
I'm number 4 of 5. My 2 older sisters (#1 and #3) and only brother (#2) are all HOH types, particularly my brother and sister #3. I'm more submissive, though not totally so. My little sister (#5) is very submissive. So I think the birth order does make a difference but it isn't a direct relationship.Mary

allystepsforward said...
This is a complicated answer for us: Brad is actually the youngest sibling but there is a signicant age difference between older brother and sister, also, he is the only child of the man him mom married and stayed with. Siblings are 1/2 sibs. If I remember correctly, I have heard that the technically gives him first born traits. He defianately has some of the. However, his father modeled complete passivity in his marriage, he didn't do anything but mind his own business and ignore everybody else most of the time. Thank God Brad is not like that, but sometimes he is more passive than I'd like. I, on the other hand, was a first born, and fit the role well. During most of our marriage we struggled over control. It wasn't horrible, but there were some pretty rough times here and there. Now that I'm the submissive partner, I am happier, he is happier... Ally

Christian said...
Hello Angie-Interesting blog. I have been thinking about doing one of these myself. Well, you pretty much know my situation already, but for others here...I am the last born. My wife is first born. And just like you said in your question she is the Dominant in our relationship. That is weird I never thought about that. But I am a switch technically so I am a little bit of a fluke for your theory. Regards,Christian


Well hi all, and so much thanks for answering!

As for my particular background, I'm the third of four sisters, and there is about 2 years apart between each of us. For a reasons I'll get into at another post, I was however in my preteen and teen years, very much treated as the baby of the family.

My sisters are all in what I would call Head of House relationships, where their Husbands are in charge. While I suspect that they may also get spanked, that is something we've never talked about. While my 2nd sister is by far and away more outgoing and assertive than I am, she is like me, much more content when her Husband simply takes charge.

My oldest and younger sisters however, are both very dominant personalities, (lets call it bossy- sounds so much nicer than bitchy....) and while their Husbands are in charge, its sometimes a struggle for them to let go. Whenever they are in a group situation outside their marriage, they are Very much the ones who like to be the group/project leaders, organizing things, 'telling' others what and 'how' things should be done, etc. I could easily see either one giving a nonsexual punishment spanking to another woman who didn't do things the way they thought they should be done.

As for me, I've always been the spankee in my relationships (meaning with other women, and my Husband), and prefer not to be in charge. I much prefer the second in command/executive officer position. I will take charge if I need to, I detest management by committee, and sorry if this sounds sexist, but save me from a group of women, all trying to come to a 'consensus' and a 'cooperative' approach to a problem. Gag. Figure out what the problem/goal is, come up with a plan, implement the plan. It's not that tough, people.

My Husband is first born, older by several years then his sister, and and their sisters are between 1 1/2 to four years apart from each other. His Dad was often away for long times for work, so he was very much 'in charge' of his sisters, even when they were teens, and they went over his lap more then once. My Husband is obviously very much the HOH, and is the same in his day to day life. When we met, he was an Infantry First Sergeant, and later an Infantry Sergeant Major (for those with military backgrounds, that will mean something, for those without, it's really hard to explain....and I don't mean just what the position was.)

And here are some things I found at
(they also have some cool charts there...)

First Born Children
The first born child is usually the child with the most attention directed at him/her. This common event is part of the reason this particular child turns out the way he/she does. There are two typical types of first born children, compliant and aggressive. The first born in your family can be either one of these two types, and have these typical traits:

Compliant Traits

People Pleasers
Crave Approval
Team Players
"Grin and bear it" mentatlity

Aggressive Traits
Movers and shakers
Natural leaders
Always have things under control
Want things their way

These two types of first born children may seem very different, but they do share quite a few characteristics.
Common Traits

Middle Children
Middle children are quite often the most difficult children to both read and to raise. Middle children are quite often referred to as the "Mysterious Middle Child", this is due in large part to the fact that there are two types of middle born children. These two types of middle borns are not as clearly defined as the two types of first borns, they do not possess simple "names", therefore for confusion's sake we will refer to them as Middle Born #1 and Middle Born #2.

Middle Born #1

Loner (that's me!)
Quiet Shy

Middle Born #2
Laid back

Middle born children are quite difficult to pin down, however they tend to be the opposite of their older sibling. There are however, a few characteristics that both types of middle born share.
Common Traits
Attention seeking

Last Born Children
Last born children are quite often the life of the party.
Last born children tend to be the easiest to define when it comes to the correlation between birth order and personality, this is mostly due to the fact that there is only one main type of last born.

Last Born Traits
Risk takers
Good sense of humor
Hard working
Immature (me again)
Attention seeking
Secretive (and again)
Sensitive (and yet again...)
Last born children are often considered the baby of the family, and live up to this role. At times it is difficult for the last born child to find his/her place in the family, as the first and middle child have already left huge footprints to follow in, and carved their own niche into the family.

Only Children
Only children are often referred to as "First Borns in Triplicate", this is due to the fact that these children are extreme versions of first born children. Onlies, as they are affectionately called, tend to be an extrememist in all aspects of life.
Only Traits
Mature faster
Get along well with older people
Attention seekers
Use adult language
Prefer adult company
Have difficulty sharing
Only children are special type of birth order, in the sense that they are capable of being any of the three "main" types of birth order. However, most of these only children do possess characteristics commonly associated with the aggressive first born child.

Twins can be any one of the three 'main' birth order types, therefore it is nearly impossible to describe them. However, what can be detected is which of the two children is the leader.
Common Leader Traits
Resemble first borns
Common Follower Traits
Resemble shy middle child
Blend into the background

"But, Hey I don't fit your birth order mold!"

There are many variables that can cause the birth order process not to work on some, and this is perfectly normal. Take a look at the variables below and begin to understand why exacty you may not fit into your typical birth order.

Marital Status
Parenting Style
Critical Eye of parent
Parents' birth order
How strict the parent is

The marital status of the parent is important, as this often determines whether the child had a mother or a father or both. If parents were to get divorced, and one parent maintained sole custody then the child in question would have most traits seen in this parent, regardless of birth order. Parenting style also plays a key role, as this influences how children react in all situations. How you teach your kids shows how they will learn, and in turn shows how they interact with society. The critical eye of the parent can also affect traits in children. If a parent is too critical, a child may have low self confidence, or drive, and he/she may or may not feel good enough, this could cause a rift in the birth order process. The birth order of each parent also comes into question. If one parent was a first born, and the other was an only, then chances are their children will have the common characteristics because of the matching personalities and parenting styles of their parents. However, if one parent was a last born, and the other a twin, then the child may follow their own birth order as there are no overwhelming similarities or differences in the birth order of their parents.

Double birth order
This does not occur in every instance, but often when there is a female or male born first, and then the child immediately preceeding him/her is of the opposite sex, then the birth order could repeat. Everything is usually still in tact with the birth order process, however you could have two first born children.

Separate Families
More than a five year gap
Start a 'new' family
When there is more than a five year gap between two children, often a "new" is formed. Since the maturity levels of the children are so far apart, the birth order process often repeats itself. This may result in two first borns, or maybe a first born, middle born, last born, and then an only child, all depending on timing.

Bumped either up or down on birth order scale
All depends on age at the time and where other kids fall
If adoption occurs, the birth order could be slightly renovated due to the fact that there is now another child in the mix. The same goes for remarriage, and step families. These specific variables both vary by case. It is really dependent on the age at the time of the remarriage/adoption, and where the other children fall in the birth order, if there are other children.

Mental/Physical/Emotional Skills
One aspect slowed could throw off birth order
Mental retardation
Physical handicaps
If there is retardation in one or more of the children, this could prevent the birth order process from being applied. Often when there is a developmental or physical delay in a child, the other children, either older or younger, end up maturing faster and taking care of the child in question. Because these children help to care for the child with handicaps means their birth order is now invalid, as they may react differently to the added responsibility, and stress.

Death of Parent/Sibling
Bump a child either up or down
Have different effects when a parent dies
"Ghost" children
If the death of a sibling occurs, children usually take the role their sibling had in an attempt to make the deceased child still a part of their life. Therefore, often children are bumped either up or down depending on where the child who died was in the birth order process. If a parent dies then children may bump either up or down or just no longer fit into any type of mold. Everything depends on how the child reacts to the death of their parent, and how the rest of their family copes. "Ghost" children occur when a child dies and then another child is born shortly afterwards. The newly born child never knew the deceased child, however he/she did take their place in some sense both for the parents and for their brothers and or sisters. The new child could be a replacement, and take on the characteristics of the other child, as these characteristics are often pushed upon them by their family members.

feel free to leave your own comments and observations,


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song of the moment-Crazy

Crazy-LeAnn Rimes

site alert!

Just found a new blog (to me, anyway) today, and if you love MF/f family stories, is she ever for you! I have read lots of her work on a different site, and So nice to see all of her Great stories in one place! Although her 'The Letters' series really pull at my heartstrings, just want to give that poor girl a hug!

And her Leah stories is hands down, one of my all time fave F/f series, ever! Everything is so true to life. Fantastic writing. Although the Lily series is a close second, could really use another installment.

So, check out:

Spanking Stories by Kate

So be sure to drop by there, read, and leave a comment or two or three. See, lurkers, here's a little hint. If you Like to read spanking stories, and Like the stories that you are reading, compliment the dang author or authoress! That is positive feedback and they respond to that by writing more stories, see how that works?

Contrary to popular belief, most writers are not doing this for themselves, we are really pretty much exhibitionists, and not only want people to look, but to comment as well.

ps Kate, some stories of mine you might like are under the 'family' label. All F/f situations, and most were not posted at the site you and I shared.

Skyrockets in flight, Afternoon delight

Post spanking stool time, and this really hurts!

Full moon....

For Sly....

something so special about FF scenes.

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blog site of the day....

Wow! What a site! so rare to see such an open blog about a spankee's day to day life, feelings, relationships, etc. Great pics, funny, and, she is in a FF relationship as well. Will be going back there to explore, for sure.

Waiting for her girlfriend....

a little post domestic talk

I think full bottoms are sexy

sometimes a little prespanking corner time

Is all that is needed to start changing that attitude.....

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Okay, the profile browser feature...

I thought to check Blogspots site about site health, etc, and they say they are aware of the problem, and are currently working about it.

a blog problem

is anyone else having trouble going to their profile/interests, and finding that the interests aren't linking to others anymore?


just a test....

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A fun spanking store, if you didn't know of them....

Hi all,

Quite a while back, found this place while browsing,

and do they ever have some cute things! If you see something you like though, pick it up, don't wait, because if something isn't selling, they Do adjust their inventory!

Case in point, my Husband got me one of their decorative kitchen sets ( - the white one) but mine also had an apron to go with it. So much Fun to have something like that sitting out in the open, and have women comment on it, without having a clue.

And for those into spanking 'plus', check out their bondage, and nipple wear items.

Oh, and also their cute little spanking 'ecards' that they have.

have fun!



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Music for the day

How high the moon-Pat Suzuki

Non spanking, I know, but I loved my old yahoo 360 account and how I could post a blast anytime I wanted, to let people know what type a mood I was in. My mood is often reflected in my music choice of the moment.

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Non spanking, but if you are looking for a vacation....

Thursday, July 2, 2009, 2:48pm HAST
Hawaii hotel rates, occupancy drop

Hawaii hotel room rates continue to drop by double digits on most islands.
For the week ending June 27, the statewide average was $175 a night, down 17.4 percent from the same week last year.
Hotel occupancy slipped as well across the state, down 4 percentage points to 71.6 percent.
Occupancy and room rates for the four main Hawaiian islands were as follows:
• Oahu occupancy dipped 2.6 percentage points to 76.1 percent, while room rates declined 14.8 percent to $150;
• Maui occupancy edged up 0.7 percentage points to 70.4 percent, while room rates plunged 25.1 percent to $229;
• Kauai occupancy was down 11.7 percentage points to 69 percent, while room rates plummeted 18.1 percent $184; and
• Big Island occupancy fell 11.8 percentage points to 60.2 percent, while room rates dropped 7.2 percent to $170.
Nationally, hotel occupancy fell 6.2 percentage points to 65.4 percent, while room rates dropped 9.5 percent to $97.
The weekly Hawaii hotel industry snapshot is surveyed by Hospitality Advisors and Smith Travel Research.

A little holiday update, MF rl

Goodness ,hi all, hard to believe that the weekend is pretty much over!

Well it's been eventful past few days.

We actually got a head start on Friday's Consensual Spanking day, starting Thur.

I got spanked after work, with Jack just turning me over his lap, and flipping the skirt of my nice work dress up over my back, as he spanked me with his hand over my panties, then on my bare fanny.

After pulling my undies down, the bully made me go and get the rotten little wood Cracker Barrell paddle. Some of you will know what this is, hard to explain otherwise. Lets just say that it Really stings even for good girl spankings and is Loud!

So, he has been taking advantage of our summer empty nest by using all our loud toys.

Of course, since this wasn't a punishment or discipline spanking (and yes, there is a difference between the two) there was also lots of 'checking' to make sure I was alright.

And oh my was I.

I was also spanked again that night, before an early bedtime. Not that we went to sleep. That one was with the delicious London Tanner DD strap. Yum.

And, to clear up an apparent misconception, most of my good girl spankings are Not hard, or at least most of the spanks aren't.

The spankings vary in length and intensity, and part of the fun is I'm not quite sure what he often has in mind, I Love that he is in control, not me.

Friday morning, started the day with hand and my brush, so domestic, sigh . And then back to bed, of course.

And another spanking later that night, with my sorority paddle, bent over the back of the couch..... where I stayed for my 'comforting' after my paddling.

A quick little hand spanking Sat. morning, he was late for his early fishing with his buddies (sob, I'm so neglected!) and then later that day, we got ready to do our part grilling and such for our block party. Then fireworks, then home, and one of my Fave things to be spanked with, the light wooden oven shovel. Looks nasty, loud as all heck, but such a Nice little sting. Then we had our own fireworks show.

This morning, however, was not all fun and games. It's been a while since I had one, but I got a preventive spanking with the little lexan paddle! Ow! He even bared my bottom first and made me go and get it from where it hangs by the fridge! Meanie! Although I was pretty meek and compliant at the time. Oh, and this preventive spanking was to remind me that gossip is not acceptable, and I Very sincerely believe that and tearfully and repeatedly told him so.

I think that pretty much does it.


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing around, M/F, rl, domestic. sexual

From a while ago, when he was gone for about 18 months.....

Okay, I recieved a few 'scolding' emails, telling me it wasn't nice to tease and put up reposts without doing something new. So, here it goes. Hope you enjoy. Since my husband has is still overseas, this is a 'historical' spanking, but not one I've written about before.... and yes, there is some sex involved. So there, you've been warned.

I had just come out of the shower, humming happily to myself, after an early morning wake up romp in that left me very happy, and most pink bottomed, but now I had to scoot to get to work on time, and still had breakfast to eat.

Something I possibly would have skipped, except he knows (from me telling him) that it's bad for me, and he had caught me just the other day, skipping, and had warned me. I knew if he caught me today, there would be no more warnings, but I could always grab some fruit and yogurt to go... that would work.

I like spanking, but Not discipline spankings.... and as I was toweling my hair off, I was trying to decide what to wear, when I saw that he had already laid out something for me on the bed.

The cat made sure I noticed it, she was curled up sleeping on it. I moved the cat, and smiled.

I have talked about this some in the past, and not sure if I explained it right, as some women after have said how they could Never have a man decide what they do and don't wear.... and it isn't that way for us.

He isn't forcing me to do anything. it is a game we play, for both of our enjoyment. On my part, I LOVE that he actually notices what I wear, and than he has favorites and opinions about what he wants to see me in.

And so some days, he will lay out what he wants me to dress in.

Now, the game part is that he never picks the Whole outfit. It's either the outerwear, like today, a nice dress, the kind women wear to work over here, light blue on top, gradualy going in darker shades to the bottom. Soft light summer weight linen. But no undies...

That I would be picking out, and only later, tonight, would he find out What I had on under his pick. Other times, it's the opposite, he has set out panties and maybe a matching bra, and then I pick out what I want to wear over it....

But for today, I smile, and head to one of my panty drawers, ( I have three, full, and need to start a fourth...) already thinking what I want, that will look good under this. And pick out a nice, soft, creamy white bra and panty set, satin, string bikinis, almost too small, so they ride low in back, so the top of my bottom cleavage is showing, I know how much that turns him on... and he loves the cream color against the tan of my legs and back...and he loves seeing my bottom glowing pink (which means it's really red) under them as well... and I think of how happy I was when he had given them to me. I love that he loves me in my pretty undies as much as I love wearing them.

And I think it is sweet that the big thug (for those new to my stories, he's about 6'4" and about 250 lbs...) has no trouble in going into a lingere store or department, and looking around, and not just grabbbing the first thing there.

So, I slip them on, pull the dress on, no hose (mom was shocked when she came over here (Hawaii) and saw I would go to work quite often bare legged, wearing dress sandals...but unless I really feel like it, or need to, So hot and humid to wear pantyhose over here, and thigh highs are Such a pain...) and still happily humming, go and get something to take to work to eat, and meet Jack in the kitchen.

He pulls me over for a quick kiss, tells me I look pretty, I blush and thank him, and his hand is on my plump little rump, he's rubbing the dress softly back and forth over my fanny, then tracing the pantylines he can feel through the dress... I laugh, as I pull away, he's trying to figure out what I've got on under...good, let him wonder.

Tell him I have to run, Show him the fruit and yogurt, he kisses me again, and tells me that I'm wearing either silk or satin under the dress, from the way it slides when he rubbed me, and I just smile back.

I'm thinking throughout the day, about what is going to take place when we get home, wondering what he has planned...

I Love it when he simply takes charge, he is considerate of my feelings and likes, but he is running the show...sigh....

I catch myself in a little fantasy, as I sit supposedly catching up on paperwork, behind closed doors, and blush as I realize my hand was stroking my breast, as I imagined him taking the brush, or paddle, or tawse, to my freshly bared and pinked rump....pretty panties in a delicious tangle around my knees, or perhaps, puddled on the floor as I stand in the corner, or maybe in an untidy pile by my head as he raises that paddle high....yessss, the paddle.... I email him.

Tell him it's personal in the subject line, in case someone is watching. Send him a pic of the paddle I'm thinking of, my fave, the oven shovel/pizza paddle...broad (as he teases, the bully, big enough to cover my fat little fanny.... and before you ladies get mad, I love it when he teases me like that...), thin, light, delicious surface sting, not much deep ache, Lots of noise, oh yesssss....

And for those of you wondering how I could send it, knowing how technically inept I am at such things, he has created a folder for me, with shots of my fave toys, for such times, and drilled me, till I could....

All I send is the pic, and the two lines, "Thinking of youLove,Angie"

Work can't end fast enough, so of course there is a late patient...but I eventually make it home.

His truck is there already, and he is there, sitting in the living room, drink in hand... and he reaches out, and I go to him, and he pulls me Onto his lap, and I snuggle in, and he Kisses me till my breathe is gone, I'm melty inside, and molded against him....

He puts his arm under my legs, the other around my back, and simply stands up with me, and I feel my tummy go all warm inside, and lower parts are warmer yet, I Love how strong he is....
silly as it sounds, it takes me back to my girlhood days of reading the Conan books, and thinking that I wanted to be one of those pretty wenches with a Man like that....

I love when he carries me like this, but unlike how he would do it if we were around others, he didn't bother being careful and gathering up my dress, so it is hanging down, and I can feel the air on my pantied bottom....

and he brings me to the center island, between the dining room and kitchen, and sets my fanny on the cool marble, and I squeak... and I catch my breath as he reaches over me, and takes down the shovel.... I know I'm biting my lip... He picks me up again, but this time it's over the shoulder...and I squeal in protest, which he dutifuly ignores.

He knows what he is about. and my dress is riding up over my hips, and it's embarrassing, and turn on all at once... and he carries me to the bedroom, popping my bottom, spanks, not pats, with that lovely paddle...

"I knew they were satin."

I laugh, and in wifely fashion, correct him.

"YOU said either satin or silk,you did Not know. Honeyyyyy!!!!"

The last squealed out as he decidedly increased the sting of the spank which followed my little impudence....

Several more just like them follow, followed each time by my squealed Honey's and dears and sweetys....but I'm trapped up there, going nowhere.

Till we reach the bed.

He puts me on my feet, I'm breathless now (both from this whole scene, and getting carried tummy down!) and he stands me between his legs, 'scolding' me about how 'naughty' I've been lately, how sassy, bratty, and ill behaved I've been... how what I so Obviously am looking for, is a good, old fashioned spanking, till I'm crying and fussing and kicking and squealing, till my chubby little cheeks feel like they are on fire and tears are softly falling...

My knees are so weak,and I'm weak inside too, the words, the tone, the look, I want it So badly, I don't want it So's going to hurt, I'm going to embarrass myself, and carry on like a bratty teen, I'm going to cry... and I wouldn't stop it for the world...

And then it's over his left leg...not both, this time... I love how it's never quite the same, how he keeps me guessing.... hands on my hips and ass, lifting me slightly, as if I weigh nothing, till my bottom is pointing Straight up.... and then he starts spanking, no love taps, but spanking, with that big hard hand of his....

My breath catches, I gasp, squeal, fuss.... he loves it that I'm not stoic... and stoic has Never described me in a spanking.

He loves spanking me in stages like this, he tells me how he loves how I look in this dress, how he loves how it hugs my curves so softly, how he loves to watch my bottom and hips sway as I walk.... god I love him so much right now.... he tells me how Good I feel under his hand like this, soft and firm all at the same time, how he Loves the little wobble that happens when he spanks me... how he can Feel the panties try to contain it....and he finishes with a flurry of harder spanks, that has me scissoring my ankles together, and mouthing protests...

Then I feel him move against me, as he bends enough to catch up the hem of my dress, and he slides it slowly, knowing it drives me nuts (in a discipline spanking, he would simply lift it matter of factly as he got down to business....) and I blush, still embarrassed after all these years for him to see me like that...wondering what he sees, if he Likes what sees yet, wondering if he thinks my fanny is too big now, wondering how the panties are fitting, the usualy girlish thoughts....and I find myself embarrassingly begging him Not to pull my dress up!

He, brute that he is, ignores me, thank god! And now his palm is popping Quite hard across both my panties, as well as the chubby little bit that has spilled out over the top, and the chubby little moons that are peaking out below.... and while panties may not provide much protection, there Is a difference between the pantied spanks and those on bare skin... that, and that fat little underhang, the thigh bottom crease, is especially attention getting no matter what....

"Oh, honEYYY! Oh It hurts,Ow oh sweetiEEEEE!!!! Not in the same spot, Nooooo! Oh not my thighs, not my thighs!!!! " and so on, and so forth....

And while I fussing and squealing and Kicking by now, his left hand is busily undoing the buttons on the back of my dress... so it is over my waist, and unbuttoned practicaly falling off, and that same wicked hand is now stroking my back and hair, and my side, touching the side of my breasts... oh god yes....and his right hand has stopped, and I'm starting to almost sniffle, and that right hand starts to trace my panties, fingers gliding under waist band, traveling between my cheeks, under the leg bands...

I'm molten, and I'm also red of face, as he finds out just How damp I am now....and he touches me There, and There, and There.... and I squeal and protest at his touch, and at his touch going away.... and then, hand Under my panties, and down he skins them, slowly, letting them stay caught up in my bottom crack, till they pull out on their own, knowing it embarrassses me, and that at times like this, that is Exactly what I need..

Letting them turn inside out, taking them not just down, but down to my knees, below them, so that when I kick, and I will kick, they will at first bind, stretch, then gradually be kicked off, till they wave from one ankle like a flag of surrender. I'm often amazed, after a long hard spanking, at how many times they are still there when it is all done, still hanging tangled from one ankle....

And know that left arm is across my back, not Hard, but firm, like pressing against the wall, I'm not going anywhere till he wants me too....scary but exciting....but scary....

And then, "Little girl, this is going to sting..." and Whap!

His palm on my already hot little bottom! I squeak, squeal (yes guys, there is a difference...) fuss, and my panties do their job, and I can only kick So wide, so have to kick more up and down...and then I don't remember anything about panties...

I Do remember telling him how Sorry I was, How I would be Good in the future, how I would behave, and how this time I really really meant it...

I remember getting sniffly, then tears softly flowing, and then, I remember how he repositioned me... he told me later, that he waited till I had indeed, kicked my panties partially my legs could part wider... and he placed me now, so I was straddling his left leg, my bare pussy and wet girly parts rubbing from want and reaction to the spanking against his jean covered knee, my clitty puffy and swollen as my lips, and I feel him pick up that damn paddle now, and he cracks it down, and it is So loud, and the noise more than the sting and burn makes the tears start to flow; anything that loud Has to hurt badly, or so my mind thinks...

and each Wicked Crack of the paddle Drives my pussy down and over his leg, stimulating clit and other areas, and I am gasping, first from pain, then from pleasure, and my breathing is So shallow and So rapid... my hips are thrusting up and down, and he is now matching His spanking to My pace... such a good, good lover...he knows that when a girl is there, NOTHING gets changed, not the pace, not the position, nothing....

and then I stiffen, shatter, my tummy ripples, there is an electric current between my nipples and clit and Every spank is felt in a bad/good way on my bottom and just in a good way in my pussy and anus....

I don't know if he spanked longer, or not... I simply lay there, limp, crying from pleasure... and coming back with him stroking back, hair, face, bottom, between my cheeks, and So tender there, that the bully must have spanked inbetween when my kicking exposed what is to be left unspanked...will have such a delicious reminder tomorrow when I sit....

He lifts me up, puts me on his lap, fanny ON his lap, not hanging off, and I twist so my arms are around his neck, and I Kiss him hard and deep and long, but again, it's me who is breathless first...

I slip off his lap, kissing his chest I don't know when he got rid of his shirt, down his hard stomach, my red ass (I know, I looked.... I Always look) resting on my heels, as I undo his jeans, and take him out of his boxers.... and I suck him then, licking softly at first, teasing him, he's already hard, brute that he is..., hot semi hard, but Hard... he has told me in the past how much of a show I put on, and in Explicit, face reddening detail told me What he can see and how much it turns him on, that and my squirming and noises, and that he can do that for me....

So, now it's my turn, to show him I can be a good wife...I lick, blow lightly over the wet skin, tease, taking him him, sucking, humming my happy song again, fingers busy over his skin, his fingers in my hair, stroking, god I love that... touching my face... I can Feel that he is almost there, and stop.... and push Him back onto the bed, finish undressing him, then climb on top, his hands on my ass and I Tighten down and squeal when he kneads my rump, clamping down on him, and he rolls me over onto my back, and Rides me hard and deep, taking my legs, my knees over his elbows, opened and ready and wanting, the soft sheets harsh against tender bottom all adding to it.... and then he comes, hard.... and he keeps riding, and his finger has gone to that more private hole, and I gasp, squeal, he takes me there as well, I squeak, my eyes widen, I clamp down So hard on finger and cock, and come again....

After, much after... he says he doesn't feel like going out to eat tonight...and since I don't feel like cooking, I'm across his lap, bare abused bottom in the air, on the phone, Trying to maintain my composure as He ISN'T behaving himself in the least and is taking ALL sorts of liberties with me down 'there', and I order in some plate lunches from my favorite local greasy spoon...

He's told me I've been a Very bad girl lately, and that I will need to eat up to keep my strength up for the rest of the night....

love and kisses,


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