Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I woke up this morning M/F domestic, rl

I woke up this morning, my bottom still so very tender from yesterday. With the house empty again, you've been taking advantage of that, and, of me.

Playing in all sorts of places besides the bedroom, using all the 'noisy' implements when ever you want.

And even though they have almost all been of the good girl kind (except for those two official preventitive ones...), you know how I am, when you are giving me a good, sound, good girl spanking. Even though I may not have been in trouble, my body and mind start to react as if I had been, and I am promising you that I will be So good, that I will Listen and Mind you and Behave myself and Watch my temper and my language and my speed and well, everything!

Corner time, after a spanking like that, is as different too, as is a good girl spanking from a bad girl spanking. I want you So badly after. Sigh.

So this morning, I wake up, bottom delicously tender, my nighty up around my waist, my bare, still Very warm and Very tender bottom spooned into your hard belly and muscled thighs. I love the contrast between us, how hard you are, against my soft (and tender) skin.

I love the way you in your sleep hold me, your hand running over my curves as you feel me stir, calming me, reassuring me that you are there for me.

I feel safe, loved, protected. And very much turned on. I wriggle my rump into you, and can feel your hardness press between my cheeks,and I sigh happily again.

It's going to be a very good day.


(my very first brand new, non repost, spanking post here! yay me!)

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  1. Congrat's on your first new post here. I have followed you on 360 and figured I would here as well. I have a couple posts so far and am still trying to decide which way to go since so many friends are drifting in different directions. Time will tell. Have fun, E