Saturday, June 13, 2009

Backgammon, M/F rl domestic play

a repost from a few years ago....and this will only make sense if you know the how to play the game.

It was a pleasant day, tropical breezes, and my husband and I were over at Sue and Jen's place, sitting on the lanai (a covered veranda) playing backgammon, while Jen did her artist thing, and Sue was working the grill.

"Come on come on Damn!"

The dice hadn't been cooperative with me, and it was getting close as to who would get all their men carried of their board first. Then it was his term, and shit! Double sixes! That is what I had needed! My turn, and all I got was a 1 and a 2, and with no man on either point, forget taking anything off, and I nibbled my lip again.

I watch as he picks up his cup and shakes his dice, making sure he actually shakes them. And then, Double Sixes Again! No WAY!

He clears the board, beating me. Shit. I have six men left, but I was so close! I had played better than he had, I should have won!

Which is one of the reasons he LIKES backgammon, because it has a fair amount of luck built into it. Or what he, ex infantryman that he is, calls the shit happens factor.

He is smiling BIG at me, WAY to big, and then I remember, (I have a tendency to get REALLY focused on things, and exclude what else is going on around me) and look in horror at the doubling cube, where it was showing 32!

I did the math, not so quick, he always teases me about my weakness with math, 6 times 2 is 12, 6 times 30 is 180, add them up... ONE NINETY TWO!!??!!

He smirks when he sees me figure it out, and I was the one who had doubled it last!

"Honey, no, please! That's too much, not all at once Honeyyyyyyy!"

The last is kinda a wail, as he pulls me by the wrist into a nearby bedroom, and I am soon de shorted and depantied, and otk with his big hand coming down over and over. Over my squeals and pleas for mercy I can hear Sue talking to Jen.

"Who won?"

"He did."

"No, you twit, who won the bet?"

"I dunno, I haven't figured that part out yet....."


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