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Jennifer's owed spanking, part 1, F/f,a family story

Entry for October 05, 2007 Jennifer's owed 1

(this takes place timewise, before Julie's little incident....)

It had been a few days since I had been home, sly was her normal off the wall, adorable self, Julie was being the good girl, although obsessing over American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, and her latest crush at school, and Jen had needed only one quick over the lap reminder.

I had told her that during her probation, I was going to treat her more like I did sly, and I meant it. Part of that meant being put over my knee more often, with far less leeway then she had been experiencing. So, when I saw that pout come on her face, mom's know which teen pout I mean, I simply told her to stop it now, as I took my surprised sixteen year old by the wrist, pulled her over my lap, flipped up her uniform skirt and gave her a good 20 or so hand spanks, to the seat of her cute little cotton brief panties. That pair had been pink, with a High School Musical print on them. Jen hadn't been thrilled when we had bought them the other day.

She reacted almost like sly did for one of her spankings as well. Even though I left her panties up, something I almost never do for the older girls; if you are that age, and bad enough to earn a spanking, it's almost always going to be on the bare fanny. But still, skimpy panties aren't a Lot of protection, and, I made sure to cover the bottom edge of those panties were slightly plump cheeks were peeking out as well.

But even more distressing to Jen, I think, then the pain, was the knowledge that I was treating her Just like her ten year old sister, giving her a little girls panty warming. And it worked, she was most humble and polite when I let her up, and sent her off to school.

I had checked on her last night, seeing what condition her bottom was in, more blushes of course, and then a Very sad face as I told her that the next night, she was going to get her earned spanking from me, the one she had coming from when I had been away.

So. after school, kissed sly, got her her snack and milk, chatted with Julie a bit, Jen was a bit quiet though. After sly was done, I told her to gather her things up, and scoot over to Ellen's till I called for her to come home. Going to someone else's home is always a treat,so off she shot.
I told Julie that Jen was going to be getting a good, sound spanking, up to her if she wanted to stay or not. The fact that she chose too, showed me just how much of a bullying big sister Jen must have been while I was gone.

I gave Jen a swat on her fanny, told her to keep her uniform on, and go put on white knee socks instead of the ankle socks she had on, and to get her bottom back downstairs. Blushing, she did so, and I put her in the corner, to wait for the rest of our guests. Tucking her skirt well up into the waistband, leaving her there in her cute little Care Bear briefs.

A knock at the door, and the first of our guests was there, Morgan. Followed shortly by Nicola's mom, my friend Deb from next doorn, and Sally, a new single mom in the neighborhood, with whom the other mom's and I had discussed how we raised our girls.

Jen's face seemed to glow brighter at every voice she heard, but, besides a fair amount of fidgeting, which she got scolded for, she stayed there. Probably willing herself to disappear. Well, with all of our guests here, it was time to get started....

Momma Angie

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Jenny W
Dear sweet Momma....I'm blushing down to my toes as I stand in the corner so humiliatingly dressed. Honest Momma, I really am too old to be wearing white knee socks though they are bit better than ankle socks...they are really childish. Care Bear'll be putting me in a diaper next!!! I'm not feeling like a 16 year old young lady standing here with my skirt around my waist and exposing my pantyclad bottom and bare thighs to anyone who walks by!! Momma, you aren't going to punish me in front of your friends are you...please, please don't let Morgan see me like this...I'll just die of shame. Please don't Momma....Kisses, very contrite Jenny.
Saturday October 6, 2007 - 10:34am (NZST) Remove Comment

Jennifer Ann! Spank!Stop it Right now, young lady!Weren't You the one that came to me and told me how sorry you were? How you felt that you needed little girl panties, for me to treat you like a little girl again? Well? Spank! Fuss about your clothes again, missy, and you will find yourself with your probation revoked, under Full grounding for the duration, AND all the new rules still in place besides, are we clear?!And, keep acting like such a big baby, and diapers are't out of the question!And I certainly Am going to let others watch, MY choice not yours, even though I Do remember you asking to be punished in front of Morgan before, or did you forget?your unhappy Mommyps, you won't die of shame you will just think you will, sweety....
Saturday October 6, 2007 - 01:00am (HST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Yes Momma...I'm sorry I'm such a naughty little girl..I'll do as I'm told..I promise!Hug, kiss and hug again.Your little girl, Jenny

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