Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daughters! F/ff , domestic

(Jen is 16, Julie 14,and sly is 10)

I don't care what others think, boys are Much easier to raise then girls. Oh, not saying they aren't especially boneheaded and all, but most of the stupid things they do, is just that, stupid. You ask them why they did 'x', and when they blankly look back at you, and say, "I dunno", they aren't lying, they really don't have a clue.

And overall, besides being simple, they are usually pretty straightforward. Whether it comes to girls, or other things. Say two guys, friends, get mad at each other. They'll have a fight, then after, either they are no longer friends, or more likely, they are buds again, it's all done.

And then we have girls. And here, pretty much mean starting with the that just preteen set and up.

Same situation. Two girls, friends, get mad. They may, or may more likley not, get into a physical fight. They Will most assuredly, get into a fight with their mouths. Tears will flow, on both sides. Nowadays, modern weapons of mass destruction will be used, cell phones, and computers as well. Even if after the fight, they say they are friends again, usually one (if not both), is lying and simply waiting for her chance to do the other dirt. And then there is the whole friends of friends, who can and who can't talk to whom anymore, all of it. I think the movie Mean Girls covered perfectly the ins and outs of so much of girls and how they do things. Cliques, counter cliques, factions, who is in and out, friends today, but not tomorrow, grudges held for years.

Besides being sneaky, deceptive little creatures, they are just as prone, if not more, then boys when it comes to their hormonal urges, and not just talking PMS here. So, you have all the base behavior problems with girls, that you do with boys, plus an innate deviousness, coupled with tears, thinking they are all grown up at 13, and tears and drama queen behavior as well.

Like my girls, for example. Well, not sly yet. She was still prehormonal, and whatever trouble she got into was simply sly being her normal 'I didn't remember' or 'but I forgot!Honest!' self.

The others though...

Although today, they looked like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

Which was a decided change from yesterday.

Today we were all at the mall. I had on the shirt Jenny and Julie had got me for Christmas, the one that had the drawing of a fifties type mom, holding a hairbrush, saying "Don't Make me use my crabby Mommy powers!"

Jenny (she wasn't quite back to Jen instead of Jennifer yet...) and Nikki with us, since I had taken the car from both of them again, Julie, and sly.

Jenny was in a cute pink Happy Bunny shirt; this one said " Boys are stupid and kinda smell, lets throw rocks at them!" and instead of her normal tight as Mom would let her get by with jeans, a rather loose soft above the knee skirt. And after the tanning I gave her yesterday, I didn't blame her one bit, if that was my fanny, I wouldn't be wearing tight anything for a while either.

Her girlfriend Nikki had on her red Happy Bunny shirt , which so charmingly said "Makeover? You need to be runover!" and instead of her tight little pants, she was wearing rather loose sleep pants. Not thin, but those jammie pants so many girls wear out and about these days.

Oh, and the reason why Jenny and Nikki got spanked? Well, here is what happened.

I had to make a couple of stops after work, and just happened to be going through the mall. Not something I normally do, Especially Fridays, when it becomes a congested gaggle of teens wandering around and preening and ogling one another. Julie was home, sitting sly, and I needed to get home before those two got into it,again.

So, as I was moving through the food court area, I happened to notice Jenny and Nikki there in the crowd. So I went over, not as they might think, to embarrass them in public, but to see what was up, if they were coming home for supper or staying for a movie,that sort of thing.

Imagine my shock, when I see my eldest in a shirt I didn't remember seeing before, and then Knowing I hadn't seen it before, when I read what it said....

One Tequila
Two Tequila
Three Tequila

She still hadn't seen me as I was mentaly deciding whether to take it off her there, or wait till we got home, when I saw what Nikki was wearing. Hers was a demure "Which part of Fuck Off, don't you understand, Fucker?!"

Apparently my face Did reflect what I was thinking, since when the girls saw me, the friends who had been by them parted like the Red Sea, and my two (hey, she lives there so much, I think of Nikki as mine too) trying futily to cover up their shirts with their arms, as Jenny said "M-Mommy! Uh, what are you doing here?!"

The fact that Jenny actually called me Mommy in public was an indication that at least subconciously, if not conciously, she Knew just how much trouble her little fanny was in! And from the way her partner in crime had one arm in front of her shirt, and her other hand over her rump, meant she had a Very good idea of what I was thinking.

to be continued....


Offline IM
girls are famous for leaving the house and changing clothes. Yep mine did it and I am sure it is still going on today and forever. They know what they did. Every now and then a back pack check might be in order. LOL
Wednesday January 16, 2008 - 08:35am (PST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh holy s##t...Mommy PLEEEEEEEEEZE don't embarrass me in front of all my friends. PLEEEEEZE don't tell me off in public and PLEEEEEEEZE don't spank me or threaten to spank me at the mall......PLEEEEEEZE wait till we get home. I can see in your expression that I am going to get the spanking of my life but PLEEEEEZE Mommy, can't you remember when you were my age and go a bit easy on me?I love you Mommy, Jenny XXXXXXXXXX
Thursday January 17, 2008 - 08:31am (NZDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Mom Angie...I'll be waiting to see just how you chose to "discuss" this matter with those two young miscreants... But I hope they both got a reminder on their "fashion choices" that will make them think for a long, long, long, time...Hugs.
Wednesday January 16, 2008 - 01:13pm (PST) Remove Comment
OMG! (LOL) Poor Jennifer! Poor Nikki! Your shirts are hilarious, but Moms gonna KILL you!Goodie!,sly
Wednesday January 16, 2008 - 06:30pm (PST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Hey Miss Morgan and superbrat Sly...I need a little help and support here 'cos Mommy seems hellbent on blistering my bare bottom...what happened to sisterly care and affection? You surely DON'T want to see me spanked till I can't sit down for a week...or do you? HmmmLove, Jenny
Thursday January 17, 2008 - 10:49pm (NZDT) Remove Comment
Dear Jennifer,Well....Yeah!Still love you, though...might help you out AFTER...maybe...Don't remember you coming to my rescue before. Hmmmm..Matter o Fact, I seem to remember YOU having a little "free day" with me and don't remember you Holding back any! So, There!Spank her, Mommie!love,sly
Thursday January 17, 2008 - 09:06am (PST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Thanks a million Sly...huh! Perhaps the next time I sit you we can discuss your comments...over my knee, panties down, buttocks wide apart, ginger root slipped into your bottomhole and my hand spanking your cute little bare bottom till its rosy and stinging..yeah, that sounds good!Ooops...sorry Mommy, I didn't know you you were listening...yes Mommy, I remember you warning me I couldn't punish Sly without your permission...yes Mommy, I deserve to be punished...yes Mommy, I'll fetch the brush....NOOOO Mommy not the ginger as well!!!Sobs, Jenny
Friday January 18, 2008 - 08:26am (NZDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Oh, dear. It seems like there is going to be some wailing done tonight. i am just very glad it isn't me. Not a very smart choice of clothing to make. Someone always sees and
Thursday January 17, 2008 - 05:15pm (CST) Remove Comment
Well I think those T-shirts are disgusting! why would anyone want to go around dressed like that? thats going to attract the 'wrong' type of attention for sure! And ooops, looks like you've just attracted exactly that, Mom is sure going to give you attention alright!Whatever Mom does to you I do hope she hurries back quick. Sly is doing my nut in, here at home. SLY: "can I do this...? can I do that...? Well I'm going to and you can't stop me!"Why can't she just sit still and watch Lilo and Stitch I'm online? Constant nagging and attention seeking and if she goes in my room one more and rummages though my draws... "Sly STOP IT or I'll make you wear one of Jens little skirts!" Even I shuddered at that thought.Good luck Jen, but c'mon you know the rules!
Saturday January 19, 2008 - 05:57pm (GMT) Remove Comment

Well thank you for the entertaining build up and the girls banter. I for one can't wait to see or even hear what happens. Well done mum for inforcing the correct standards with your girls. We can't have the youth of today wondering around looking like a copy of Viz. Bare and hard is my sugestionluv sarah
Saturday January 19, 2008 - 11:06am (PST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Dear Sly, Julie, Morgan and Sarah...thankyou SOOO much for your sympathy and concern...huh!! Don't be mean to me..remember you get/got spanked too so be a bit sympathetic to my imminent bare bottom tanning..please!Jenny
Sunday January 20, 2008 - 11:50pm (NZDT) Remove Comment

Redd B
As always, well written. I think I would have taken them to the nearest store, made them buy unoffending T-shirts out of their movie money, and spanked them in the dressing room. Can't wait to find out what you did. Such Language!
Monday January 21, 2008 - 09:31am (PST) Remove Comment

Mike M
So how old are Julie and Nikki? Like that matters. lol As long as they are under your roof they are game to be spanked. I am sure Connie who is 25 can relate.
Thursday January 24, 2008 - 01:33pm (PST) Remove Comment

I am the new neighbor girl you must have forgotten my mom was leaving me with you today. So I am waiting for you back at my house. I know my mom just called to say she was calling your cell phone and already gave you a key. And I got bored and have been going through my big sisters clothes and found a great T-shirt that says "I Like a Good Spanking" It is a scream. So I put it on and am running around the house and dancing to music and will have plenty of time to change before you get here.
Friday January 25, 2008 - 08:01pm (PST) Remove Comment

its never easy
Tuesday February 12, 2008 - 03:47pm (PST) Remove Comment
In sly's little world...Runs into Jenny's room looking for something to wear to the creek, coz Mommie says not to wear any of my "good" clothes...they're All good to me! Finds a shirt in the corner, all bunched up..almost like it had been snatched off and thrown to the floor. Picks it up, shakes it out, holds it up. "Tee-Qu-I-Lah War? What's That?" shrugs shoulders, puts it on and happily skips down the stairs, down the street..waving to the neighbors, "HEYYYYY Ms. Timmons and Mrs. Ward! Nice day, huh!" hmmmm...Wonder why they was looking at me like that...Your mischievous one,~sly

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