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Mommy and me, part 1, F/F

Entry for October 14, 2008 Mommy and me part 1, F/F
Okay, this is about Sly, as my Mommy, and me, as her wife, but undergoing some age regression discipline as her 'daughter'. I talked more about this dynamic in an earlier post about 'my family'.
Oh, and sorry, no spanking in this part, just background, so all those that only read the spanking parts, you don't need to go further.
I opened up the email when I saw it was from her.
And then the butterflys started, when I read it. And not the good kind, either.
It was a rather simple and short message, but it meant a Lot to me.

It said:

Young lady.
You are to go straight home, and up to your room. Get ready for me, I'll be up to deal with you when I'm ready.

Breaking it down though, this is what I got out of it.

First, the 'young lady' didn't mean anything in and of itself. I got called that as her wife, or daughter.

The 'Mommy' Was important. Not Daddie, which meant she was addressing me only as her wife.
Not Mommie, which, in our relationship meant that I was for all practical purposes, her 14 year old daughter in All ways.

And then there was Mommy. Mommy was still my Head of House, and I her wife, but it grew more complicated after that. Sly as Mommy was much more maternal then Daddie, of course. But with Mommy, my role was different, or could be. I could still be simply Sly's wife, but, I could also find myself as a wife who was being treated as naughty girl.

The key right now, was in the ' your room...'. Not 'our' room, but 'your' room. Which really meant 'my' room.

The old guest bedroom, which she had had converted into an authentic teen girl's room. Twin bed, dresser, and, clothes for a girl as well. I wasn't always sure just How young those clothes were going to be, when I opened up those dresser drawers, that in part depended on her mood, which depended on large part on my recent behavior. The more childish I had been acting, well. Well, you get the idea.

The 'straight home' part wasn't to be taken literally,as I wasn't expected to simply leave work, but she meant as soon as I was done with work, I was to get my fanny home, and Right home, no stops, no chatting, no shopping, home!

The 'up to your room' part, one more time, besides telling me Very clearly whom my Mommy was addressing, WAS more properly read as 'straight up to your room!' and right now, and I mean it, or else!

The 'up to deal with you when I'm ready...' meant just that. (surprising, I know...)

The first part of that sentence, 'get ready for me' was a bit more complicated. A good bit would depend on what I did, or did not find laid out when I got to my room. Unspoken, but implicit, was that once my fanny was in the room, it had better stay there, waiting until Mommy decided to show up, or else!

And worst of all, was what wasn't in Mommy's note to me. No indication if this was a game, or if I was in real trouble, and if so, how bad it was. And, like naughty daughters and wives all over the world in time past as well as now, I rapidly reviewed my recent behavior, looking for anything I might have done, that she had somehow found out about. Not coming up with anything wasn't comforting either, as that often meant I had found out a new and novel way to mess up that I wasn't even aware of yet, prespanking.

So with such comforting thoughts, I finished up the rest of my workday, and headed home.

Straight home.

I saw her car parked there, and I went in.

"Mommyyyy, I'm hommmme Ma'am!"

It wasn't quite yelling, but 'up to my room' meant Up to my room, no searching for her. I got no answer,and went upstairs, and down the hall, the other end from Mommy's bedroom.

"Mommy, are you up here? I'm home...." which, as teen as it sounded, how I felt, was kinda dumb when you thought about it, of Course I was home, where else would I be if she could hear me?

Going into my room, I shut the door, quietly, ladylike, not a Hint of slamming or bad temper or pouting!

And the first place I looked was the bed, to see if Mommy had laid anything out for me. She hadn't, which I wasn't sure was a good, or bad thing. When Mommy laid things out, I at least had a pretty good idea as what was going to happen, even if I might not like the answer. Nothing laid out, meant, well no hints and being left to wonder and worry. Also, no hairbrush, paddle, or strap, laid out on the pillow for me. THAT was a good thing!

I stripped off my nice, soft, cream linen slacks, and saphire silk blouse. I left my undies on, because if Mommy came in, before I had finished changing, but she saw I had started at least, to undress, she would know I was obeying her.

Dang (not damn, but dang. Damn was something Daddie's wife, or Mommy's wife, Might get by with, but NOT something Mommy's daughter would get by with, oh no! The other D word would Ensure a mouthsoaping and spanking for bad language. And, the farther I went into my daughter mindspace, where I had been most of the day already, the more such little substitutions happened.), what to wear!

I peeked in my closet, and then my dresser and the good news was that there had been no whole sale change over of my wardrobe to a much younger age, thank goodness!

Although my heart skipped a beat, when I peeked into my panty drawer, and saw the hated panty paddle there, where it lived. Stupid thing.

Well, enough dithering around, Mommy might be up any minute!

I picked out a cute little pair of panties, white cotton bikinis, not string bikinis, but nice proper ones, suitable for a 14 year old, with little pink hearts and pink elastic at the waist and legs. And, a matching training bra, blush.

I shimmied out of my of my nice silk undies and tossed them onto my clothes on the floor. I picked out a nice simple mid thigh skirt, light blue, and found a cute, well, I thought it was cute, Mommy just sighed and rolled her eyes, but she never said I couldn't wear it, little tshirt.

My Emily the Strange t-shirt,, and I was set!

I debated for a second about knee socks, which I detest with a Passion, but she hadn't said anything, so, I didn't put any on.

Although, now I suddenly realized I had two new problems! Dang! In my nerves about Mommy's note, I had come straight home, and had neglected to use the restroom before I left.

And, unlike the master bedroom, there was no bathroom conviently attached to my room. Dang it! Because, 'get ready' meant once I entered my room, I was to stay there till released. Or else. As I had found out the hard way a couple of times.

Problem two was something else, what to do with the clothes I had taken off. As Mommy didn't allow me wear, or even have grown up like clothes like that in my bedroom and a quick panicked look showed my hamper wasn't even in my room! Dang dang dang! I had left the stupid thing downstairs the last time I had done laundry, and had forgotten to bring it back up! And she wasn't going to be happy, or accept that I had just left them on the floor, either!


My other option, earlier, which I had thought of when I thought I still had a hamper to put them in, and so had not chose it, was to strip in the hall, and toss them in the laundry before I even went up stairs. However, I had dismissed that almost at once, as I my bottom still tingled at the memory I'd gotten, and the lecture about how young ladies do NOT wander around the house in the nude! (although I showed a bit of wisdom, for once, and left my mental question, mental, and unspoken, about why if it was a spankable offense for her daughter to be running from the laundry room upstairs to get changed, why it was okay to have my bare fanny stuck in the living room corner....).

So, having no better choice, I neatly bundled up the my 'other' clothes, and slid them out the door, into the hall. There, I hadn't left my room! True, Mommy wasn't going to be happy with my clothes in the hall, but it was an effort on my part to try to obey. Maybe that would help. Sometimes it did, sometimes it was too little, too late.

But as nerves got to me, so did my need to pee. Especially,and mostly due to the fact that I knew I couldn't!

So, I opened my door again, poked my head out (poking your head out really isn't leaving your room, ya know...), and called out, very politely.

"Mommmmy? Um, may I have permission to use the bathroom, Pleeasse?"

And no answer.


I went to my window, and looked out,and saw Mommy working in the backyard, in the garden. Double crud. Mommy Loved her garden, she could be out there a while.

So, I turned on my music, she hadn't said I couldn't, and grabbed a book, Harry Potter was to serious right now, so I grabbed one of Aspirin's Myth books, and laid down to read, my legs in the air,swinging slowly with the music.


Delightful beginning! Very cute. Very sweet. Precious...Can't wait to read more.Love,Mommy
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Brett B
My favorite part of a story is the background, setting up characters and situations. All your little details are very original (at least to me) and I enjoyed this a lot. Full of personality. I think a certain young lady could be in some real trouble. Excellent writing! Thanks, Angie.
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