Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bob, please no! MF/F, role reversal

another repost...
"Bob, pleasssse, no!" I wailed out, as he didn't slow down in his
walk with me to the master
bedroom, my wrist firmly trapped in hishand, being made to walk along, drug along, actually, like a girl being taken to the parental bedroom for a spanking.

Except that Bob wasn't my father, he was my son in law, and my smiling daughter was walking behind us, determined not to miss any of the show that was occuring...

I drug my feet the closer we got to the bedroom, terrified at what was going to happen, what I couldn't seem to stop, and Bob had had enough, and Jerked me past him, letting go of my right wrist with his left hand, catching up my right arm, with his right arm, and then proceeded to spank walk me, daddy style, the rest of the way into the room!

I squealed and begged and demanded and danced as we suddenly seemed to be moving to slow, now, and tried to get my left arm behind me to block his spanks, but it didn't work, wherever I was, his hard hand was someplace else.

He was saying something to Jill, but I really couldn't tell you what, I was to miserable to care, and then he was sitting on the bed, pulling me between his legs, and I fussed but resistance got me no where, I was rapidly put over only his left knee, and I squirmed and kicked, again alternating begging for mercy and Demanding that he stop this instance, but neither approach seemed to work.

There was a Resounding SMACK!!!! right across the center of my bottom, covering the central divide, and it certainly got myattention! My legs came up, a frantic flutter kick, and my head lifted up in response as well. NOW I was listening as well as feeling everything that was going on.

"...tired of telling you the same things, over and over again,Angela!"

I blushed as I heard the scolding, bad enough to be where I was,about to Obviously get spanked, but I had only ever been called Angela growing up when I was in trouble, and for my son in law to call me that, it was humiliating, embarrassing, humbling, and effective, I found myself reacting more as a naughy young woman rather than as his wife's mother...

"I will NOT have the two of you fighting and arguing all the time!"SMACK! and squeal!"I will NOT come home to an unhappy wife all the time!"SMACK! and squeal!

As he lectured, I felt his hand going to the bottom of my skirt, and felt myself grow even redder as he raised it, not sexily, but so matter of factly, up my thighs and Over my pantied and pantyhosed bottom! I really struggled and begged then, but No more demanding,I can assure you!

"You may not believe this, young lady..." and I Died when he called me young lady!

"but for the most part I really dont' mind you living here with us!But,"

SMACKSMACKSMACK and lots of squealing!

"you need to learn that while you are family, and this is your house in that sense, it Isn't Your house, it's Mine, and I make the rules, not you!"

My fussing increased as I felt him tug and yank and pull down my pantyhose and panties till they were a tangled knot around me knees,and then his right leg clamped hard against my legs, trapping me in place, and before any more spanks landed, in girlish rememberance and desperation, I put my right hand back, in another futile gesture, he simply took it and placed it at my side, and then started the Real spanking, as he continued to lecture.

"My house, Our Rules, Angela Lynn! And if you can't abide by what Jill and I want, then you will either find yourself over my or her knees for a spanking each and Every time you act up, or you can move out, which we All know you can't afford to do! I suggest you learn some manners and Grow up if you ever want to sit again!"

I was crying hard, bawling really, at the combinded effect of words and horrid painful spanks...

And I heard Jill encourage him, she had been Really put out with me today, " Spank her harder, honey! She spanked my sisters and I Way harder than that when we were growing up! SHE said the whole point of spanking was to make it hurt, so the naughty girl would remember to behave herself for days to come! And mom has So much bottom to cover, make sure you spank All of it, even if it takes a long time!And I can hand you the brush or get the paddle or strap dear, or..."

He settled for the brush, and she settled in the chair by the bed,legs curled up and smiling at my loss of adulthood...and the last thing I really remember hearing was her telling him not to forget corner time, or having to sit at the kitchen table and write an apology after it was all done....and I remembered how the girls had hated that,sitting there on fresh spanked bottoms covered only in thin panties, while the rest of the house milled around normally,squirming on those hard kitchen chairs...and I knew she hadn't forgotten either.


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