Friday, June 12, 2009

Stepdad part 2, M/f domestic

second part of the step dad story, and thank you for the nice comments about part one, but this one isn't real life, just a story...

Okay, normally I don't do series, but....

Things had changed A LOT around the house since that first spanking of mine from my step dad.

In the next several weeks, I was to get several spankings, each as bad as the first. That first night, when I replayed the days events in my mind, like, over and over and over, I would blush and get all warm inside (no, not THAT way you pervs!) when I remembered having called him daddy! Now where had THAT come from?

I was also a little embarrassed, now that the moment had passed, but...

The next morning, mom and my step dad came down stairs together, he was in his jeans and a shirt, she was still in her sleep shirt, but they were holding hands and smiling. She looked so happy. I got all flustered all of a sudden, worried about getting teased or something. But nothing was said about the little beach incident.

Mom just came over and kissed my head in passing and said "morning baby" and my step dad just said morning hon" and I got that warm feeling all over again, and I mumbled a hi out, and then got real interested in eating. But they could have cared less about me (and I don't mean that in a mean way), but you know, like they were all kissy and lovey dovey, that sort of thing.

So even though I was all happy for mom, I still got embarrassed, I mean, it WAS my parents after all, and who wants to see that!?

So I left them alone, and as I was out the door I heard a 'Spank!" and a squeal and I blushed even more! I hung out with some friends I hadn't seen since I had been away, for the better part of the day, and I made it home for dinner. I was helping out with the cleanup (see, I'm not THAT spoiled!) when mom asked me what my plans were for the night.

I told her I was supposed to meet some of my girlfriends in a little while, and we were just going to go cruise the island and hang out. Mom was less than thrilled. See, besides me being under age, as far as legal clubs and drinking went, there is a LOT of illegal drug use here on island. A lot.

Sooo, like when I was in HS, I got the who ya gonna be with, where ya gonna be, what time ya gonna be back speech. And even though I DIDN'T want to act this way, I kinda responded like I had back in HS when mom did this. So she got the 'with people, out, and when I get home' answers. That didn't really go over well, and her voice started to rise when he came back in, and very calmly, asked what was up.

Mom started to say nothing, and he just Looked at her and asked again, and she looked at the floor and mumbled nothing, but then told him. He nodded, and then very politely, asked me if I minded if he talked to my mom for a minute, alone. I didn't, but I didn't understand why mom had her hand back to cover her butt like I used to when I was in trouble.

I left them there (easier for one person to leave, ya know....) but I could hear voices coming from the kitchen, nothing loud, you know, just snatches of conversation.

Him: remember me telling you she wasn't a little girl anymore, and things would have to change when... mom:... yes, I know but... Him: okay, it's settled then. And then he called me back in. Mom wasn't looking flushed anymore, and I'm glad that she was calmer. I mean this was only my second night home, I didn't want a fight. My step dad started things out.

"Angie, hon, your mom and I have been talking. We BOTH know you aren't a kid anymore... "

All right dad! Er, I mean, step dad. Actually, I didn't know what I meant or felt right then. I think I missed part of what he was saying.

" we want to discuss some changes in the house rules for you. And DON'T give us that look, young lady. You may not be in high school anymore, but you are still ONLY 19, and still living at home, and still to young to go out and drink. If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like one and listen without pouting."

The matter of fact assessment of my behavior kinda took the wind out of my sails, so I stopped the pout that had just kinda automatically came, and simply said 'Yes sir." Mom smiled at that. (hey, I had been around daddies before, even if I hadn't had one, and besides, he was ex-military, and was just one of those guys you said sir to, without being a smartass.)

"Your mom said you had a curfew last year of midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Well that has changed. The new time is 1 a.m. And it isn't a curfew. If you aren't going to be home by then, we DO expect a call from you to let us know EXACTLY where you are and who you are with and what time you think you WILL be getting home, got it?"

Mom looked grumpy, till dad gave her a 'look' and then her pout went away like mine had. He was talking to her again. "... -mber what I told you. If she wasn't living here, if she was say, in the Army, like many 19 year old young women, no one would be watching her behavior except as to how it pertained to her job. She is growing up, and she needs to make her own mistakes." Mom just nodded, and I think I grew another inch. Way to go Dad!

"But,.." (don't you just HATE when they do that!?) " I also expect you to tell your mom the who what and where before you take off also. It's not only polite, it's for your safety."

And I blushed, cause he was right. Even though everyone thinks the islands are so romantic and cool, lots of bad stuff, especially to girls, happens all the time. So I apologized to mom, and told her what she wanted. Then dad asked if I had any money, and when I said a little, he got his wallet out and gave me $40! He said it was important to have some money, it helped keep girls from having to do stupid things when they were broke. So I thanked mom and him, and got dressed and went out. And come 12:30, when I knew I was going to be late, I called WAY before I was supposed to, and let them know I was over at Pia's place, and yes mom the number is still the same, and her folks are here, and we are just watching movies love you by... Sooo, no spanking that night.

The next week, however.

See, I met this guy I knew in High School, kinda a big man on campus, and while I knew him, we never went out. But now, he seemed all interested. He had been around the house a couple of times, but mom, and especially dad, didn't seem to like him. So you know how that goes, that made me like him even more. He was good lucking, had that buff surfer build, had a cool car, could have any girl he wanted and he wanted me! The only bad thing was he was pushing REAL hard to get into my pants from like the first night. But I kept saying no.

So on Saturday, when we went out, after we had left the house, he started getting on me, bugging me and teasing me about what a little girl I was, having to answer to my mommy and step dad like I was 13. And while a part of me wanted to explain that wasn't true, I blushed, and kinda agreed that it was pretty lame, cause I didn't want him to think I was a goody goody, and then I felt all guilty.

to be cont......maybe.


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