Monday, June 29, 2009

A morning spanking, M/F,domestic, rl

I had gotten up before he did this morning, did my yoga, checked back on him, feeling sorta passionate, but the big thug (or would that be slug?) was still sleeping. Apparently too much activity last night, and he is getting old.

So, ignored my early morning urge to wake him up and jump his bones, and showered. And perhaps let the shower massager linger longer in some areas then in others...

Mostly dried off, grabbed some little pink microfiber string bikini panties, slightly snug, so my bottom and hips kinda plumped out over the elastic at waist and legs, and grabbed a shorty tshirt, one that barely came to below my panties, and went to make some breakfast.

He came out, apparently lured by the smell of bacon frying. He went and got his coffee before coming over and giving me my kiss (I'm used to it, he's an ex-Infantry lifer, and must maintain a certain coffee serum blood level to function....) and from behind me at the counter, I heard him go "Hmmmm, little girl, nice panties."

Okay, so I was slightly bent as I was reaching for something, and most of my fanny was on display, and I blushed. I always blush, but I So love it that he not only notices,but comments.

I turned slightly to say thank you, and got my kiss as I did, oh my! And then he was snug behind me, and I was very aware of how much he liked me.

So, girl that I am, I pouted and fished for a compliment.

"So, it's just my panties you like? If you want, I can always peel them off, and the two of you can be happy together."

He nuzzled my neck at my sweet spot, and my bones just melted, and I let my head back against him as I cooed in delight, and his one arm was wrapped around my waist, his other hand was on my fanny, bridging both cheeks, gently squeezing, cupping, pinching. My fresh little panties were becoming quite damp. And that deep, testosterone chuckle,that always gives me delicous goosebumps.

"No baby, I don't like just your panties, you pretty little brat." Spank!

"They are cute, but, " Spank! " you know it's just pretty wrapping on the real present, sugar."

Hmmmm, that was more like it.

"Hmmph! Well, I'm glad you like my fanny, and you coulda got So lucky this morning, but you were sleeping, oh well Honeeee!!!!!!"

I LOVE it when the big thug simply picks me up like I weigh nothing, and puts me over his shoulder! A Firm spank to upturned and exposed bottom, a squeal, of course, and a hurried plea to turn off the burner.

Moving to the counter on the way out of the kitchen, he picked up a wooden spoon from our new Rosy Bottoms kitchen spanking collection (highly recommend her stuff) and he carried me out to the dining room island, sat me down, and sat down on a bar stool, and picked me up again, and upended me over his lap. God I love it there. So of course I fussed.

"Honeyyyyyy!" wiggle wriggle squirm! My! Someone was Hard below me!

"Let me up! I don't have time to play now! " God, if he let me up, I swore I'd kill him!

"I was randy earlier, when you were still sleeping, now I have to get breakfast, get dressed, and go to work!"

Accompanied with more squirms, wriggles and pressing down into him.


"Eeeeeeiii! Honeyyyyyyyy! that hurt!!!!!!!"

The bully had used the wide wooden spatula with holes to start with! The wriggling, etc, wasn't just play anymore, that thing burns!

Crack crack crack!

The only concession to a 'warmup' was that my little (very damp now ) panties were still left on. And my squirming was accompanied by appropriate sound effects.

It was one of those light but fast and burning spankings, and I was flutter kicking as if I was swimming. A pause, as I simply hung there over his lap, gasping, panting trying to catch my breath, and then he pulled my panties down.

"Honeyyyyyyy Noooooooooo!"

Oh yes yes yes!!!!!! Okay, there is nothing better than that moment when your lover pulls your panties down, and embarrassingly bares your bottom. Unless it's the moment when they first expose your panties, or the moment when...

He left them at my knees, he loves to watch me kick them off. But instead of continuing on with the spatula, he used his favorite thing of all, his hand. Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the feel of hand on my bottom.

Large, firm, hard as a paddle, but cupped so it molded to my fanny, and when he spanked my left cheek, letting the fingers of his hand curve into the cleft between my cheeks, stings so badly, but so lovely too!

Concentrating now on the lower curves, and now Loud fussing squealing as he hit the lower sit spots, upper thighs!

My little pink panties waving franticaly from one ankle now, he loves that.

Hushing me, telling me with all the guests that will soon be coming for the summer, that I should enjoy a good morning spanking when I can.

And his left arm wrapped under my tummy now, his hand down 'there' as I gasped and wriggled against his very knowing fingers, and then he spanked me, and spanked me, and spanked me some more. And I came, and I came, and I came.

When I regained conciousness, he was lightly stroking my bottom, then kissed each cheek, set me back on my feet, Spanked me hard across the middle of my butt, and told me to scoot and shower up again,and change, while he got breakfast.

I jumped, squealed, held my butt, kissed him, and ran upstairs. And came back down, in the ice blue office sundress, that he likes, with the matching undies.

And sat my warm little bottom down in his lap while we ate, and he told me I could show him what a good little wife I was tonight, after work.



  1. Angie, I LOVE this story! How fantastically delicious this spanking was, I love how you recall it!

    The brat speak (not sure what you call it) sounds just like something I would say, and I loved his reaction to it.
    Plus it causes a butterfly sensation in my tummy when I read or get called 'little girl' by someone, it should be thought of as demeaning - but I love it!

    I am so happy you had a lovely morning spanking experience like this, and am so jealous ;-)

    Hope you have fun tonight too!

    Mrs M

  2. Hey Angie, not sure if my other comment got posted or not - it doesn't seem to have been posted so I shall try again!

    I LOVED this story, what a fantastic morning spanking experience you had!
    I love the brat speak (so sounds like something I would say), and I love how he deals with it ;-).

    There is also something incredibly sexy about being called 'little girl', not sure what it is or why I like it - but yum!

    Anyways, great post - thanks so much for sharing!
    Hope you both had a wonderful night tonight ;-)

    Mrs M

  3. What a great way to begin the day -- you both must have been smiling all day -- and let us know how you showed him you were a good ittle wife after work.