Friday, June 12, 2009

the trouble with being short M/F, romantic

Kari huffed and blew the hair out of her eyes, as she tried to figure out which pair of heels she was going to be wearing tonight. She had quite the collection, not just of shoes, but of heels.
Other than working out, if she had shoes on, they were heels, being short, she needed all the help she could get.

Of course, her mom never called her short. Her mom did that 'mom' thing, and told her she wasn't short, she was just very petite.


All Kari knew was that she was short, on a good day, hitting 4'10", before heels.Being short had it's problems. One of the biggest, especially for a young, relatively new by two years out of college business woman, was that people tended not to take her seriously.

So, she always dressed well, did her work well, and never ever giggled at work.She still remembered, blushing, the day someone from a different department had come by, and had asked one of the women if it was bring your daughter to work day!

So, heels, always. Even for a casual drink tonight with some coworkers, at the new bar around the corner.

After she got home, a quick strip and shower, a mist of perfume, her nice silky Victoria's Secret ice blue panties with matching bra, and a nice little miniskirt, and sleeveless blue blouse, and the black heels, and she was set.All 5'2" (post heels) of her.The other problem, she thought, besides people not taking you seriously, was something more specific to her.

Kari's secret was that she liked to be spanked. And had no end of men wanting to do that, but, when they found out her stature, and saw her youthful picture (her mother had told her she would be thankful for looking so young later in life...) the spanking scene they Always wanted to do was some type of schoolgirl, or Daddy/uncle and daughter/niece type of thing.Not that she was opposed to that, but, she Wasn't a schoolgirl, but a woman, and she had a woman's needs, dammit!

Problem three, with being short, and young looking, was that sometimes, oftentimes, the cute guy in the office didn't even know you were alive.

And then there she was, at the club. There was a small line, she didn't see any of her group, most likely already inside, and so she went to dig her ID out.Problem four with being short and youthful, was that she got carded Everywhere she went!So, ID in hand, she prepared to walk through the door, when her way was blocked by a Very large arm, which was attached to a Very large bouncer!

"Sorry miss, nice try, but, why don't you come back when you are legal, okay? We don't need any trouble here..."

"Wh-, huh, What do you mean, when I'm legal! I AM legal, that's why I gave you the ID!!!! See, right there, if you can read and count, I'm 24, now let me in!"

"Yeah, right, 24 my ass, little girl! Nice job with the fake, now get!" And with that, he pocketed her ID, and turned to the next wannabe patron!

"Listen, you big ass!" Kari's face was red from embarrassment, and anger, and she hadn't noticed the crowd that had showed up.

"Give me my ID back, now, call your manager, now, and maybe I won't ask for you to be fired!"

"Look! I told YOU to go away, and no, policy is that we Don't give back fake IDs, so scram, before I call the cops and you get in Real trouble...Ow!"

The last comment was made because Kari's already short temper (sorry, no pun intended) had boiled over, and she had kicked him, quite hard, with the narrow little hard leather tip of her heels. And as he raised his leg up to grab his injury, she stomped on his other foot with the very pointed heel. He recovered nicely though, not quite toppling over like a redwood, but before she could slip through to find management, one big hand reached out and grabbed her waist, and then she was scooped up, and simply Tucked under his arm, head and shoulders under his arm, facing his back, and her fanny facing the rest of the crowd and then he was spanking her!

"Why you Spank Little Spank Brat! Kick Spank! me Spank will Spank you Spank? (simply insert a spank for every captial letter now....)If You Want To Act Like My Bratty Little Sister Then I Will Damn Well Treat You Like I Do Her! "

And with that, he really started the spanking in earnest!Now, although Kari was into spanking, this was different, this wasn't play, and to add insult to her very injured bottom, she was getting a schoolgirl spanking and it wasn't even roleplay! And, her short little skirt had ridden up with her struggles, and it was skimpy panties that were getting spanked, as well as exposed soft bottom cheek!Tears were almost there, she was most definetly not going anywhere till he let her down, when she heard someone call her name....

"Kari? Kari, is that you, Let her down, now!"

And then she was back on her feet, and childish or not, pride didn't matter as much as rubbing rudely spanked cheeks right now...

And she saw that it was Jared, the cute guy from work.Now talking most loudly to the confused bouncer. And he got her ID back.Oh great, she thought, there goes any hope of him thinking of ever asking me out, after seeing me get spanked like a little girl!His thoughts however, were a bit different than that...

And as he handed her the ID, asked if she was okay, his arm was around her shoulder as they went in, and he asked if she wanted to get the manager, and she said no, better to just pretend it never happened, and, unlike most men, who would have aksed her what she wanted, and then ignored what she said, Jared simply said okay, and left it at that...

They found a table, but none of their coworkers,which made small talk (sorry, no pun intended...) slightly uncomfortable. So, blushing Kari thanked him for coming to her rescue. He blushed himself now, which she found very charming, and said that he had recognized her right away, and was only sorry that he hadn't gotten there sooner.

Which is when Kari's sharp mind thought of something. She hadn't Seen him come, which meant that he had approached from the rear, so to speak (she could feel the heat pouring off her face!).An articulate response followed...

"But, but, you couldn't see my face, I mean, all you could see, was, well, you know! and so how could you be so sure it was Me!?" and possbilby the last was a wee bit shriller than she had intended.

Jared blushed charmingly again. And mumbled something, which, when asked to repeat, turned out to be that he knew Exactly what her sexy curves looked like, from front or rear. And more questions found out that Jared thought she was sexy as hell, not cute, not just pretty, but sexy! And that he loved her in her tight dress slacks, which cupped her bottom just so, or those fitted dresses which swayed so nicely when she walked or stretched so tight when she bent down, and then tonight, those sexy sexy panties and that red little bottom....

Later, at her place, as she snuggled contentedly into his arm, she thought her mom was right, after all, being petite had it's advantages....



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