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Jennifers owed spanking part 2, F/f, a family story

Entry for October 05, 2007 Jennifer's owed spanking pt. 2

"Hi everyone, I think you all know each other, and I'm so glad you could come. As you know, Jennifer was quite the little handful when I was recently away...Jen, come over her please, and besides the spankings she got from Morgan, and the strapping she got from Nikki's daddy, she still has a spanking coming from me. Since part of Jen's problem is that she always takes on airs, this little lesson is also to humble her as well. So thank you again for coming. I know we have all talked, either together, or one on one, and that we all have the same ideas when it comes to raising teen girls."

Jen was now in front of us, red faced,head down, skirt still tucked up in back. Her hands were folded little girllike in front of her, I think it's a cute look, I don't normally make them stand with their hands right at their sides.

"Now, Jennifer Ann, you are going to have a good long talk over my lap, young lady." Goodness, how much redder could that face get? Some sniffling now too, I heard.

"I told you before, that for the most part, the spankings and such you got while I was gone, were sufficient, and I wasn't going to add to them. But, that you still had one spanking left, do you know Why I'm spanking you Jennifer Ann?"

From the suddenly panicked look, it was obvious she didn't have a clue, and was now in that Oh good lord, what answer does she want! mode.

I let her sweat it out for a minute or so, fidgeting, looking anywhere but at me or the others there, starting to say something, then starting over again. Finally I just stopped her.

"Enough. Let me help your memory, little missy. Morgan was kind enough to email something you told her, when sly was due her own spanking. Let me read it back to you, see if it rings a bell."

'Are you going to see Sly now..yes here is the hairbrush...Mommie spanks with the flat side of the brush for ages but once the tears are well and truly flowing, she likes to flip the brush over and use the bristle side. Best results come from spreading Sly's cheeks with your left hand and firmly stroking the bristles between her cheeks before applying a good spanking to the tender skin on her inner buttocks...a narrow spatula spanked on the bottomhole is another of Mommie's punishments and you might think this is appropriate.'

"Oh, I see you Do remember, Jennifer Ann! My, how Very helpful you were. Hush, no, I do Not believe you were just joking when you told Morgan that! And, she didn't think you were joking either, luckily she has far more common sense than you do!"

Hard looks at Jen, whether she noticed them or not, from the other women there.

"Jennifer Ann Johnson, while sly May get the brush from me if she is very bad, have I Ever used the bristles of a brush on your, or your sisters, bottoms?"

"N-no Ma'ammmm" was the teary response.

"Have I ever spread your or your sisters cheeks for a spanking? I'm not saying you haven't gotten spanked there, especially you, when you fuss and kick high and wide, but have I spread them?"

sobbing now..."Noooo Mommyyyyy"

"And have I Ever spanked your, or your sisters bottom holes?!"

"Nooo o Mommyyy I'm sorry, really, I' m soo so..."

"Be quiet!" And, while I hadn't ever done it with the girls, what she had said were things I did think had merit when used with the correction of grown women. Later, she and I were going to have a chat about where she came up with such ideas.

"So, besides bullying your little sisters, you try to get her punished severely, AND lied to Morgan as well about what I do."

"Into the kitchen with you, my little liar."Taking Jen's ear, I lead her into the kitchen, I don't think she would have made it without my grip. The others followed. Although I usually soap in the bathroom, not enough room for our little audience today.

I had the soap and washcloth waiting, and at the sink, wetted both, got a Good lather on the washcloth, pinched Jen's nose shut and told her to open wide. Her eyes closed, she did as I told her, and started dancing in place, as I started to thoroughly scrub out that lying little mouth, scolding her as I did, blistering her ears as much as I was going to blister her bottom.

Finally, I finished, and then I let her spit and rinse, setting the timer for one minute. Jen no longer seemed concerned about who could see her little girl panties as she bent over the sink, her only concern was making the most of her rinse time.

When the beeper sounded, I grabbed her ear again, and pulled my little girl back into the front room. Although Jen really wasn't so little anymore, I'm 5'4", and at 16 she is already 3 inches taller than I am, still coltish, long legs, bottom just starting to curve and fill into her height. So, when I had her ear like this, she was bent over towards me, as we walked back to the tall, armless, heavy straight backed chair I had waiting there.

I sat in it, my feet comfortably on the lower rung, and I had Jen put herself over my lap, pulling her into the exact position I wanted, clamping my left arm hard over her back. The chair was tall enough that her fingers barely touched the floor, and her toes didn't. I slipped her panties down, ignoring the pro forma pleas for her to keep them up, that it would hurt just as much, all the things girls usually say at such times.

I asked Morgan for my brush,and started in with the good, sound spanking that Jenny had suggested for sly. That part she had right, a sound hairbrush spanking did a daughter worlds of good.

The brushing was hard, deliberate, and moderate in pace, I wanted her to feel each and every smack, and then to feel the burn actually increase, before she felt the next Crack come down!
I started in the plumpest part of both cheeks, and worked in a circle around them, though sometimes I spanked the exact same spot, 3, 5, 10 times before choosing a new target.
Of course, Jen cried, bawled, pleaded, begged, promised. And of course, I ignored her.

I covered all of her now maturing bottom, to include both that shadowy line separating each pouty cheek, as well as the oh so sensitive underhang. Sitting would be an ordeal for quite some time to come.

I asked Jen if this is what she had meant by a sound spanking,but she was crying to hard to answer. The women seemed to think it was though.

"Well then Jennifer Ann, " and that, once her crying had slowed enough so she could at least hear me again. "What was it you said I do next? Take the bristles to you?"

Frantic pleas now, which increased in volume and octave as I did just that, taking the bristles and lightly scrubbing all over her spanked cheeks. I even gave her a few light spanks with the bristle side, but not to hard, I didn't want to break skin.

Hanging over my lap, gasping, sobbing, I asked one of the moms there if they would blow her nose for her, which they kindly did.

"And then Jennifer, you said I parted your cheeks, and scrubbed the inner cheeks, too? Before I spanked you there?"

tightly squeezed teenage cheeks, as much as she could, when my words registered. But, I did pry those sore cheeks apart, and take the bristles to that otherise sheltered area. Not to long though, but once it was a nice, bright pink, I turned it a nice swollen red, with the back of my brush!

That little miss was going to find trying to sit, or stand, or walk or even lie on her tummy quite the adventure, and I was rewarded with more hollering and blubbering when I let her cheeks go, and they rubbed against each other...

Almost done.

I aked if someone would get me the silicone spatula, since I apparently normaly spanked bottom holes as well...

Momma Angie

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Offline IM
This sounds like a young lady who is finally getting to know what it really means to lie and give false testament, I bet in the future she will keep her mouth closed.I would suggest ginger root in her anus next time the burning of it makes it very hard to tighten up during a spanking.
Friday October 5, 2007 - 02:12pm (EDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Oh no Oh no...this can't really be happening..its a nightmare surely. Momma's public scolding makes me hang my head in shame but when she reads aloud what I wrote to Morgan about spanking between the cheeks and on the bottomhole I just want to sink through the face is positively burning with shame.. Ouch...that's my ear Momma...don't pull it off! Yuck aaargh that soap is awful cough splutter rinse spit OMG is the taste ever going away?'re hauling on my ear again oh no Momma...not over your knee...PLEASE DON"T TAKE THEM DOWN...oh Momma...not bare bottom in front of everyone..oh how could you? Ouch that hurts ..ouch ouch ouch. What are you saying...bristles? No no no....owww that hurts so much. No Momma don't pull them can't...oh this is too horrible..yow ow ouch...OMG you can't spank me between the cheeks ow ow ow. Oh thank goodness the spanking is over...I'm blubbering and sniffling someone wipes my nose...OMG I'm not a liitle kid you know. Why isn't Momma telling me to stand up...surely she can't spank me any more?? Huh..spatula? BOTTOM HOLE !!!!! You CANNOT be serious.....
Saturday October 6, 2007 - 11:51am (NZDT) Remove Comment

Offline IM
Hi all.....It's with mixed emotions I watched Jennifer being spanked. Ive come to really like her ( and all the girls soooooo much) but I also knew that this was a young lady who certainly deserved EVERYTHING that was happeneing to her, both for her behavior, and for trying to get her sisters punished the way she did. Mom Angie had given me a rundown on what was going to happen, and why.. and I immediately recalled one more thing Jen had said to me when I was sitting for the family.......I had told Jen that I probably would be taking her temperature, after her spanking both for the medicinal and the embarrassment value. She had jumped the gun again and misused her prerogatives as the big sister with Sly....with this result" .I just put the thermometer up her bottom and Boy...did she make a fuss!. .....I won't make a fuss...I'm a grown up! "I asked Mommie Angie if I could test the truth of that statement later, and placed the thermometer on the coffee table where Jennifer could see it.. waiting......
Friday October 5, 2007 - 06:11pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jennifer, YOU were the one that suggested All these things, I don't know why you are so surprised now that you are punished as you wanted someone else unfairly punished.and I Can and Will spank you how I want, and when I want, little girl! Still trying to tell me what I can do! Spank!Spank! And oh yes, the spatula, little girl, since you made a point of telling Morgan about it!CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK!Four sharp shots, right on that shy little hole...I notice I'm not getting any more sass. And when my girl is done crying it out, I send her over to Morgan for a bit....Momma
Saturday October 6, 2007 - 01:05am (HST) Remove Comment

Jenny W
No Momma you can't do this..oh please Momma...they'll see my bottomhole...YOW OW OUCh OH NO MORE PLEASE. I'm blubbering with pain and shame as that horrid spatula smacks down hard right on my very sensitive little bottomhole. I am so ashamed..I can't face anyone and just lie over Momma's knee gently crying. OK baby, up you get and go over to Morgan. She has some unfinished business with you to attend to.I get up, pull up my underpants and my short skirt drops back into place as I walk over to Morgan. She has such a beautiful smile but then she puts on a stern face and points at the coffee table "hand me that thermometer Jenny then go to the bathroom and bring me some Vaseline" My jaw drops as it all comes back to me. I put that thermometer up Sly's tight little bottom while Morgan was sitting us and I boasted that I wouldn't make such a fuss. Of course, I only boasted to make Morgan think I was grown up and the idea of her touching my bare bottom was kinda delicious! But I never meant it to be least not in public!!I came back and handed the Vaseline to Morgan. Take of your skirt Jenny, we don't want it to get messed up" I gulped then obediently removed my skirt. "Blouse too Honey, and those shoes" I stood there in front of my idol in a white bra, scoolgirl underpants and white socks...I felt about 10 years old and my eyes prickled with tears. She stuck the end of the long thermometer in the Vaseline and waved it at me. "Where am I going to put this Jennifer?" I whispered "up my bottom" "be a bit more accurate Jenny dear, I am going to insert it into your bottomhole and push it right up your bottom" "you are going to put it in my bottomhole Miss amd then push it right up my botty" "Good girl..take your underpants right off them get over my knee" Drymouthed, I slipped the panties down my long legs and thenn stepped out of. "I'll take those" as Morgan pocketed my panties and then I was staring at the carpet. A cool hand cupped both buttocks in turn "your little bottom is VERY red and hot Jenny so lets see if you are hot between your buttocks as well" The fingers of her left hand spread the cheeks of my bottom wide and she rubbed the colg greasy tip of the thermometer around my the pouting lips of my bottom. "OOOOOOOH" was all I could exclaim as the cold tube pushed my bottomlips open and invaded my backside. Her hand was removed and my cheeks closed defensively around the protruding instrument. "Lets just give that a couple of minutes to work shall we" as Morgan gently patted and massaged my sore buttocks' Then out it came VERY SLOWLY and I lay draped ignominiously over Morgan's very attractive knees as she announced "a little above normal, perhaps you need a good washout to make sure you're OK" "sure, everythings in the bathroom and Jenny knows how to prepare an enema, she's had enough" That was Momma. Everyone laughed. I stood up and tried to exit the room with dignity but that is very difficukt to achieve when you are wearing only white socks and a bra and are waggling a very red and completely bare bottom as you head for the bathroom....I get there and prepare everything and sit on the side of the bath to wait.....

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