Saturday, June 13, 2009

I smile as I watch people look, F/F domestic

(note, this is about adult sly and I)

I smile as I watch people look at sly and I, when we are out and about.

Oh, nothing bad, but you can almost guess what they are thinking. I'm often wearing skirts or dresses, and when not, nice tailored slacks, or soft femme shorts, halters, the whole range of delightful clothes available.

Whereas sly is in her jeans, or khakis, or cargo shorts. Today, I'm wearing a midthigh halter style dress, and sly has on one of her team jerseys, and her olive cargo pants and nikes, and my hand is in the crook of her arm as we go about our little errands.

And the assumption that people have, from the way we are dressed, to how I'm the one who has my hand in her arm, is that sly is the one in charge, that she obviously wears the pants in the family.

Which is true, in a way, sometimes. Just not in the way they think.

And, its not just the heteros that think that, even among other gay girls, they assume that sly must be the leader in our little relationship, which makes some of their comments even funnier, I love when they say little things to that effect, and I watch sly turn all red....

I also love it when, like now, that sly knows Exactly who is in charge, at All times, regardless of who I'm dressed, or not.

Of how her eyes will get big, when I take my nice, shiny, heavy Koa wood brush out of my purse, and run it through my hair, while looking right in her eyes. How she will get all flustered, sometimes even losing her chain of thought as she remembers times that I've had her draped over my lap, the Many times I've had her draped over my lap, pants down, panties down, turning her soft bouncing bottom a bright, deep red, each lick of the brush turning the red bottom a temporary white, before leaving an even darker brush mark to mark our little 'talk'.

sly will see me with that brush, and wonder, will I make a comment that others might overhear? Has she done something wrong, am I really mad, is there a Real lesson waiting for her when we get home, or, as has happened on a memorable occasion, or three, as soon as we get back to her truck, taking her over my lap right there in the parking lot, then her sitting on her bare spanked fanny as I drive us home....

Or am I teasing her, will it be a good girl, sexy spanking that she has coming, me turning the brush over, bristles lightly running over her fanny and inner thighs between spanks, and finishing with teasing strokes of the handle between those same parted thighs.

But now, she doesn't know, and I give her the sweetest smile as I mouth later to her.
And I smile more, when we meet some women we know, and the talk turns to their current trials and tribulations with raising teen girls, and how they all admit that while not politicaly correct, they still all use a good old fashioned spanking as needed, like their moms had done with them.

And I chime in, telling them how often in the past I had found the same thing, how a good spanking did wonders in turning a naughty, sassy, girl with attitude back into a good girl again, and how I would often put her bare spanked bottom into the corner after for some time to reflect.

sly is blushing of course, though the other women don't know I'm talking as much about her as I am teen girls. And in the way that women do, the other women share how they go about delivering a spanking, each with their own little variations and rituals. And I look at sly and smile, and she worries now that we will be trying out those same variations later...

I come back to her, now, and as I lean in close, I whisper in her ear, "You know what you've done, just wait till we get home, young aren't going to sit for a week." And then I kiss her on the cheek, and we go on about our chores.


This is my favorite, by Far. You certainly captured us, didn't you. Thank you for such an endearing account. Kiss.I can't help but wonder, will I not be able to sit for a week because I will be getting spanked everyday like that one time...or will I get spanked so hard tonight that I won't be sitting for the rest of the week, like that other time? You are amazing, Angie. Thank,Yours
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You will be getting a spanking everyday, young lady. Gives you something to anticipate, to get nervous about as the time gets close, wondering what I'm going to use that day, how I'm going to position you, how bad it will,Angie

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