Friday, June 12, 2009

A spanking tail F/F

I watched Elle as she walked, more like sashayed her lovely hips and bottom across the floor in front of me. I had told her I had a costume all picked out for the party tonight, and when I got done with work, I went home so I could shower up, get dressed myself, andthen get her dressed.
I know it's almost cliche, but I thought she would look so sexy and cute and adorable dressed up as a cat. I didn't get any cheap little outfit either, but went and found some nice ears, ones that matched her hair color, and a tail that matched those.

A very special little tail. That was the part that had gotten her a spanking.

"Angieeeeee, I am NOT going to wear that!"

"Excuse me, missy? First, yes you are, and second, you better watch that tone of voice with me."

Elle being Elle, she didn't, of course. Listen, that is.

So, I took her bare little body over my lap, helped out by fingers on her ear, and then I gave her a good hand spanking, concentrating on her lower cheeks and upper thighs.

She fussed at first, mostly at the 'injustice' of it all, and how 'unfair ' I Always was. After a long while, that turned to how she had had enough, I didn't need to do this any longer.

When she saw me pick up the hairbrush, THEN she sounded repentant.Even more so when I finished her spanking, despite her now QUITE sincere pleas that she was sorry and didn't need a brushing, with 20 good spanks to each plump and sexy little cheek.

Then, since she was already in a good position, I reached over to the nightstand, grabbed up the tube of lube, and spread her swollen little butt apart, till her puckered up, and sometimes winking little bottom hole was on display.

Then I lubed that little hole up, and lubed her up inside as well,rotating my finger, making sure she was well coated. Then I picked up the tail, the special one I had made for her, and I lubed up the plug that was on the end of the tail, and slid it slowly up into her,ignoring her squeals. Once the whole 3 inches of the plug was in place, and her bottom had closed back down over the tapered end ofthe plug, ensuring that it wasn't coming out, I watched her pretty tail (both the spanked part, and the kitty part...) twitch. Just likeI had thought, the plug made any movement on her part, twitch the kitty tail as if it were real. Too sexy, too darling.

I helped her up, dried her tears, and helped her into her pantyhose and bodysuit, the ones that had the hole strategically placed so the tail would stick out, then I helped her with her ears and whiskers,and put her collar on, with her tag with her name on it, and I hooked on the leash and away we went.

And now here we were, and I noticed as my pretty little kitten swayed that lush ass, that I could still see the handprints under the sem isheer dark hose. I decided I would share that information with her when we got home, after all, I wouldn't want her to be embarrassed....


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