Friday, June 12, 2009

I jumped when she called my name, FF/f, school discipline

(and no, this isn't a rl experience)

"Angela Lynn Johnson!"

I wince, we had come to the the use of all three names early on in the term....

"How many times have I told youto pay attention, and Not talk in class, young lady!?"

Everyone is looking now. And I'm not sure if this is a rhetorical question or not, so I stare at my desk. I know she's told me a lot.Twice during this class today, in fact.

"Since you seem to have trouble listening, let's see if a good spanking will help your memory! Come here now, please!"

Man, she was ticked! Stupid me, I Knew she was in a bad mood today,why hadn't I just shut up?
I slowly made my way up past my smirking classmates, well, some were looking sympathetic, not the guys though. They Loved it when a girl got spanked.

Ms. Taylor walked around to the front of her desk, bringing a chairwith her, And her small paddle! Well, it was small, but heavy, and it had holes in it!

Once I reached her, she took my arm, and pulled me over her lap, andI know I squeaked in embarrassment. My skirt rode up, but what little modesty I had was soon gone as she swept it up onto my back while ignoring my squealed pleas to leave it down. I blushed harder,as my pink cotton bikinis were on display, and then Crack! my paddling started, and Man did she spank hard today!

I was sniffling before the tenth spank, and bawling by the time she was done...and while I cared later, I really didn't care right then about the show I had put on!

Then it was up and off her lap, "unless I wanted extras..." and thenI was seated, back to the class, by her desk. She excused herself,and was gone for several minutes, and then was back.

About 5 minutes before class was done, there was a knock on the door,and my Mom walked in!

"Angela Lynn Johnson! I TOLD you what was going to happen the next time I got a call from school, young lady!"

God she was mad, and she had her hairbrush out! And just that fast, she had my ear, and she was seated and I was over her lap, skirt up and panties down, even though boys were there! Sure, if I had even thought of letting them see my bare butt, I would have gotten a sound spanking, but here she is spanking me bare!

and then it started....



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