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The problem with technology, part 2, F/f,a family story

Entry for October 04, 2007 The problem with technology 2

I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to see, when I had her pull up her account. Never the less, I was surprised. Because I periodically looked at both her's , and Jen's accounts. As well as looked at where they were visiting online, that sort of thing.

Overprotective, yes. But such is life.

But, here were picture after picture of Julie and her friends, acting like wannabe's in a Girls Gone Wild Video, instead of the 14 year olds they were.

Skirts flipped up, or jeans or sleep pants tugged down, as pantied bottomed were stuck out for the camera.

And many seemed to delight in the little sayings on those pantied bottoms, such as Juicy or Ripe or Made for Kissing, or naughtier in a couple of cases.

And there Julie was as well, showing off alone, and with groups of her girlfriends. And, with a mother's eye, I noticed that in at least one shot, the panties she was flashing, Happy Bunny panties with the saying "It's cute the way your so stupid", weren't hers.

Moms will understand what I mean. Girls that age, heck, all the way through High School in many cases, you not only buy most of their panties, but, even when you don't, you are the one who ends up washing it, drying it and putting it away, so you have a Very good idea of what is, and isn't in her wardrobe. And those panties I hadn't seen before.

Julie was softly crying behind me, good to see she had enough sense left to be worried, Jen wasn't saying anything, unusual but nice for a change.

"Julie Hannah, get your bottom into the corner, right now, young lady. "

Part of me couldn't believe it, part of me wasn't surprised, when instead of her scooting over there, I got instead a pleading, whining "Buttttt Mommmmm you don't understanddddddd!"


Standing, I took her arm, and spank walked her bottom to the corner for her, as she danced and squealed and yelped.

"And since you can't seem to listen, maybe this will help get your attention." and with that, I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and skinned them down off her hips and fanny. And then took them all the way off. She wouldn't be needing them later, and keeping them on would just promote her tripping when I called her out again.

"Nose to the wall, young lady, and keep it there, and not a Word till I talk to you."

I left my sad and crying daughter in the corner, turned to my eldest and asked her to go upstairs and and check in with sly, make sure everything was okay, homework was going okay, that sort of thing.

And then back to the computer I went.

This time with my trusty yellow legal pad and pen. I went through each picture, looking at everything, what was, and wasn't there. Just like I was an Intel analyst again. As I did so, I took notes.

Such as, all the girls who were there. Because, it turned out I knew every single one of the idiots.
Something else I noted that all of these pics were obviously taken in the same house, Kara's. I'd been over there often enough, I knew whose house it was.

Next, and something to be thankful for, no boys were present in any of the pics.
Something else to be thankful for, no evidence of any alcohol either being held, or in the background, in the trash that I could see or on tables or counters. Likewise, no one appeared to be smoking anything.

So, apparently an all girl get together, and then, someone apparently decided it would be 'fun' to take a few shots of the girls.... and things had rapidly gotten out of hand.

Well, time to move on.


When she came, I told her to call up Ellen's mom, and ask her if it was okay if sly went' over their for a bit, till I came to get her.

That I had some calls of my own to make while she did so.

But first.

"Julie Hannah Johnson! Get your fanny over here right now, young lady!"

Crying she did so, and I rapidly upended her over my lap, still sitting at the computer.
I asked her if she was ready to tell me what was going on, but all I got was a bunch of Sorry's and I'll be goods and please don't spank me!

sigh. I tried again, same, no answer to my question about what this was all about, so, I pulled her little pink panties down, and proceeded to turn her bottom the same color, all over.

The crying was Much louder now, and more heartfelt, the difference between feeling sorry for yourself, and actually having a reason to feel sorry for yourself.

After I was sure I had her complete attention, I stopped, kept her over my lap, picked up the phone again.

Jen reported back while I was still on the line, that not only was sly welcome, as I knew she would be, but she could also stay for dinner and the night, so I sent Jen to go help her pack a quick overnight bag.

In the meantime, I got through to the first of the mom's on my list of girls. Kara's mom, actually. Kathy.

"Yeah, hey Kath, it's Anj, oh, yes, the crying is Julie, we just had the start of a little talk, and something you need to know about as well, I'm going to send something to your computer, hold on..."

"JEN! How do I send this to Kara's mom, and how do I do that stupid voice thing with the computer?"

Showing amazing discretion, she simply fixed the problem, with no comments this time on my lack of technical ability.

Now talking to the computer, I filled Kathy in on what I had discovered on Julie's page, and sent her the pics in question. She too, recognized not only the girls in question, but her own home, and her own daughter, in many of the pics. I was apparently forgotten about, as I heard her yell for Kara, and moments later, the sounds of an unhappy mother and an even unhappier daughter could be clearly heard:

"Mom, NooooI'm to old to spank, pleasseeee, don't take my pants down! Mommmm not on the bare OWWWW I'm to big for a OOWIEEE spankINGGg OW Mommieee nooo!!!!!"

I hung up, and called Becky's mom next.....

Momma Angie

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