Friday, June 12, 2009

Stepdad part 3, M/f domestic

So Cal and I had just left my house, and then instead of taking off to go into town, he took off on one of the backroads that went to upcountry. I wasn't really worried about him doing anything, but I wasn't really thrilled either, as I had thought we had plans, and if I called my folks now, I would just hear from Cal what a little girl I was, and I really didn't need that right now.

So in about half an hour, we showed up at this kinda rave party at this pasture. They had generators, and lights and music, and there was lots of people there, and lots of dancing. And well, lots of drinking and drugs too.

I just stuck to water, and danced, but Cal kept trying to get me something else to drink or try. I kept getting more and more ticked, and then he went and hung out with these guys I really don't like, a bunch of white rasta dudes.

You know the ones I mean. Silver spoon kids, a lot from the mainland, who come over here, and then live off mom's and dad's money while they let their hair grow into dreadlocks and think they are part of the rasta movement, but all they really want to do is stay stoned 24/7, and for some reason, UNLIKE the real rastas I know on island, these white boy wanna be's never seem to bathe. Ugh.

But I was kinda stuck now, no where to go, and no way was I calling my folks to come and get me! And no one looked like they were leaving soon. So I just kinda hung out, and then I saw Cal with some slut, and she had her tongue down his throat, and that tore it. There had to be somebody to take me home. I looked at my watch, and it was almost 1, and it was a long way home, and the party looked like it was just getting started. I was just starting to debate what to do, and finally decided that I would just start walking home. I could probably find a ride after a while.

Actually, it was only about 20 minutes later that I found my ride, when a police car cruised up behind me, and turned on their lights! I about wet myself right there!

This BIG Samoan cop gets out,and asks me who I am, and what I'm doing out there, and if I was all right. I told him that I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and I was walking back to town. He grunted, and then asked if I was at that rave up the hill. I said yeah, but I hadn't planned to be there. He said it was good that I had left, cause they were all being busted right now.

THEN he asked (cause of my last name) what my mom's name was, and it turns out he knew her. He told me to get into the car, and I did, and he radioed in and told them he was giving someone a lift home. And away we went. Oh well, no sense in calling now. My mom and dad BOTH came to the door, and my dad DIDN'T look happy. The officer told them what had happened, and mom thanked him, and dad said thanks too, and that he would take care of this.

As soon as we were alone, I started trying to explain, and he didn't interrupt at all, and he wouldn't let mom talk either. Having no one to argue with kinda makes for a short explanation.

When I kinda stumbled to a stop, he only said, "is that it?" and then took me by the ear, led me to the couch, sat down, and pulled me over his lap!

I was protesting and squealing, not like last time, when I told him he had no right and couldn't, but more like 'oh please no I'm sorry I'll behave!' sort of protests. He shushed me with a hard swat to my thin shorts.

In short order, he reminded me of what we had talked about JUST last week, young lady, (and that made me blush and squirm and feel guilty) and then he listed my faults, to include lying about where I was going, not calling to say I needed help, hanging out where there were drugs and drinking going on, and not calling at my time, and then when I finally decided to go home, I was stupid enough to try to hitchhike, at 2 in the morning, alone, in the country. Where no one knew where I was.

I didn't feel so grown up anymore, and was softly crying, I mean I felt bad, and not just cause I was gonna get spanked. Daddy pulled my shorts down (they had the elastic waist) and then he started spanking me WAY harder than he had the first time! And he was lecturing me while he spanked me too, all sorts of things about how worried they were, and how I was usually such a good girl and lots of stuff like that!

My panties and my butt were on fire by now, but even though I was bawling and kicking, he didn't even slow down. Except to tell mom to go get him her slipper. She nodded and was like RIGHT back with it. I couldn't see him, but I could see her nod her head up and down like she was agreeing to something, and then I felt daddie's fingers taking my panties down, and I really squealed then!

He only took them down below my bottom, and then I felt that damn slipper again, and again, and again! If I thought my bottom was on fire before, I was wrong, THIS was on fire!

Daddy roasted my whole bottom for me, till I was sure I was never gonna sit again, and he spent a lot of time at that place where your ass meets your thighs, and do those ever hurt! By now, I was kicking pretty hard, but he didn't slow. Until I noticed through my tears that he was done. Then I felt mom reach over, and I guessed that she had taken the slipper.

Daddy started this question and answer thing about what I did, and what I SHOULD have done,and then he started prompting with more spanks, except this time, it was with mom's brush! I really blubbered like a baby then, but sure did answer anything he wanted answered!

Then it was done, and I was sent to the corner, with my panties still down, but I really didn't want them on my bottom right then anyways, and they had already gotten a look, so I just stood there and bawled. And bawled. Finally, mom asked if I was ready to apologize, and I really was.

So I was hugged and forgiven, and then daddy said he was sorry he had to spank me, but that he loved me to much to let me hurt myself, and that he just wanted me to be the good daughter they knew I was. THAT brought more tears of a different kind, and then mom put me to bed.

When I got up the next morning, I figured I was grounded or something, and I kinda moped through the kitchen, eating off the breakfast island so I wouldn't have to sit. Mom and daddy were there already, and he just asked me what I was up to that day....

At one time, there was one, or maybe two more parts to this, don't remember if they got combined or not, but mom and I both ended up getting spanked! But, it seems to have disappeared, if anyone finds it, please let me know!

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