Sunday, July 5, 2009

A little holiday update, MF rl

Goodness ,hi all, hard to believe that the weekend is pretty much over!

Well it's been eventful past few days.

We actually got a head start on Friday's Consensual Spanking day, starting Thur.

I got spanked after work, with Jack just turning me over his lap, and flipping the skirt of my nice work dress up over my back, as he spanked me with his hand over my panties, then on my bare fanny.

After pulling my undies down, the bully made me go and get the rotten little wood Cracker Barrell paddle. Some of you will know what this is, hard to explain otherwise. Lets just say that it Really stings even for good girl spankings and is Loud!

So, he has been taking advantage of our summer empty nest by using all our loud toys.

Of course, since this wasn't a punishment or discipline spanking (and yes, there is a difference between the two) there was also lots of 'checking' to make sure I was alright.

And oh my was I.

I was also spanked again that night, before an early bedtime. Not that we went to sleep. That one was with the delicious London Tanner DD strap. Yum.

And, to clear up an apparent misconception, most of my good girl spankings are Not hard, or at least most of the spanks aren't.

The spankings vary in length and intensity, and part of the fun is I'm not quite sure what he often has in mind, I Love that he is in control, not me.

Friday morning, started the day with hand and my brush, so domestic, sigh . And then back to bed, of course.

And another spanking later that night, with my sorority paddle, bent over the back of the couch..... where I stayed for my 'comforting' after my paddling.

A quick little hand spanking Sat. morning, he was late for his early fishing with his buddies (sob, I'm so neglected!) and then later that day, we got ready to do our part grilling and such for our block party. Then fireworks, then home, and one of my Fave things to be spanked with, the light wooden oven shovel. Looks nasty, loud as all heck, but such a Nice little sting. Then we had our own fireworks show.

This morning, however, was not all fun and games. It's been a while since I had one, but I got a preventive spanking with the little lexan paddle! Ow! He even bared my bottom first and made me go and get it from where it hangs by the fridge! Meanie! Although I was pretty meek and compliant at the time. Oh, and this preventive spanking was to remind me that gossip is not acceptable, and I Very sincerely believe that and tearfully and repeatedly told him so.

I think that pretty much does it.


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  1. WOW, quite a weekend and well done for giving such wholehearted support to Consensual Spanking Day.