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You know when you log on your computer?

and there is that icon that says, 'switch user' ?

Don't you think they really need a different picture for that?


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hi All, I've been grounded....

And not a joke or story, I'm grounded, not sure when I'll be back online.


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big UFC fight on tonight!

If you have Spike tv, tonight they are showing UFC 100, for free! This one had lots of great matches, to include the Huge Brock Lesnar (dang he's fast for being so big!) against Mir.


Lilly's freshman year part 4, F/f

Lilly's brown eyes were open Wide now, her mouth a little circle, and for once, she didn't have anything to say.

"Lilly, that wasn't a suggestion, I Told you to come up here, now!"

Lilly wasn't sure when she stood up or how she started walking forward, all she noticed was the paddle that Mrs. Stevens had laid on her desk.

While not as scary as some of the teachers paddles, it was still Plenty scary! It was 18 inches long, including the handle, and about 3 1/2 inches wide, and 3/8 ths of an inch thick, made of plywood, and, it had holes!

The walk to her desk seemed to take forever, but it was over far to soon as well.

"Now then, I know that all of you recieved a copy of the school rules. I also know you all heard the rules during freshman orientation, since most of you couldn't be bothered to read them."

That to the class, as much as to Lilly. Lilly was standing very quietly, red faced, in front of her classmates, and was seriously regretting the pants she had on today. Her bottom seemed to throb, and it was all she could think about, and she had to fight to keep her hands from cupping it, like she did at home.

And because Lilly was now so bottom concious, she felt, correctly, that her classmates were all very aware of her bottom as well. In those very tight new pants.

"Lilly, this is only the second week of the new school year, and yet, I've already had to warn you twice about how to behave in class. It seems that every year, new students wonder if the stories are true, well, congratulations, you get to be the object lesson for your classmates. I hope I won't have to repeat this the rest of term, Lilly. Now, come around to the side of my desk, and lean over, please."

"Y-yes Ma'am." And then she moved where Mrs. Stevens pointed, hesitated, and bent over, even though she desperately didn't want to.

"Lilly. I said Bend over, young lady, not to hunch. Tummy flat on the desk, head on your hands. Now."

Lilly whimpered at the very no nonsense voice, but did as she was told, looking away from her classmates, her long hair pooled over her face.

"No, turn your face, so you can see your classmates, and they can see you, and move your hair, please."

Red to the tips of her ears, she did as she told, she knew from previous experience that arguing only made things worse at times like this. So, she leaned up, turned her head the other way, swept her hair back, and layed her face back on her hands, thinking dark thoughts about the plump bitch Mrs. Stevens.

"Very good. Now then, legs straight, I expect you to hold your position, until I tell you that you may get up. You are getting five swats...."

That brought a collective gasp from not only Lilly, but her classmates as well, both those who liked her and those of the girls who didn't. Six was the maximum a teacher could give, most class offenses got from 2-4 swats. Five was serious. Five often got tears even from the guys who were Jocks and all macho.

Lilly could see her classmates, and their expressions. The worried looks from her girlfriends, the eager bitchy looks from the girls in the other cliques, and well, different sorts of looks from all the boys.

"....because I'm don't plan on putting up with a bunch of nonsense from you all term long, is that understood, Lilly?"

"Yes Mrs. Stevens, it is, it won't ever happen again, really!"

Lilly felt like she was All bottom now, with her legs straight, and her tummy flat, her back was arched down and her fanny was high, and in those tight slacks, it made quite the target. Lilly would have died if she had known the sight she was actually presenting to Mrs. Stevens, because bent like that her pants had snugged even tighter, had ridden up even farther then then already had been, and her little bikini panties were Clearly outlined through her lightweight slacks, as well as how her plump little bottom plumped out above and below those panties. Oh yes, Lilly was putting on quite the show.

Mrs. Stevens picked up the paddle, Lilly suppressed a whimper, felt the paddle tap, tap, tap, and closed her eyes tight.


Eyes Wide open now! Mouth a cute little 'O'. That had been right in the middle of her plump little bottom. Lilly didn't know it, but she was using the panty lines as a means to plan where to aim.

Tap tap, over the same place the last one had been, and the first one had Hurt, and now, as she waited, the Hurt kept growing, sinking in deep, and the burn kept getting worse, and...



That had been in the exact same spot as the first!

Eyes moist with tears now, she'd been paddled at school before this, never in high school, but this was So much harder then she'd ever gotten it in school before! She'd heard from her sister and her sisters friends how the teachers laid them on hard, but had thought they'd just been trying to scare her, and oh it burned, and she sucked in a breath and


Oh! Oh! That time, the lick hand been about one paddle width lower, so that her tender sit spot had been covered!

"O-oh please, I'm sorry, please!? I'll be good I won't act up!" She strained to try to turn and look at her teacher. There was no concern over pride now, or who was looking, she still had two more swats to go!

"I suggest you get back in position right now, unless you want extras. Now. I won't tell you again."

Tears coming from her eyes, she slowly turned her head, back towards the class.

"Your hair, please."

"Y-yes Ma'am."

"Tummy flat. I said flat, Lilly." Her voice more then firm now, it was slightly cold, and Lilly was sincerely regretting all the times she had acted up in Mrs. Stevens class, all the smart little remarks to make her friends laugh.

"Legs straight. Good."

Oh how her bottom hurt, and burned and that was only three licks! No way she could take two more! Her sister had told her that the teachers used all sorts of tricks, to make the few swats they were allowed, hurt as bad as a long parental spanking, and she was right! Lilly could feel her bottom throbbing and feeling as if it was swelling!

Tap, tap, tap....



"Awwwwww!! Ow ow owwww!!!!!! Oh Please Mrs. Stevens, I'm sorry! "

The fourth swat had been a repeat of the third, again, on the oh so tender sit spot!

Lilly didn' t care what anyone heard, or what they thought. She didn't even think right then,of how they might tease later, right now there was just her bottom and that paddle!

She didn't even realize she'd straightened up, and was cupping her bottom, trying to rub the pain away as she danced in place and cried.

"Lilly! Stop that! Now, bend over, unless you want even more extras!"

Lilly just looked at her in horror.

"M-more extras!? Noooooo! You can't! Please! Please! "

"Oh yes, I can. I'd suggest that you, and your classmates read your rulebook again. Now, back in position. One, two...."

Lilly tried, she really did, but having to bend over, and stick her bottom up and out, while waiting for the paddle, it was so hard, it...

"....three. Fine, that is another lick. Now bend! And legs straight!"

Crying, Lilly did as she was told.





The fifth spank had was halfway between the first two sets, so it overlapped, and the lower edge of the paddle bit nastily into her thigh bottom crease!

Full crying now, her bottom already tender from her bare bottom brushing from her Mommy last night and now this, it was all to much! All she could think of was her bottom and trying to save herself more swats, but concentrating on not moving, she couldn't think of how she looked, who was watching, Anything else, just not moving!

"Well, Lilly, if you had held your postion, you would have been done now. I bet you are sorry now, that you didn't. You have two more swats coming, I'd suggest you worry about doing as I tell you to do. Understood, Lilly? Lilly? Answer me."

Sobbing, Lilly did answer her.

"Yes Ma'am! Yes Mrs. Stevens, I'm very sorry I didn't do what you told me to! I'm so sorry, really, honest Ma'am!"

She didn't look at Mrs. Stevens this time, not wanting to get out of postion for Any reason at all, but she tried to see her from where she was. Lilly didn't notice that several of her friends were teary and on the verge of crying themselves. Several of the bitchy girls were openly smirking, and two of the braver ones, and not a few of the boys, had snuck their own cell phones out, and were taking both pics and vids. Pretty miss Lilly, the tall girl with the long hair and sassy walk, was going to be the topic of teen boy discussion for quite some time after this.

Mrs. Stevens changed her position slightly, putting her left hand on Lilly's low back, holding her down, although because of the way she was over the desk, her classmates still had an unobstucted view of the show.



"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Puh-leaseeee!"


The last two penalty swats had both been to her sit spots. And as Lilly knew, a spanking like this would remind her of exactly why that part of her bottom and thighs was called that for some time to come.

Lilly was convinced that she had sat on a stove, her bottom was so hot and burned so bad. Mrs. Stevens kept her hand on her back for a bit more, the told her she could get up now. And when she did she handed her some kleenex and told Lilly to go and take her seat again.

Lilly, crying, stumbled back to her chair, walking hurt, bending to sit, hurt, and sitting Really really hurt!

The rest of class was very quiet, everyones attention on Lilly's sniffling, and on the paddle left out on Mrs. Stevens desk. Finally it was over, and as Lilly made her stiff legged way out of class, she was stopped, and handed a note.

"I need this signed by your parents, and returned tomorrow, Lilly. I hope I don't have to do this again."

And with that, class was over.



Lilly's freshman year part 3, F/f

Lunch was lunch, nothing to special, but at least a time to hang out with her friends, and gossip about other girls, as well as decide which guy was cutest, if they thought the new Vampire Diary tv series was going to be as good as the movie Twilight, and did you See Tammy get paddled this morning?!

After lunch, it was Global Studies, which had to be one of the most Boring classes ever. Geography, history, and current events all wrapped up into one. And Mrs. Stevens didn't seem to fond of Lilly either. So far she'd been lucky, and had just got by with some warnings, and one face reddening scolding.

So, with between last nights spanking, and seeing Tammy's paddling, Lilly promised herself to be on her best behavior today, and got to class not just on time, but even a few minutes early.

Things went remarkably well, Lilly stayed awake, paid attention, and followed the Mrs. Stevens lecture.

That lasted for perhaps 10 minute.



But, really, global studies? When you really don't care so much even what's going on in your own country, it's like why should I be interested in what happens elsewhere. And not like they ever talked about anything fun, like where the best beaches were, or like Mrs. Stevens ever showed 'international flavor' by showing the different non US editions of Next Top Model. Lilly smiled to herself, rather proud of that one, when she had suggested it that day, as both the girls and the guys in class had all supported her.

Mrs. Stevens also thought she'd been making fun of her when Lilly had proposed using Vogue magazine's international edition as a study source, which was totally unfair, since as she'd explained to Mrs. Stevens, there were like 18 countries that it was published in. Mrs. Stevens had realized though, that she was serious and not mocking her, so while her suggestion for new library material, and a class project was firmly not allowed, at least she wasn't in trouble.

Which was really to bad, and sorta unfair, Lilly thought. After all, wasn't it Mrs. Stevens who was always saying that the class was about showing how other cultures lived? And how all different sorts of things all tied together? So what was wrong with seeing what other places thought were cute?

And another thing, she thought, but then that thought was interrupted by a buzzing against her leg.

Having wisely set her phone to vibrate, she looked around, saw Mrs. Stevens pointing something out on the screen, so she quickly and quietly retrieved it, to see she had a text waiting for her from one of her bff's (best friends forever), who she hadn't run into yet today because of different schedules.

'hey. you 'k? Beca said u got licks in gym?'

OMG great! Now people were gossiping about her and that she had gotten spanked?! And while she liked, well, liked a lot, the thought of the boys thinking of her bottom, she didn't want them thinking of it in That way, or worse, knowing that her Mom still spanked her like a little girl!

A quick glance, check where Mrs. Stevens was at, and a quick response, her phone 'hidden' in her textbook.

'NO! I didn't!'



'Then ?'

Lilly understood the shorthand to from her friend for what it was really asking, okay, if you didn't get paddled in gym, why is everyone saying you did, okay? And stop being a bitch.

Another quick look, another quick text.

'Mom, last night, 'k?'

'oh. sorries. hugz. u 'k?'

And Lilly knew that she was, and knew also that she knew what had happened, someone had seen Lilly's spanked bottom, and in typical high school fashion, her red bottom had turned into the victim of the paddling that had been handed out by the Coach.

'yeah, but can't believe people are talking about this!'

'i know, who do u think told?'

'i don't know but maybe....'


As if having Mrs. Stevens yell out her name like that, which was so rude, really, wasn't bad enough, she had also slammed her book down on her desk, making Lilly and the majority of the class that was dozing off or daydreaming jump!

And then Mrs. Stevens was moving towards her, and while Lilly had thought that her teacher had been upset with her before, this was a whole new level!

"And just what do you have here, young lady?!"

Well, Lilly thought that was pretty obvious, but knew from painful parental experience that this was Not the best time to give a smartass answer, no matter how funny it was.

"M-my cell phone, Ma'am?"

Wow she thought, I must be worried if I called her Ma'am.

Several of her classmates must have thought the same thing, as Lilly heard snickers. Which went away just as fast under Mrs. Stevens glare.

"Are you allowed to have your phone out in class, Lilly?"

"No Mrs. Stevens!"

Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd! Please please don't send a note home! My Mom will kill me! And then she'll take my phone besides! And...

"No, you certainly aren't! And just what were you doing? Playing games? Texting? Sending pics?"

"Texting, Ma'am." Lilly could feel the beads of perspiration under her shirt, as she noticed that Everyone was now awake and paying full attention.

"I see. Give it to me. Now." And holding her hand out, waiting for Lilly to obey.

oh gawd, please, no note, pleaseeeeeee!

"Yes'm, Mrs. Stevens." Very meek, as she handed it to her, and damn, why hadn't she deleted the texts first!?

"You girls and your cell phones. When I was growing up...."

In the dark ages, Lilly thought crossly...

"....girls often got in trouble for passing notes. I see the only thing that has changed has been the technology. Which now lets you pass notes, as it were, with friends who aren't even in the same room. Because I didn't see Anyone else here with their phone out. It used to be that when girls were caught passing notes....."

Pllllleasseee no note home, please!

"that our teachers would read them aloud in class."

THAT got a collective gasp from the class, and Lilly squeaked and her face turned even redder.

"I always thought that especially mean though."

Lilly felt like she could breath a bit, now, knowing that the fact that her Mom still spanked her, her, a freshman, would not be read aloud in class!

"You may pick your phone up after school, at the office, understood?"

"Yes Ma'am, yes Mrs. Stevens, I understand, thank you!"

Oh my gawd, maybe she was going to survive this, she hadn't embarrassed her in front of everybody, she was getting her phone back too, but she didn't understand the funny smile on Mrs. Stevens right now, like Lilly had just said something funny.

"Well, you are most welcome, Lilly. Now, why don't you come up to my desk, so we can finish our talk about having your phone out in class, and not paying attention in class, young lady."

And as she said that, Mrs. Stevens leaned over and opened the lower right drawer, and pulled out her paddle.....


Someone's been a naughty girl....

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Anne Taintor part 2

Okay, here is Anne's website, great page.

And here is are some of my fave sayings of hers, you'll have to go there to see the drawings.

why yes, I am that kind of girl

inner beauty is for amateurs

what part of "I'm hung over, go home" don't you understand?

whoever said "less is more" had probably never had quite enough "more"

I believe we have and opportunity to make some extremely poor choices

martinis... they're not just for breakfast anymore

all the baking soda in the world could not mask the scent of her despair

now that he had bought the cow, the milk was going to be extraordinarily expensive

what muffled screams, officer?

whatever had she done? and with whom?

if by "happy" you mean trapped with no means of escape...? then yes, I'm happy

remember sweetheart... mommy loves you, but she doesn't have to like you

she was one cocktail away from proving his mother right

there was nothingpassive about her aggression

I love not camping

maybe I want to look cheap

domestically disabled

you'll eat'll eat it and like it

high maintenance doesn't begin to cover it

she kind of enjoyed working for an idiot

she thought of him fondly as "Plan B"

old enough to know better... too young to give a rat's ass

the secret ingredient was resentment

nothing says "hello sailor" quite like ruby red lipstick

an attitude is a terrible thing to waste

she had no intention of suffering alone

stop me before I volunteer again

The humor of Anne Taintor

I hope you've liked these, she has quite a few books, as well as tons of other merchandise, out there.

Chores and sex, non fiction...

This is from a vanilla news site, today... with perhaps some notes from me, in italics...
By Yvonne Fulbright

Want to get her all hot n’ bothered? Do housework. Research by psychologist John Gottman shows that men who help out around the house have happier sex lives and better marriages.

While it’s hard to imagine that you can mop and wash your way to hotter sex, it seems like a piece of cake when cleaning is turned into sex play.

While men have, in recent years, gotten better about helping out around the house, taking care of the home is still very much the woman’s job, in addition to her daytime job. A recent report released by a European Commission found that, on average, a woman in the European Union with a paid job spent 25.5 hours per week doing domestic and family work, while men devoted 7.8 hours weekly to such.

Such a workload discrepancy can have major consequences when it comes to a couple’s sex life and overall relationship. It works greatly to a man's benefit to help out with housework. In his over 30-year career studying why people’s relationships succeed or fail, Gottman has learned that men who pitch-in more frequently have more and a higher quality of sex.

Among the reasons for this:

— Couples spend less time arguing over who is going to do what and when. Instead, they have more time to do “it.”

— A woman interpret a man's willingness to do household chores as him showing how much he cares about her. She likes that he understands his responsibilities.

— His help quiets her mind and allows her to have the clean space to get down ‘n dirty in.

Then there’s the fact that some people need to have an orderly environment to be productive or good at anything. Personally, I can’t tackle a project, let alone think about anything sexy, unless things around me are in order. A fresher environment makes for getting fresh in every way. I know other sexy self-employed women who are with me on this one.

Finally, the great appeal in him doing housework is that every act contributes to a more sex-positive environment, one that’s more sexually inviting. Doing any of the following activities not only makes for a cleaner love nest, but contributes to better sex, with the carnal element being totally up to your level of creativity…

Doing Laundry — People like nothing more than to get their clean sheets dirty. But they must be purified, along with all of your garments, first. Luckily, lovers have long been fascinated with the washing machine’s reputation for rhythmic action. She can be hoisted up on the washer, with the heat soon warming her buttocks, increasing blood flow and sensations to her groin.
And this is a perfect opportunity to put a fresh spanked bottom, on that washer or drier as well. Very, well, intense...
Oh, and if you use toys at all?

Ben wa balls or anal toys are Great when seated like that!

Lovers can let the washer be their guide, making their actions in sync with the washer’s rhythm, getting faster and faster with its motions. Things only get wilder as the spin cycle kicks into high gear…

Washing Dishes — Warm water, bubbly suds, a good scrub — Who says that’s only reserved for bathroom play? Put all four hands to work, suggestively attending to your dishes as you would to each other. Allow yourselves to feel the other’s movements, noting the pressure, rhythm, and artistic movements. Kick things up a notch by hopping up on the sink’s edge and putting its spray nozzle to work. Have fun directing the spray of water at any hot spot you’re willing to expose.

I don't think so. Now I just have all that water to mop up. The rest is okay though.

Dusting — Feather dusters were practically made for foreplay. So make sure you have one for cleaning and another for grazing your lover’s skin every opportunity you get.

Vacuuming — Turning on the vacuum can rev your lover up as well, if done fantasy style. Who hasn’t daydreamed about a hot, naked housekeeper? Become that, vacuuming in your birthday suit, or your sexiest apron.

Okay, while I'll admit that the thought of watching him shirtless would be great, and know he loves watching me all bare or in next to nothing, I honestly hate doing chores bare. And not so much the modesty part, it just feels well, inpractical, and hate bumping my bare bits into stuff I'm cleaning.

Straightening Up — “Clean your room” never sounded so good, especially when you’ve got more than one room to christen. In making things spic-and-span, reward each other with anything from a simple to an acrobatic sex act on every cleared space. You may never look at your computer desk, dresser, dining room table… in quite the same way.
Sorry, sounds counter productive. I like sex in lots of places, but cleaning, then sex? Now I not only have to straighten after, but wash and polish stuff as well!

Scrubbing the Tub — Wrap up your efforts in making your bathtub sparkling clean. Then reward yourselves with a nice soak, made even better with some sensual massage.
And bent over the tub, for a good spanking for not getting my chores done, oh yes! And he doesn't seem to mind 'helping' me with the chores in that way either.

Turning cleaning into opportunities for foreplay can have couples looking forward to housework.
It can also boost their sense of togetherness in becoming a titillating team in their efforts.

Whether you want help with the housework or want to lend a hand, don’t be shy in asking for the help you need. You want to do this directly, but without complaining or pulling a “poor me” routine. Over the years, in being a perfectionist, control-freak with cleaning, I’ve asked to do everything but take out the garbage and scrub the shower.

You do those two things without prompting or complaint, and I’m perfectly happy. Hopefully, your lover is as easy to please.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

And on a related note...found this in a blog...
Every now and again I search Google news for the term “porn for women” just in case someone has mentioned women’s erotica in the news. It’s popping up rather heavily at the moment but, unfortunately, the subject isn’t about porn.

The cause of all the fuss is that damn Porn For Women book which features clothed men doing housework, combined with captions like “That’s OK honey, I’ll do the dishes.” As I mentioned in this post, it’s become a bestseller, with sales heading for 150,000 copies. The authors have naturally gone into sequel overdrive, producing Porn For New Moms, a 2009 calendar and a book of postcards.

Photos from the first book have apparently been doing the rounds via email, with women cheerily forwarding it on to each other.

The book was a target of feminist criticism by some who said that it recycled stereotypes about women’s sexuality. They did have a point; the book plays on the assumption that women wouldn’t ordinarily be interested or turned on by porn and that all women are obsessed with housework. This is not something that I, as a champion of women’s erotica, welcomed.

Given the book’s popularity, it seems that most women are willing to just enjoy the joke. They find the whole concept very amusing and are happy to share a laugh about it with each other. There’s no concern about the deeper feminist implications.

What it has done, however, is inspire the media to bring up the issue of gender inequality when it comes to housework. Women still do the majority of chores and childminding within the home, even if guys are starting to do their share.

This piece in The Times Online was typical of the sort of articles that have begun to appear on the topic. It quotes an older US study which found that men who do housework are more likely to “get lucky.”

“Equitable sharing of housework is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction รข€“ and sometimes more sex too,” said Joshua Coleman, a psychologist and a senior Fellow at the Council on Contemporary Families, which commissioned the report. “Wives report greater feelings of sexual interest and affection for husbands who participate in housework.”

The term “choreplay” has also found a lot of favour amongst writers. According to the AJC it was coined by Parenting Magazine as a way to describe guys doing housework.

That article does make an excellent point.

But choreplay can also backfire if the deeds are calculated moves to get lucky. Many women are secretly resentful of the prospect of their husband pitching in around the house expecting something in return.

“If that’s the case, he’d be better off with roses,” said Jen Singer, editor of “They act like there should be a parade down Broadway for making the bed. I hear from moms, ‘Of course you should help, it’s your underpants on the floor.’”

So while it’s good that the media is raising awareness about gender equity in the home, the focus on sex isn’t necessarily welcome.

Housework shouldn’t be a bribe for sex. Sex shouldn’t be “payment” for housework. A guy should do housework because it needs to be done. A woman should have sex because she wants to. End of story, thank you very much.

But I guess it will be a long time before that makes headlines.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lilly's freshman year, part 2 F/f

Okay, time to get ready, so Lilly picked out a dark blue pullover top with a cute scoop neck, not to low, of course. Laying it over the pants which were on her bed, she decided that the color would work.

Top on first, even though it wasn't long, might as well avoid putting her pants on as long as she could.

Sigh. No way around it. Have to put them on now. Even though they were Mom approved, as far as snugness went, Lilly had 'modified' them a bit that first night. Telling her Mom she had to wash them, to make sure that no dye bled over onto something else, she made sure she 'accidently' shrunk them just a little. Which, now, the morning after a spanking, made getting them on more then a bit of an adventure.

She slid them up to her hips, then winced as she shimmied them up and over her fanny. Oh. Perhaps she'd shrunk them a bit more then she'd intended. Lilly took a deep breath, sucked her tummy in, and zipped them up, and buttoned them. Done!

Now for another quick look in the mirror. Oh! They fit Very nicely now, cupping, lifting and even separating her new lower curves, and more then just a little bit! Oh, the boys were going to notice her even more today!

Biting her lip, Lilly reflected on a different problem though, no way in heck were these 'Mom approved' anymore. In fact, if her Mom saw her trying to leave the house looking like this, she'd have kittens.

So, since taking them off wasn't really an option that even entered her head, that left the only obvious choice, how to sneak out of the house. Which, given plenty of experience, wasn't that hard. She just waited until her sisters boyfriend pulled up to give them a ride to school, and then scampered downstairs calling out 'by' to her Mom, while she was still in a different room.

Her sister just looked at her, and rolled her eyes. And then smacked her boyfriend and narrowed her eyes when he 'looked' at Lilly too.

Things went well at school too, she showed off not just for the boys, but also to the girls who hadn't thought that she really had them. Her friends oohed and ahhed appreciatively, and when she went to class, her friends and not so friends were commenting more about the way those new pants fit, than anything else.

Her first class was okay, but by the end of the period, sitting on that hard chair, it was all she could do not to fidget every little bit.

Second period didn't go quite as well. The dreaded gym class. Which while not one of her favorites, normally wasn't hated by Lilly either. Days like today though, post spanking days, well, that was different.

Because you had to change for gym.

Changing went okay, the class itself wasn't To horrid, though she was a little stiff and slow, you really forgot just how much you used your bottom day to day, until you got spanked. But then gym was done, and it was time to get changed. More precisely, it was time to get showered and changed.

And the showers weren't those nice individual ones either, they were those everyone in one room, with the showers against the wall. Damn.

And, trying to get out of showering was risky too. Because if you got caught doing that, you risked getting paddled, and Coach Robinson was widely known to swing a Mean paddle.

Damn. That meant having to shower then.

Okay. A quick strategic strip, managingto keep her bottom towards her locker, and wrapped in her towel, a casual walk to the showers.

Then things didn't go so well. There really isn't any way to discretely take your towel off, and sidle towards the shower, with your back to the wall. She had been hoping for some steam to hide in, but the lack of steam and squeals coming from the showers, let her know that the seniors who had gym before the freshman, had drained all the hot water. Damn.

Lilly made it about 5 steps after detoweling, when a voice called out, "Hey! Look! Lilly got spanked!"

Which soon turned into a chant.

Face red, the only showers open in the middle and not a convienent corner, she still kept her back to the wall as much as possible, and then hurried back out, towel around her, Coach Robinson casually checking to make sure no one tried to sneak out. And catching one poor girl who for whatever reason, had.

Poor shy Tammy, and Lilly's bottom hurt just watching and listening to her paddling. The only good thing was that everyone's attention was on Tammy, not Lilly, who rapidly took advantage of this, and skinned into her panties and pants in record though painful time.

Just in time to see the end of poor Tammy's paddling.

The Coach had Tammy bent over, touching her toes, her thin dress pulled tight over her rather plump bottom, and then the paddle came down for the second time. Tammy was already sniffling from the first lick, and at the second Loud pop she popped back up, both hands furiously scrubbing at her bottom, not caring in the least who was looking, shyness now long forgotten.


That was the Coach, and despite her reputation, her voice while firm really wasn't that mean right now.

"Tammy? I need you to bend back over, you have one more lick coming, and I really don't want to have to give you extras, okay? You can do this. Come on, hands off your bottom, that's a good girl, bend please, just like that, good, touch your toes, hold still now, almost done..."

The Coach put one hand softly on Tammy's back, to help her stay down, although the last 'lick' was Just as hard as the first two had been, and Tammy was crying now, not softly crying, but crying crying.

You could see the muscles working on the Coaches arm, as she no longer 'gently' held Tammy in place, but Held her down.

"Okay, Tammy, now you can get up. And, what did you learn today?"

Tammy was up now, hopping in place, cupping her bottom and crying.

"I, I always have to shower after gym Ma'am!"

"Good girl, now, go shower, scoot!"

more coming,


Advice for women in domestic discipline relationships....

As many know, I've been in a domestic discipline marriage since the start, actually before we were married.

So, here are some things I'd suggest that any wives or girlfriends whose bottom might be subject to a punishment spanking keep in mind, as things that guys don't seem to appreciate. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

1. They don't find it funny when you are at the beach, about ten miles from your house, and when all the little beach bunnies start flirting for him, and showing off, and you get jealous, and wait until he is in the water, and then you take all his stuff, the towels, his sandals, his id, and drive home.

2. They don't take it well when you have been fighting, didn't clear it up the night before, and you have been stewing all night long (regardless of whether you are right or wrong, guys, never a good thing to let her stay mad over night....). And then when you leave for work before he does, you let the air out of all four tires on his truck. Okay, how was I to know he had an early meeting, he was supposed to have the day off, so it wasn't my fault!

3. Even though they are at fault about something, I would not suggest doing the cold shoulder, 'if you don't know why I'm mad, I'm not going to tell you, if you really loved me you'd Know!' routine. But that So wasn't my fault! I Told him before we were married that was a bad habit of mine and he shouldn't let me get by with it. So just because he hadn't seen it he thought I was exagerating and teasing. So it's really his fault that he let it go on for three days that time. He is the Head of House after all!

4. The Really don't appreciate when you do something that might affect your health or safety. Although they don't seem to be terribly worried about the health or safety of your bottom at such times.

5. If you are put out at him for whatever reason, they don't seem to think it's funny at all when a bunch of his friends are over, and you are calling him sweety, dear, honey, etc, and sharing with all of them all the little cute and sweet things he does for you around the house. For some reason they act like you are trying to embarrass them on purpose or something.

6. They really get irritated when because you failed to fill your car up with gas, you borrow his truck, and then fail to fill that up as well.

7. When attending his work functions, you should act like a sweet and loyal wife, even if his coworkers and boss are a bunch of jackasses and you didn't want to be there in the first place.

8. It is not a good idea to gossip, especially when it can be tracked to you as the one starting it.

I think that's a good enough start for now.

If you want more ideas on avoiding domestic discipline, and you like drawings of spankings, you need to go to then to the gallery section. Once there, check out Cc's gallery, she has a whole gallery just devoted to this topic, and is one of my fave artists.



hey all,

this is just a general update type post.

I apologize if some one has tried to contact me, and I haven't gotten back to you. Part might have been technical, as if I'm logged out of the yahoo im, people that try to im me get sent to the 'new' yahoo mail im box and I don't always see that I have something waiting.

The rest is all on me though.

I haven't been feeling the best the last few weeks, it seems like I'm tired all the time, and that I'm sleeping all the time and I can't remember anything if I haven't written it down.

And there is some family and work stuff going on as well.

And not saying this to whine, but just so you know why I haven't be posting as much lately, is all.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lilly's freshman year F/f

"Lily, time to get up, and I don't want to have to call you again, young lady, understood?"

Whether she was understood or not, her Mom didn't wait around for an answer, but swatted her daughters fanny as it poked up from under the sheets. Even though the swat hadn't been that hard, the whining "Mommmmmm!" that it produced brought a smile to her face, as it was proof that Lilly was still feeling the effects of last nights mother daughter talk.

Lilly heard the door mostly close, and then got out of bed, squeaking a bit as her bottom sat on the bed for a bit to long. Shutting the door tightly, she went over to the full length mirror, and pulled her shorty nighty up off her sore bottom, no need to take panties down, since she hadn't bothered with putting them on last night, and turned, peeking over her shoulder at the reflected damage.

Well, she thought, not as bad as last night, by any means, but gosh, it still really hurt when she sat. Or, she sulked, when her Mom swatted her.

"Lilly?" came the query from downstairs.

"I'm up, I'm up! I'll be down in a sec!" The other comments that she might have made, such as 'geez' or 'give me a break!' or 'gawd, I'll be down when I'm down!' were not said, although they were thought. Part of what had gotten her into spanking trouble last night, was that she had seriously backtalked last night when her Mom was scolding her about her homework. Sassing right now, the morning after a spanking, was pretty much a sure fire way to get her fanny spanked before school, and that wasn't in Lilly's plans.

So she hurried downstairs, her older sister was there waiting as well, already eating, smirking at her as she sat and then squeaked. No way to avoid it though, her parents insisted that the girls sit and eat, and not just rush off, sore bottom or not.

Breakfast done, she took care of her dishes quick, no need for a lecture on that as well, and then hurried back upstairs, to take a quick shower and get ready for the day.

The shower was short, even by school morning standards, warm water spraying on her bottom wasn't that comforting.

So, Lilly was back in her room wrapped in her towel, as she dried her hair and decided what to wear today.

Normally she had all her outfits picked out well in advance, but last nights spanking made her question things. Usually after a spanking, she'd be wearing a dress or skirt, something that was loose and wouldn't rub, not like her jeans or pants.

But, she'd been bragging about this new pair of sky blue 'jeans', and some of the girls had said that no way her Mom was going to shell out that much money for them. So if she didn't show up in them, after she said she already had them, well, the teasing would be unbearable. Wearing them the next day wouldn't work either, the would just assume she hadn't had them, and had begged her Mom to buy them for her.

So no way around it, she'd just have to suck it up, sometimes you had to suffer for fashion.

Looking in her pantie drawer, the nice, soft, full briefs caught her eye, again, under normal circumstances, what she would choose post spanking. Again, fashion dictated otherwise. No Way was she going to have panty lines from briefs showing under her new pants!

That meant her only real choice were her cute but snug bikinis, the ones with the cute elastic at waist,and legs. Elastic that on days like today felt like sandpaper and did nothing except irritate. Finding a blue pair that almost matched her pants, with cute litte contrasting elastic, Lilly shimmied into her undies, and then snagged out a bra as well, and got that on as well. And looked in the mirror again.


The girl looking back at her was tall, 5'7", and looking like she was going to sprout a bit more, as her folks would tease. Long brown hair that was almost to her waist, brown eyes, hips and bottom Finally starting to curve and plump out nicely now that she was 14, but, sadly, not to much on top yet. So she turned from side to side, seeing if changing the angle somehow helped. Or if pushing her arms together, did. And that did, a bit. At least her Mom had consented about a year ago, and had let her start wearing bras, even if she really didn't need them.

end part 1....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More World of Warcraft and gaming humor....

Here you go, since I had someone who apreciated the last set. You either get it, or you don't. The game I've been playing for some time on xbox is Oblivion. I've got a very nice Dark Elf maid, and I'm a master sneak, master archer, and master in most magics, and have good invisiblity charms as well. Though I think it's not fair that the game won't let me enchant a bikini.

Oh, and btw, these are all from he's got Tons of stuff there, from the WoW stuff, look for that in the Bootybay tab, to his archives and gallery.

And another oh. Oh, if you click on the pics? They get bigger. It's magic.


Monday, August 3, 2009

The only 'butt' I care about... F/f

"But, but Mommieeeee!!!! Owwwwwieee!"

"Hush! I'm not in any mood, the only 'butt' I'm concerned with right now, young lady, is your little 'butt'!"


"Oooowwww!!!! Mommmieee!"

"sly, since you were away on vacation, you picked up quite a few bad habits, little girl!"

Spank! Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!

"Your manners are awful! "


"sly, I want to be hearing please, and yes Mommie, and No Mommie, and may I, and Sir and Ma'am when you are talking to other adults, and it's 'yes', not yeah, and you will Answer when I talk to you, do you understand me sly?"


"Ow ow oww! Ohhh yes Mommie yes Mommie I understand Ma'am! Oh I'm sorry oh it hurts please stop, please!"


"Not yet. I'm tired of your eye rolling, the crossed arms, the huffing, the sighing, and it Stops, miss sly, now!"

Spank spank spank spank spank!

"Oh OW yes Mommie no eye rolling Mommie I won't!"

Spank spank spank!


My hand, resting on bare red bottom as I wait....

"Um, no crossed arms, and no huffing?"

"Good, that's right."


"And, I'm tired of all the backtalk, all the sass, of having to tell you more then once to do something. That stops too, young lady."

"Yes Mommie yes Ma'am!"

"Good. " pat pat pat...

"Now, up you go, nose in the corner, and hands Off your fanny, I'll let you know when you can come out. Scoot."