Monday, June 22, 2009

Looking for blog help, please....

hey all,

been pretty happy here so far, but have some questions on modifying my blog, and I can't figure out what I need to do (and no, not including shots of my spanked fanny, sorry....).

First, I'm surprised I didn't find this in the gadgets section, but, I'd like some sort of counter, to let me know how many people are actually coming and looking. It may sound petty, but that is a big deal to me.

Second, one of the things I did like about my old yahoo 360 blog, was how it had the 'blast', where I could link to like a song/yahoo clip, so friends could see how I was feeling or the mood I was in the time. Is there something like that here? Or, do you just have to go with some 'jukebox' add on,, and if so, which one?

Third, I love how like on some blogs, say My Bottom Smarts, for example, she has on her sidebar a pull down list, so you can look up stuff. I'd like something like that, so that it will make stories and such easier to find later, when this month is up, and all these post titles get relegated to archives.

Fourth, I can't figure out how to link what blogs I'm following or whatever the proper term is, on my blog. It shows up on my profile, but not my blog.

Think that is about it.

oh yes, and again, feel free to im me or email me, if you are shy and don't want to publicaly post.


ps, for those who asked, how did I get my posts to get spread out so it's easier to read, rather then scrunched up like a newspaper column, I chose minima stretch as my template.


  1. I'm a complete techno-phobe, but I'll try to help.

    What you want for your "count" is Google Analytics. You sent up an account and it produces a code for you to add on your layout page. It gives you all kinds of info about what city the readers are in, how many pages they read, how long they stayed.

    Last I checked, Blogger doesn't have a good music player or anything like that.

    I don't know how to do the pull down menus, but on the layout page, click "add a gadget" and there is a blog list gadget.

    A little help from one novice to another.


  2. You can get site meter. It's free and all you do is paste it in your html. It gives detailed instructions on their website.

  3. We have a counter on our blog... it's free and it works great. Gives tons of info... where your hits come from, keyword searches, length of stay, etc-etc. Just go to our blog and click the counter on the lower left sidebar and then sign up.

    As for a the sidebar... that's an easy Blogger widget. Just go to your Blogger "Layout" page... click "add gadet"... then "Blog List" is about the 10th one down. Add that and then add the links you like.

    Hope that helps,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. 1. here is a good tutorial in adding google analytics to your blog. before proceeding, read the comments as there is a bit of tweaking that is required.

    or is another option. they have video tutorials to help you install the gadget.

    2. embedding music/audio:

    for video:

    3. sidebar pull down list. i think you can do this by editing the blog archive element in your template where you select your display style: dropdown menu.

    4. blog list.
    - click Add a Page Element
    - in the pop-up window, click Add to Blog under the Link List