Saturday, June 13, 2009

for those with whiny teens...

and preteens, a suggestion.

Now, during the summer time, try a little experiment. Because no matter how much you talk to them about it, or they have read about it, they really don't know what life was like before all the modern advances.

So, for a week, or maybe even two, show them what it was like when we were kids.

That means the only tv channels you get are ABC, NBC and CBS, just like the old days. And I'm being generous, out on our farm, we only got two!

Only radio for music, well, actually I guess we had the record player, so cds are okay.

No computer, period. For anything! You want to look something up, go find a library, and use an encylopedia.

But no computer, no email, nothing.

No cell phone.

No computer games, or, xbox or playstation or wii or anything like that.

No handheld little games like the gameboys or newer versions.

No ipods

No dvds

Best of luck, when you tell them to read a book, do some chores, or go outside with their friends.

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Lash …
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Lash …
I should add that while I have no "whiny teens" or preteens of my own I do have six classes of whiny teens to whom I attempt to teach chemistry nine months of the year. So I can relate.
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Offline IM
Very good idea. Don't forget to make them actually WRITE a letter and mail it;go to the bank (between 9 and 5 on weekdays) to get cash; take some pictures, mail in the film and wait for a week to 10 days to find out your favorite shot didn't come out...if they are really impatient give them a Polaroid camera and have them shake the picture to make it develop faster
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