Saturday, June 13, 2009

Young lady, F/F, domestic

sly, if you think I'm going to put up with any more of your attitude, you are Sadly mistaken, young lady. I've had enough of your pouts, your little comments, your sulking, your muttering, you putting off what I ask you to do.

I've warned you, more than once, actually. Apparently that was a mistake on my part, little wife.
Apparently, what I should have done, instead of even giving you one warning, was to have taken your jeans down for you, given you a good Spank and sent you in the corner to think about how you were acting, then sent you to bring me the brush, followed by a good, Long bare bottom talk over my lap, little girl.

And yes, I said little girl, sly Samantha Johnson! Spank! If you insist on acting like one, instead of my wife, I'll most certainly treat you like one.

And by the time I'm done with you now, you will Wish you had gotten 'just' that hairbrushing, missy!

Oh, what am I planning to do? And 'Ma'am?' besides? My, aren't your manners improving already!

Well, little girl, since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you.

First, your jeans are coming off, and your panties are coming down to your ankles. Then I'm going to put you over my lap, and spank your bare little bottom with my hand, till you are squealing and fussing, and then I'm going to take you into the bathroom, and I'm going to wash that sassy and naughty mouth right out!

And I'll let you know right now, you are This close, young lady, to having me wash out all the sass and attitude out of you by getting the enema bag out, do you Understand me, sly Samantha?!

Then I'm going to take your bawling little butt and send you outside to go cut several switches, and yes, still bare bottomed! Did I say Anything about letting you pull your panties up? I didn't think so.

And while you are doing that, and you better not take all day, unless you want me to help you and cut a few myself as well, I'm going to get the gingerroot suppository out, so it's waiting, all fresh dipped in just cold water for lube.

I bet that starts the bawling, when you smell that ginger, and I tell you to bend yourself over the back of the couch, missy.

I'm going to part those naughty cheeks, wide, and then rub the ginger on your little bottom hole, so shy you are!, and then when you finally start to open, I'm going to slide that nice, thick, ginger finger up your rump, until you Clench down on the little groove I made for you to hold on to.

And then while you cry and feel sorry for yourself, naughty thing, I'm just going to wait, as your bottom heats up, as you start to feel the warmth, then the heat, then the Burn, and when you are no desperate and sorry, I'm going to pick up the first switch, babygirl, and reaquaint you with what happens when you Clench your bottom when you are holding a ginger fig in your little rump...

It's going to be a Very, very long morning for you I'm afraid, my dear.


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Jenny W
Oh Mommy...poor babygirl sly. I agree that her panties need to come down and its a given that she needs a good long bare botom spanking. She is way overdue for a bottom figging and I know from my own experience how humiliating a lesson it is when you fel your botomhole exposed and then penetrated...try not to clench sly, it only makes it worse. But Mommy, sly only has a soft little bottom so please don't whip her bottom too severely..she's only a little kid!She's my little sis so if you are determined to hand out the mother of all switchings, I'll share her punishment. Yes Mommy and sly, you are hearing right...I'm kinda protective of sly so yes, I am prepared to take half the strokes if that will spare her poor bottom. BUT, sly can take the ginger root up her own bottomhole...I'm not sharing that!!!Love you both, Jenny XXXXXX
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Jennifer Ann! I am not pleased with you either, right now! Despite the fact that I used Mommy, and not Mommie in this letter, and called sly my wife, you still call her a little kid, and she isn't, here. She was just acting like one. So no problems, dear. I have No problem in letting you share in what she gets, but I really don't think I'm going to be halving anything, young lady. I'm sure Nicola and my Husband will enjoy the show you both put on as well. And, guess what? Since you are taking the part of her older sis here as well, that means you will be going second, after you have watched her get all of her punishment. That should get you squirming, knowing what you have coming...and, oh yes, the ginger fig for your naughty fanny as well, I'm afraid, Jenny.And since you are so eager, and are more experienced, you will get the special aged ginger....And I'm sure you will also be happy to know, that grown up women who simply act like little girls, sometimes have to assume embarrassing positions to get their switchings, such as on the end of the bed, bare bottomed, of course, head and shoulders flat on the bed, plump little rumps high in the nice, tight, Spread, exposed. I suggest you have your girlfriend place you like that, take a snapshot or two, so you can see just what you look like...And oh yes, miss sly Will be watching all of your punishment, well, what she can through her tears.Love,Mommy
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Damnit! i JUST commented on this blog...and it's NOT there! It's not Fair that i'm gonna be punished like this when it's not even (mostly) my fault!Mommy, please, NOOOOOO!!! NOT the ginger suppository, PLEASE! i'll be a good little wife for you from now on, i Promise!!!,sly
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