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sly get in here! F/f, domestic

Entry for April 17, 2008 sly, get your fanny in here...Ff

(for those of you new to the stories, or for those with attention spans like goldfish, Jen is 16, Julie is 14, and their baby sister sly is ten.)

"And I mean right now, young lady!"

And although I sounded stern, I wasn't actually mad at my babygirl, this time.

I smiled as I heard her squeal out a "Yes Mommie!" and then heard her and the cats come racing into the kitchen,where her sisters and I were.

"Well, sly Samantha Johnson, would you care to explain to Mommie just Why you have on those clothes, missy mine? Hmmm?"

My smile grew bigger, though sly didn't see it as she instantly started looking down at her school uniform of khaki shorts, and blue t-shirt with school logo. And then turn and try to look at her fanny, sorta like a puppy trying to catch it's tail. Her sisters appeared as confused as sly was.

"But whaaaat Mommie? What? It's clean, and I have my shirt right side out, and ...."

"sly," cutting her off... "are you supposed to wear your school clothes when you are out playing around?"

"No Mommie, but I..."

"Well, don't think you are going to the beach with me like that, little girl."

At that, all three of the girls mouths dropped.

I decided to stop torturing her, and just tell her.

"There was a notice this morning, sly, your school had a water main problem, and is closed at least today..." and noticing the hopeful looks of my other two... " sorry sweeties, just the elementary school, High School and middle school are still open."

"Da-" Jen caught my look before she had finished, and what she Was going to say, was changed and she finished with "-ang...."

I looked at sly, standing there bouncing up and down.

"Well, are you going to get changed or not? although if you don't want to go to the beach, they are doing daycare down at the community center, and..."

Before I finished, sly was out of her shorts and tshirt, and was now bouncing around in her panties and vest.


"sly, you know you don't leave your clothes, Especially your clean school clothes lying on the floor, go put them away, please."

She bent to pick them up, and I swatted her again,more noise than anything else, and my littlest drama queen went squealing and hopping down the hall, 'clutching' her bottom with both hands as she tried to keep her clothes from falling. I could tell the distress she was in by her sing song chant of "We're going to the bea-ach...."

Her sisters were grumbling as they were getting ready to go out the door, and by the time sly got back, she had added a new verse that went ... "and youuuuuu aren't!"

Complete with tongue sticking out at her sisters, who showed their age and maturity by sticking their tongues back out at her.

"Julie, hon, have a good day, good luck on your tests, I know you will do well like you always do."

A beaming smile from Julie, looking cute in her polo shirt and plaid skirt.


Not quite as big of smile now. Never good when Mom goes "but..."

"but, if I get another report that says 'Julie is such a bright girl, but isn't applying herself lately...', I'm going to apply the paddle to your fanny, understood?"

A vigorous head nod of understanding from my squirmy redfaced boy crazy daughter.

"Good girl, hon."

I see Jen smirking at her blushing sister.

"Jennifer Ann..."

and the use of the full first name, and middle name, brought her up short and got her attention, as intended.

"And so help me, dear, if you and Nikki sneak off campus for lunch, Or go someplace on school grounds during lunch, and play suck face (what the local kids called making out...) Not only aren't you going to be able to sit for a week, but you will be Grounded and won't be able to see Nikki At all after school, for that whole time, and No phone calls to her either, AND, young lady, heaven help you if you cut class, am I perfectly clear?"

"Yes Ma'am, perfectly clear, and we won't, really!"


Julie was now smirking at Jen, and sly was sticking her tongue out at Jen as well. So I grabbed her tongue, lightly, but didn't let go so my little gecko couldn't put it back in.

"And, sly, to early to go to the beach yet. So you and Mommie are going to do a few chores, and you are going to do a bit of work on your social studies and english, and when we go to the beach, we are going to work on your math a bit too..."

That was accompanied by "Ha Ha's!" by both her sisters, reminiscent of Nelson on the Simpsons...

"But Mommmmmieeeeeeeeeeeee, that isn't faaaaiiiirrrrrrrrr!"

"Oh? Well, I suppose we could do things differently..."

smile from sly.

"I guess I could pull your panties down, turn you over my lap, spank you, and then have you do your work...?"

"No Mommie! the first way is fair, honest!"

"Okay, you two, on your way, Jen, drive safe sweety."

and I kissed them both out the door.

"Now then sly, you look a bit tired, would you care to take a nap in Mommies bed for a bit first, while I do some chores?"


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Ray C
Offline IM
this was very nice hon........i love how you put things to your girls , goodness i think i would pay attention to you lol.........hugs and lots of them
Thursday April 17, 2008 - 02:09pm (CDT) Remove Comment
("We're going to the bea-ach....and youuuuuu aren't!"..LMAO! You write sly So well, and the delivery was priceless.)I'm not tired, Mommie. Can I help you with the chores so we can hurry and get to the beach? May I just take a nap later on the beach Mommie? Mommie? If I catch a turtle, can I bring it home? Mommie, I think it's funny Jen and Julie's school didn't close. ::snickers:: Mommie...I don't want to do school work today. Can't we just make it 'field trip day' instead? Mommie...can we go diving again?Mommie? Mommie?,sly
Thursday April 17, 2008 - 08:27pm (PDT) Remove Comment

I'm not tired, Mommie."Oh really, babygirl, so why all the yawns at breakfast?"Can I help you with the chores so we can hurry and get to the beach"Yes you can, but, I want you to actualy help then, and not just chatter little girl. And, we still aren't going the beach right away, honey, it has to warm up a bit first."? May I just take a nap later on the beach Mommie? "No, you may not. I'm not taking a tired, crabby little girl to the beach, missy." swat!"So, you Will be taking a nap first, and if you want later, you can nap at the beach to."Mommie? If I catch a turtle, can I bring it home?"No babygirl, remember, these are sea turtles, they belong in the sea, and we aren't going to play with them, just look, got it?"Mommie, I think it's funny Jen and Julie's school didn't close. ::snickers:: "kiss, I bet you do, baby."Mommie...I don't want to do school work today. Can't we just make it 'field trip day' instead? Mommie...can we go diving again?sigh, "sly, I already told you, a couple of times now, that you Will be doing school work today. And, I told you that if you kept it up, you were getting a Spanking first, little girl! So, since you can't listen, missy...."Well, having you still in panties makes it convenient, I just pull you over my lap, slip them to your knees, and give you a Good little spanking till that bottom is nice and red, and you are crying and promising to be good..."Are you going to listen, now young lady? Are you going to backtalk and question everything I tell you to do today? Or do I need to get your paddle out, little girl?"Frantic promises assure me you will be good, so I put your fanny in the corner for ten minutes to calm down and think, then I let you put your panties back on, and you come help me with chores...Mommie? Mommie? Mommie..."yes babygirl?"love,Mommie
Thursday April 17, 2008 - 06:49pm (HST) Remove Comment
Oh, Mommie! ::BLUSH::i'll be good!i Promise!::rubs bottom::love,sly
Thursday April 17, 2008 - 10:24pm (PDT) Remove Comment

Jenny W
Mommie, you are getting soft with know she needs regular lickings OTK so why don't you just let her have it? I, on the other hand, have become a model of good behaviour but then, I am quite a young lady now and my days of going OTK are surely over...aren't they?????Love to Mommie and my sisters (brats that they both are!) Jenny XXXXXX
Sunday April 20, 2008 - 04:08pm (NZST) Remove Comment
::Mouth Flies Open!::SOFT?!::Yanks Your Hair!::Giggles...but the thought of regular lickings OTK..well...Yeah, You are probably right about that, Jen. Brat!love,sly
Saturday April 19, 2008 - 11:42pm (PDT) Remove Comment
*mutters under breath* Sly is such a little shed I hope she gets the carp spanked out of her *big grin, proud of my non-punishable defiance*
Sunday April 20, 2008 - 08:27pm (BST) Remove Comment

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