Sunday, June 14, 2009

Angie and Elle part 4, F/F,sexual

I stepped over to the left side of the mechanical bull, and of my naughty girl. I'm right handed, and I wanted to get a good swing here.

"Well young lady, I truly hope that your lying to me, and your sneaking your smoke and your drink were worth this...."

Swisshhh WHAPPP!!! First stroke, and a nice, RED line across thecenter of her plump and now wildly wobbling bottom.

"AHHHHH! Angie NO!!!!!"

(so as not to interrupt the flow of the story, from now on, wheneveryou see something capitalized that isn't normally, consider thatANOTHER stroke....)

"Elle Kathleen, we have Talked and Talked and Talked about you SMOKING, haven't We!?"

Her reply, such as it was, was already mostly lost in her squeals and howling and bawling. I was making it hurt, and she wasn't faking these tears. Six strokes so far, the noise was loud with each one because of the doubled up belt smacking against itself as well as her pretty butt, and I knew from experience how each one would feel like your bottom had just been branded.

Six welts, and I had spread the others out, above and below the first one, and the whole of her bottom, from the top of her sweet dividing crease, to the very bottom of her cheeks. Her full cheeks were a dull glowing pink with six fairly straight lines running across both ofthem.Her bottom was in constant motion now, and she was probably only partly in control of it, the rest was a reflex action, an attempt tothrow of the heat, to ease the burn and sting, and to avoid the next one that you know is coming.....

"It's a Disgusting habit, and I DON'T want to be Kissing an Ashtray,Understand?!"

She weepingly agreed with me, that she DID understand, and she agreed with me that it was a disgusting habit, and she agreed with me on alot of things I hadn't even asked her yet.

That set of five I had also placed over both cheeks, but this time, I layed them on in between the welts of the first set. If there was some overlap, so much the worse for her. Her bottom was wiggling and wriggling and wobbling, twitching, clenching tightly, and then flaring wide, then one cheek would tighten, then the other.

Her legs were starting to come up high on the sides of the bull, andher thighs were clenching tight, clamping down TIGHT against the side of the bull, but when your legs are spread THAT wide, it doesn't help you clench your bottom at all. Trust me, I know that this is true.

But I didn't want those thighs up. I wanted her legs down, and her rear sticking up and out. Full, and round and spread and exposed.

I looked around and saw Mike, and a teary eyed Tammy standing nearby,and she was still rubbing her bottom. I asked Mike if Tammy would do something for me, and he told her to do what I wanted. I told her what I wanted, and she scooted out the door, and was back again in a couple of minutes. While I was waiting, I don't even know if Elle was really aware that we were taking a break or not, her crying didn't slow much. I went around to where she could see me, and I quietly scolded her some more.

Then Tammy was back, and gave me what I had asked for, and I thanked her. Courtesy is always so important.

I had asked her to go to one of the booths, and ask if she could borrow some things for me. And they had given her what I had asked for. Thigh cuffs and a spreader bar.

I fastened each of the cuffs just above her knee, and then fastened the bar to each of the cuffs. Now, she had NO way to raise her knees above the belly of the bull. I had fastened the cuffs to her thighs,and not her ankles, because I wanted her to be able to feel the shame of having to kick her feet like the naughty girl she was.

I now walked over to her right side, time to work on my backhand.

Of course, Elle was pleading for mercy, begging for forgiveness,promising eternal virtue and goodness, ANYTHING if I would only stop right now. But we had had this talk more than once, and she was going to learn how serious I was this time.

"Besides how Unattractive smoking is, You KNOW how Un-Healthy it IS! I have Told you Over and Over again!"

She was blubbering and bawling hard, crying her little heart out, and my own heart went out to her, but while her pretty fanny was a bright glowing red , and covered with throbbing welts, I cared for her too much to stop now. She had a lesson to learn.

With her legs restrained as they were (and her hands were still fastened in front of her to the front of the bull), her motions were limited to a fruitless rocking of her hips,and kicking of her feet. I noticed that the seat of the bull had a liquid sheen, from where her cream was polishing the leather. I knew she wasn't aroused, that it was an unconcious reaction to the punishment, and I did not mention it to her, or how her sweet pussy was looking so ripe and open and inviting, or how her little anus was winking and open to me....

As much as I loved what I saw, I was angry too. Because of how she had ignored what I had told her, how she didn't take care of herself, how she lied to me, how I had to punish her now, instead of making this a good girl spanking, when I could have been touching and kissing all those places I was looking at right now.

I walked back around to her left, this time, I planned on all the strokes to fall ONLY on her left cheek.

"Elle Kathleen, You have NO idea How angry I Am with You right Now little girl!"

As planned, all on her sweet left cheek, from top, to the very bottom where, with her head angled down as it was, I had a good shot at her underhang, that OH so delicate area that she would remember whenever she sat down for DAYS to come.

I walked back to her right side. Again, for a series against just the right cheek. Elle didn't seem to appreciate my spanking technique at all.

" Dearest, I Really, Really, hope That this will Be the Last time I have to spank you for This!"

I decided that she had had enough, her voice had that sincere tone,where, at least for the moment, she believed what she was saying.

I unfastened her cuffs, and walked to her head, and I stroked the damp hair off of her face, and leaned down and kissed her lightly on the forehead. And then I leaned forward, and whispered in her ear, soonly she could hear me.

Baby girl, if you EVER do this again, I PROMISE you that I will give you a punishment spanking everyday for a week! And, since you like to poison yourself so much, if you ever do this again, I will ALSO give you a series of cleansing enemas, followed by retention and detoxifying enemas, right AFTER each of those punishment spankings.And we BOTH know how much you like your enemas, don't we, darling."

Elle's eyes were HUGE when I told her what would happen if I caught her smoking again, and I really hoped it wouldn't be neccessary. But only time would tell.

I unfastened her wrists, and then I helped her off the bull, and she collapsed in my arms, and I held her, and she cried, and I petted her hair, and she cried and rubbed her still bare bottom.
I took the bandana that had held her wrists, and dried her face, and blew her nose. Then I took her by the hand, and I excused us from the group. We went out of the bar, and I took her back to DTR's panty botique and inspection booth.

Elle just kept saying how sore she was (understandable) and how sorry she was and I told her I knew, and that I was sorry I had to that,and that we would be going back to our room soon. Her skirt was down in front, but still up in back over her strapped bottom. Modesty, at this time, wasn't as big of a concern, as keeping anything from touching her rump.

"Angieeeee, I wanna go now, I don't want to shop for panties!" Alittle bit whiny, but again, I knew the feeling, so I cut her a little slack.

"Be good, and we will be gone soon, and I DO mean be good, missy. Ah,here is what I was looking for."

Elle just looked at me, as I had stopped at the table with the English school girl outfits, everything you needed, in all sizes, to include traditional, full cut, thick cotton school girl knickers, in a variety of solid colors. I picked out a couple of pair, in dark blue, and bottle green, and a deep maroon. We paid and left, and Elle was pretty well behaved, all things considering, and I took her back to our room. I told her to strip, and put her new maroon panties on,and I went to the fridge, and came back with a large, soft gel Icepack.

Elle gave a thankfull "ooooooo!" when she saw that, and started to pull her panties back down, so I swatted her, and she pulled them right back up!

"On your tummy, girl. NOT that you didn't deserve EVERY lick I gave you, but I DON'T want that pretty butt out of commision the rest ofthe time we are here either. So, you get an ice pack. And, for it to do some good, you need it to be on for 15 to 20 minutes, and you won't be able to take that on the bare. But, with your nice, thick,new knickers, you will."

I set the pack on her fanny, and she squeaked, and said it was too heavy. She decided it was just fine, when I told her she was going to use the icepack, and she could either lay on her tummy, it could set on top, OR, she could sit on it on a chair...

Now, is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Yes, Angie, I'm SOOO sorry, and I'll NEVER EVER smoke again, I PROMISE! And, thank you for caring for me, and I want to show you how sorry I am, and how much I love you too. May I?"

And with my naughty girl on her tummy, I let her thank me. For a very long time, over and over.


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