Friday, June 19, 2009

Hawaii spankings, F/f, M/F, rl, domestic

a repost from SIN, gosh, wrote this must be about 10 years ago now.

A certain someone, when they found out that I lived over here, asked if I had ever been spanked with a slipper. And the answer is yes, yes I have.

Now that I am feeling up to writing new stuff again, I thought this might be a good way to get back into things.

Over here in Hawaii, the most common footwear is what everyone calls 'slippers' (or in the local pidgen slang, 'slippahs').

Now these are not bedroom style slippers, or the gymshoe type of the UK. These are what would be called back on the mainland sandals, or in many cases, flip flops or shower shoes.

Those inexpensive little thong type plastic/rubber bottomed sandals with no heelstrap that go between your big toe and the one next to it. Except over here, you can go from the really cheap flimsy ones, to the fancier ones, with patterned soles, and thicker, and all sorts of designer colors and such.

Now one of the benifits of being a woman is getting to hear all the girl talk around the office and at social occasions and such. And it is amazing how often the subject of kids and discipline comes up, without ME being the one to bring it up. Invariably, some one mentions spanking, and everyone shares their experiences.

Despite all the different family preferences for spanking tools, overall winner here is the slipper. Everyone from the grandmother types in my office, to the new little receptionist, just out of high school, all have tales about their tails feeling the slipper.

It is a fairyl COMMON sight, to see out in a park or in a parking lot or at the beach, to see some frustrated parent, moms more often than dads, with a kicking and fussing kid over their lap, while the slipper is most vigorously applied despite the kicking and howling and crying and pleading.

And this isn't always just little kids either. I've seen some teenage misses upended over parental laps out in public, getting a quick lesson in manners, and the fact that they aren't quite as grown up as they thought they were.

One of the more recent sightings happened at the beach. A mom that I had a nodding aquaintance with was nearby with her family. Pretty good kids for the most part. One of the girls was 15, my youngest girls age. The next girl was 13, and then a boy about 5.

Mom had to go back to the car for something, and she told the 13 yo to watch the boy, and make sure he stayed in the shallow water. That much I heard. I went back to sleep, and a little while later heard some crying down at the water, so I looked up, and saw the boy getting rolled in the surf, no sister or anyone else around.

I go and drag him out, and asked him where his sister was, and he didn't know. About then, mom comes along, and the story is repeated. Then comes in miss 13, after waving goodbye to some boys that were WAY to old for her 13 yo butt.

Her mom starts lecturing right away, and telling her how much trouble she is in, etc. Her daughter cops a real teen attitude, with a "Mommmm, I AM 13 you know," and even better, "I don't know why I have to watch him all the time, all I do is work!"

Mom grabbed her wrist, sat down, pulled her over her lap right there on the beach, and took off one of her thick soled slippers, and went to work on her daughters bottom right then and there! She had been swimming too, so her little bikini bottoms were still wet, as was her fanny! And boy, take it from experience, does that ever increase the sting.

The bottoms were moderately modest, but they had ridden up a bit, and her mom made sure to REALLY redden any uncovered sit spot till it was glowing. From all the crying and pleading, she didn't sound so grownup anymore. When she let her up, she was dancing around, and people were looking and pointing, but no sympathy for her though.

Didn't even get to run into the water to hide her red butt and upper thighs, mom made her stay on the beach, babysitting her brother for a while longer, before she let her go swim to hide and cool off.

It is also fairly common around the island to see the boys and young men when they are playing around at the parks and beaches with their girls, to spank them a couple of times with the slipper, hard enough to make them rub, even if it is a couple of swats.

And, as I said in the beginning, I have been spanked with a slipper also, by my husband and my Momma Sue. He hasn't been shy about doing it at the beach, and he really lays some licks on!

Of course, between his laughing and me carrying on, it's evident that it's just playing around, if a bit hard, and not once has anyone ever intervened or come over to see if I was okay.

I normally retreat to the water as soon as I can. If I'm lucky, I can coax him into the water as well, so he can comfort me properly out there, in the waves....



  1. Hi, nice story, one i hadn't seen before although i've visited your old site quite a few times. I really like your new blog, but now that it's easier to navigate, i'm not sure if i should put comments at the relevant post, or just at the latest one. Love the new girls going down the right hand side, which one are you? Always associated you with the little lady on the left on your old blog, always liked to see what she was wearing.
    Please let me know if my comment is in the wrong place.

  2. Hi Angie,

    I have only just found your blog and begun reading, but I am loving what I have read so far!
    This story is great, and I love how you write it makes me feel like I was there!

    I haven't been spanked with a flip flop yet, but was spanked with a shoe today lol. No, no I didn't deserve it (at least I don't think I deserved it), however my DH thought otherwise *pouts* oh well - who am I kidding? It was kinda fun and not a serious discipline spanking, so I need to quit whining!

    Will add you to my link list :-D

    Mrs M