Monday, June 15, 2009

My favorite spanking author, Rue

hi all,
And yes, haven't forgotten that I need to do the next part of the Vicky series, or that I owe miss Erica a good spanking in a story either, but, to get things started again here, a simple little tribute post to one of my fave spanking authors, Rue, is in order.

I first read her stuff back on the site,which is a great site, TONS of stories there, huge archives, it's free, etc, but one of the problems is that its difficult to find a specific story by a specific author but more on that.

Rue, if you have never read her work, does almost exclusively M/F spanking scenarios, they vary in strictness, but she has an amazing sense of detail, she pays attention to the relationships between the characters, her women sound and act like women we know (or see in the mirror), the men act like traditional men. And she has a Wicked sense of humor. Oh, and she isn't shy about including sex in her stories as well. Yum!

Oh, and she has Tons of stories, and unlike me, many of them are multiple chapter wonders, happy sigh.

The good news is, that I finally found a site that if it doesn't have all of her work, it sure as heck has a good percentage of it all in one place. I emailed her recently, and she has no problem with me giving you all the link, so here it is:

Now, once there, take a look at the left side of the page, each of those little subjects is clickable and most will take you to stories.

Now, she has too many stories that are my 'favorites' for me to list them all, but I'll highlight some of my faves.

In the humor section, An Australian Interlude (she's Australian, btw), and How to improve your love life (all Thirteen chapters of it!) are hysterical!

In the Domestic section (what those damn romance novels Should be like!) I really like Change of Life, as well as Walking Disaster (I think her character Gracie is a lot like me, good at work, a sorta mess otherwise...I really identified with her, although I ended up getting a switching just like she described in the last chapter, and I ended up writing my own little story about that, pout), all ten chapters of it, and the 11 chapters of Ride em cowbowy, and the 12 chapters of Summer Holiday, and the 12 chapters of Payment due.

In her Dungeon section, darker at times, and stricter, and not all just spanking, but still, if you like edgy spanking stuff, her 25 chapter Priestess series is amazing. And her Lady Astronaut and the Octopus is probably the best spanking machine story I've ever read, I wish the wench would write more spanking machine stories.

In the Historical section, again, how those dumb romance novels should be, so many good stories there. Like A Proper Victorian Lady (and I can attest to the seated punishment she gets!), or the 24 chapter epic, The Captive (as part of her attention to detail and character development, a lot of her minor characters are more developed than many other's main characters. Chapter 11, with Arbrec and Dinetra is an excellent case in point), or the 13 chapters of The Wrong Way, or 16 chapters of Mail order mayhem.

My only warning is this. For those of you who are subject to punishment spankings, be careful when you start reading Rue's stories as it is Very very very very easy to lose track of time, and to just tell yourself you will only read 'just one more right now...'.


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