Thursday, June 11, 2009

Traffic stop machine/F , sexual

Sometime in the future...

There I was minding my own business, worying about traffic and the fact that I was late yet again, so I pushed the speed limit a little. Then it happened. The red light on the dash started winking at me as the car slowed BACK to the speed limit, and the syrupy sweet voice of the traffic controller told me that my car had been picked up in a random check as speeding, and that the controls had now been taken over by traffic control.


This was not the first time this had happened to me, and I squirmed as I remembered my previous two times that I had been caught. Texas was such a weird country. Fed up with all the liberal nonsense that was taking over so much of the states, they finally decided to go their own way. And they instituted some new reforms in what I think of as a truly Texian mix of principles.

Like traffic offenses, for example. Let's just say you get caught commiting some misdeed, like speeding or whatever, but with out loss of life or injury or property damage, that sort of thing. Well, they decided that the easiest way to handle that was to reinstitute corporal punishment. But then the people had a big outcry as to how having machines constantly monitor them was a big intrusion into their lives, so they compromised. The traffic monitors would 'randomly' scan and so you might or might not get by with breaking the law, but it was your choice to make. But when you were caught, like me right now, well, then the computers took over and pulled your car over to the nearest roadside traffic court.

Moments later, I was there, pulled into the parking lot, where two other cars where already parked before me. My door opened up and I got out, walking slowly to my doom. My mood wasn't made any better when a door opened and a loudly crying woman came hobbling out, both hands still on her bottom, mascara running down her face. And from the door beside that, I could hear the sounds of a SOUND spanking taking place,and another hapless woman howling out her distress. I went meekly to the blinking green light, and a voice directed me to room three, and asked if I wished to use the restroom first. I said that I did, having a bad case of the nervous pees knowing what was coming, and having seen the just spanked woman and hearing the other one still getting it. My business taken care of, I went to my room and walked into the open door, and waited for the spanking machine to take over.

Perhaps I should explain about these machines. Since not all drivers sped, even in Texas, and since not all the speeders were caught, not all that many machines were needed in any given area. But there was something special about them too. They couldn't simply be mass produced, like any modern tool, they had to be specially programmed, ONE machine at a time. And with spanking machines, that meant that an actual spanker had been hooked up to the computer while they had administered one or more spankings, till the machine got the 'feel' of it's spanking personality.

The first time I had been caught speeding in Texas, I had just been passing through, and the spanker who had set up the machine didn't have much personality. I was unceremoniosly upended, my pants pulled down, my panties pulled down, as I was held over his cyber lap, and I was given a hard and nonstop spanking,with what felt like a hairbrush, with no talking or scolding or lecturing, but in such a robotic manner, no deviation, one set pattern, that after I thought that a robot must have programmed a robot.

My second time, again just passing through, was by someone who really enjoyed it. A man again, my cyber spanker took great delight in embarrassing me, telling me how he was going to blister my ass, how I was going to bawl like a little girl, and then he picked me up like I WAS a little girl (NO WAY he could be that big in real life!) and sat down, sloowwwllyyy pulled up my skirt, and slooowwwlly pullied my panties down, then he did blister me good with an old fashioned belt whipping, till I was screaming and begging for him to stop. But of course, there is no pleading with a computer, my cyber spanker just kept right on spanking, but I could feel him getting hard under my tummy, and he was breathing awful hard and fast, and when it was over, he just stood up and dumped me on my bare and welted ass!

But today was going to be different, I knew as soon as I walked into the room and the door shut behind me, and I was suddenly in a very nicely decorated, but very feminine living room, and I could smell her perfume even as she walked up behind me, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. I don't know how they do it, but who ever had programmed THIS machine knew their business, and I didn't know if that was something that should worry me or not.

When the sound of her feet stopped behind me, I started to turn, then jumped when her voice suddenly came from in FRONT of me!

"Well, well, well, Miss Johnson, we seem to have a bit of problem keeping things under the speed limit, don't we?" And I wasn't sure if it was a rhetorical question or not, so I just hung my head and answered. "Yes ma'am." And I looked up from my head down position through my lashes to see what my 'spanker' looked liked. Oh my, she was pretty. About 4or 5 inches taller than I was, heavier, but in an athletic way. Her build, and her voice with it's soft Texas accent that told of monied finishing schools, you just knew that her figure and soft tan came from the golf course and tennis courts and riding lessons....Wide shoulders, slim waist, long legs, and full muscled bottom. All in a white linen skirt that fit tight across her bottom, then fell to her knees, and a simple saphire silk blouse.

"Come here girl, while I look at your records."

And so over I went, and then I gasped, as OVER I did go! Somehow I was almost instantly head down, fanny up over that soft but firm and warm lap while she sudenly seemed to be sitting on a sofa. My feet and hands dangled, not touching the 'floor'. I thought it was strange that the spanking computer would need to 'check' my records, since it should have been able to do so almost instantly, but this was more like a real spanker would have done it. Soft fingers lifted up my skirt and slip, then I squealed as my panties were delicately pulled down all the way to my ankles. Her fingers were now on my bottom, her right hand, while her left was resting lightly on my back. Then I started to squirm, for she was lightly rolling/drumming her fingers on my bottom, the way some people do absentmindedly on a table, but since her fingers and palm were naturally curved, she fit my bottom cheek just fine, and the ENDS of her fingers were tap tap tapping into my crack! I fussed a bit, till I got a hard CRACK!!!!! across the center of my bottom right across both cheeks that settled me down, that and her scolding comment to stop figeting.

"This is your THIRD offense, hmmmm?" And it says here you are from California, is that still correct?" And she had to have known from her other records that she had acess to that it wasn't, but I wasn't about to get caught in a lie, not bare bottomed up like this! "ummmm, yes ma'am, it is my third time, but that isn't correct. I am now a Texas citizen and have been for several months."

"You were told, were you not, that you had 30 days in which to get your license and address changed, were you not?"

"Yes ma'am, I was but..."

"The only 'butt' we are concerned with today is yours. At the speed you were going, that comes out to sixty swats today. I hope it was worth it to you, because you are GOING to be feeling this when I am done. Also, your failure to make the requisite address changes results in a penalty as well. Let's see, that doubles your punishment..."

"DOUBLES!!?? NOOOOO! Please you can't! I can't take that many pleasee...."

CRACK!!!! "HUSH, silly girl! I was just teasing, where IS your sense of humor? Not down there apparently, as I can see everything you have. However, the penalty, and no joke this time, is two additional strokes. So, since you are a repeat offender who refuses to act like a grown up, I think a good old fashioned school paddling is in order for you. And for the two extra strokes, well, I think a good Texas hickory switch is in order, and will give you something to remember for QUITE a long time. But first, we have some other things to talk about."

And with that those long fingers stopped tapping my fanny, and started spanking me, HARD! And instead of there just being the two hands, there was the one spanking me, the one at my waist, two more at my thighs, and one at my head!

"Ow! OWWW!!! OOOOO! Wh-what other things do we have to talk about ma'am?Owieeeee!!!"

"Well, I took the liberty of going through your records and it seems we have a LOT of bad behavior to discuss, missy!"

And with that, she started in on me, listing in detail everything from problems with my grades at my adult education courses, to overdrawing my banking accounts, failing to pay bills on time, being late for work, watching on line porn, to even discussing my eating habits and failure to attend my gym classes! Since everything I did was automatically paid for on line, and everytime you signed in and out of someplace, you were recorded automaticaly, she had simply tapped into my files,and was using my own records against me! The whole time she was reviewing my behavior, the spanking, by her hand, didn't stop, but my position as soon as she had started had.

In an out of space sort of mental dislocation, I was instantly repostioned over her lap, this time with both my legs straddling her left thigh, her left arm around my waist as my upper body rested on her BED!, and while she spanked, and I kicked and howled, each swat would also drive my very confused little pussy against her silk hosed leg, and I could feel the hem of her skirt and slip under my tummy, and my bottom HURT but this was kind of confusing but still....

"Stop this! You can't DO this! You have no righ-OWIIIEEEEE!!!!"

Suddenly, I was back over her lap, in a more traditional style, head way down and ass WAY up as she spanked me HARD!

"HUSH, you silly, disobedient girl!I don't want ANY sass or backtalk out of you, do you understand? I most certainly can and WILL be doing this young lady. You girls from the California republic, I just don't know.If only you had been spanked growing up...."

"(sniffle) But that's not true, I may not have gotten spanked in school, but my mom believed in spanking and I got it a lot!"

"Well good for your mom! But how do you think she would feel if she were to know about ALL the things I have been lecturing you about!? Is that how she raised her daughter? What do you think she would say if she knew how you have been living, hmmmm? Maybe I should give her a call..."

"NOOOO! Please no! I, I know what she would say. She would agree with you ma'am, and say a good spanking is EXACTLY what I need, and that a girl is never too old or too big to out grow her need for discipline. But pleasssseee, don't call her, she will be so disappointed...."

And with that, I started crying again. And then I was back on the bed again, straddling that leg, while she patted my bottom.

"There there, that's my good girl, so you see, you do need some guidance, and we DO need to have this talk, don't we?"

And I nodded my head in agreement, crying to much to form real words, but she understood and continued to gently and lovingly lecture and scold while she kept up her spanking of my increasingly sore bottom, until all of my shortcomings had been 'discussed' and I had agreed to better and perfect behavior forever! Then I was sobbing, still straddling her VERY warm thigh, and my bare little pussy was as hot as my throbbing fanny cheeks, and she hurt almost as bad, but from longing and unfullfilled need! This was all very confusing! I had just been thoroughly spanked, but all I wanted was for her to take me to bed!

"There we are my dear, all those little things that trouble a young woman on her own are payed for now. But I'm afraid it's time to get on with your official punishment now."

And just that fast, I was now positioned bare fanny up over a large wooden desk, my panties having been LONG since kicked off, and she was in front of me, gently but irresistably holding me down and keeping my arms out of the way, AND she was beside me, holding my waist down, causing my full little fanny to ARCH obscenely upward, AND she was behind me, holding a wicked looking wooden paddle, well worn with use, and just long enough to cover both my cheeks with one swat! My head was turned towards the back, I was actually encouraged to watch, and I saw her face (the one with the paddle) grow stern, even as the other hers looked sorry for me and compassionate, and then the paddle WHISTLED down and exploded on my poor rump!

My toes had barely been in contact with the floor BEFORE I was paddled, and now, both feet were up and my knees came together as my feet spread apart, and it was so embarrasing to act that way but I couldn't help it, my already VERY sore and VERY hot bottom had reached new levels of pain. I won't bore you with all the details of how poorly I took my paddling, all the howling and bawling and blubbering and crying and fussing.

She (the paddler), of course, simply ignored my histrionics, and blistered my tail, covering my whole ass from the top dimples to a good paddle width down on my upper thighs. somehow, through the miracle of computers, she even managed to catch inbetween my cheeks with that big paddle, which logically she shouldn't have been able to do.

But the other hers, they murmmered to me and told me what a good girl I was and how brave I was and how sorry they were they had to do this, petting my hair, stroking my back, blowing my nose, and the net effect was that I was so emotionaly vulnerable and cared for all at the same time, that I just let myself go and didn't try to fight the mental aspects of the punishment, I took what I had earned. Finally it was over, and I don't know how long it took me to realize that it was, crying as hard as I was.

This had been a BAD one, with that dual surface burn that feels like they took a blowtorch to your butt, with that deep deep long lasting ache that would be there FOREVER and would cause remembrances of this everytime I even moved for a while, and I could feel the swelling in my rear.

"I-I'm so sorry" I managed to croak out and her voice was compassionate, but firm.

"I know you are sugar, but just so you know, if this happens again, it can be worse, even though you DON'T think so right now. The paddle could be heavier (and suddenly, I felt a heavy paddle resting against my rear), or it could have holes in it, which trust me dear, you REALLY don't want to experience (and I felt the heavy paddle suddenly grow holes in it), or if you REALLY mess up, the holes won't be counterset or beveled (and I could suddenly FEEL the hard edges of the holes!) and THAT WILL leave blisters from the very FIRST swat, do you understand me missy?"

And I both voiced my frantic agreement that I understood and shook my head up and down that I did!

"Good. Now, for your two hickory licks."

And my position was NOW that of being over a woodshed sawhorse, jacknifed over it, with my butt way up and head and legs down, and those soft hands were on my wrists, and other hands were on my ankles, holding my legs apart, and I felt like I was all red swollen bottom! Then the disciplinarian her walked in front of me with a wicked looking, heavy yet supple and springy switch, not all smoothed out, but natural and ripply looking, then she slooowwwwlly went behind me and Swishhh Thwick! I screamed as the first stroke went diagonaly, from the top of my right cheek to the bottom of my left, and I was gathering more air in my lungs when the matching stroke completed the X across my tortured rear!

And like with the paddle, the switch, which should have been able to be in contact with only a limited portion of my round rump at a time, somehow magically, through the aid of the computer, was able to stripe the entire LENGTH of my bottom, from top of my cheek to the delicate undercurve, and she even AGAIN managed to catch the inner cheek somehow! And the X had been perfect, more so than a real person would have been able to manage.

And now, I was again straddling her knee on the bed, while I sobbed out my pain and distress and humiliation, but she cooed to me and petted my bottom and told me how brave I was and how it was all over now, and then she most delicately traced the large wicked wheals left by the switching, and when she got to where the middle of the X would have been, where there was no wheal as it was a spot over my anus, she suddenly parted my protesting cheeks and poked me in my little back door, saying that apparently X marked the spot! I squealed and squirmed, and then I was on my feet, hands pulling my panties back up for me, even though I really didn't want them on.

The door opened, and I went to pick up my purse, hobbling over to it and wincing as I bent slightly to pick it up. Her voice from behind me said that she was sorry, but it was part of my sentence to have my car seat settings reset from the normal self adjusting comfort levels to church pew hardness for one week. And then I was out the door. And that is when, teary eyed and hot assed and warm pussied, that I noticed that there was a blinking little message recorder on top of my purse. I pushed it, and a holo of the woman who had just spanked me appeared. She smiled at me, and said that her double had reported to her that the two of us might be quite 'compatible', and that if I were interested in meeting her, to simply push the green button, and my car would take me to her.... I smiled as I pushed the green button....


Susan M
Oh my, very nice story.
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Yes i think this is a story but i was not sure for a bit.Great story get it on a spanking website.
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Angie, I love this story. It's definitely in my list of top ten favorite stories of yours. I just like the feel of it and the flow of the writing. I especially adore the descriptions of the different spankers at the beginning. I've had that kind of experience where the first few just aren't quite what I need, but then you get that one that absolutely *knows* what they're (she's) doing and how to be effective and it makes a world of difference to your mindset during the spanking and how you behave from there on out. Lovely story!

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